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Sugar Pine Mine Oath Keeper Mouse Prosen: “I’m Proud To Be Able To Help These Miners”

Sugar Pine Mine The Voice of Idaho News

Mouse Prosen is from South Carolina. He came to Oregon to aid the Sugar Pine Mine owners.  He is an American, and an Oath Keeper.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Tears…. Thank You for coming to Oregon to help against the BLM takeover of the Sugar Pine mine. You are an awesome American patriot and I am so glad you are a member of the Oath Keepers….

  2. Unless his audience, the town “officials”, actually have some integrity (unlike what I’ve seen elsewhere), they don’t give a rat’s behind about what he’s saying. From top to bottom this country is run by evil–we are rules by principalities.

  3. Mouse: I am proud to have met and stood alongside you and all the other Oath Keepers, III%ers and volunteers for the week+ that I was in Merlin. Thank you for your service to our Nation and continuing service to our community and yours.
    Semper Fi! my Brother
    U.S.Navy (Ret)

  4. Amen brother. I’m a proud member of the Idaho III%. It pains me that I live so close to the mining event, and am not able to be there. My life is in a place where getting there to help is impossible, but my support is with you all. God bless America. Our leaders have proven their inability to lead and unyielding desire to change the inner fabric of our nation. I will not stand by and watch this occur. I will always live by the code “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”.

  5. I’d like to know a little more about Mr. Prosen. I saw a video where he claimed to be a retired Marine, but he was wearing Army fatigues, something no retired Marine I know would do. What were his years of service?

    1. When you’re in civilian life, you wear what you can afford to complete the mission. That was a crude comment. I served in the Marine Corps for 16 years till I lost my wife and had to separate to raise my daughters. I know Mouse Prosen and he is a Marine in every sense of the word and is disabled due to combat action. If you doubt us, come and say it to my face. I’m in Charleston and am the South Carolina Oath Keepers President.

    2. Check out this ain’t hell website he has collected money under the guise of gold star children and pocketed it and service claims are total lie

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