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Oath Keepers – We Are Your Neighbors


This story comes from the Sugar Pine Mine Operation.

10 May 2015
Robert Rowe & Brandi Hawkins

The Oath Keepers of Josephine County had a bit of a drama on Saturday.

After hosting local residents of Josephine County for a support rally at their staging area in Merlin, OR., the camp was winding down for the night. The encampment is located in a relatively isolated area of town. As the security personnel were talking about the successes of the day, one of them noticed a white dog laying in the road some distance from the encampment. The dog had been hit by a car and was in pretty bad shape.

One Oath Keeper, named Alex, immediately ran to get a stretcher, while another member, Brian, went to get his vehicle. Other Oath Keepers and III%ers assisted as well. Bill gently lifted the dog onto the stretcher, which was then put in the back of the truck. Jonathan and Wayne jumped into another vehicle to lead the way to the vet. Bill stayed in the back performing first aid on the frightened dog who went in and out of shock several times.

The group first attempted to take the dog to a local veterinarian but arrived at the office after working hours. The next stop was at the local fire department where the Oath Keepers were advised “Use one of your guns and shoot it.” But the Oath Keepers felt that they wanted to go above and beyond to try to save the injured, frightened animal. Through all of this Bill was constantly petting the dog and encouraging her with loving words.

Wayne located a vet in Medford about 40 minutes away. It was a long drive for certain. The last five minutes were tense, and everyone had adrenaline pumping . They just needed to get there! All involved were trying to remain positive without crying. Wayne remained on the phone with the Southern Oregon Veterinary Clinic the entire time.

When they arrived, they were taken right to the operating table. The dog, by now nicknamed Jo-Kay by the men who carried her, was in bad shape. One leg was almost severed, she had been in and out of shock several times. Before anything could be done, someone needed to sign for an assessment bill of up to $500. Oath Keeper Brian stepped up and took financial responsibility.

Meanwhile back at staging the rest of the camp went looking for the dog’s owner. They found Brett and advised him of what was going on. Brett lives close to Staging where he takes care of his 78 year old brother. Brett ended up meeting them at the vet’s shortly after the team got there. He was understandably upset, but also very grateful for the quick, selfless response of the Oath Keepers men. They got Jo-Kay stabilized while Bill, who is an ordained pastor, comforted Brett. Brett had adopted Jo-Kay, and only had her a year.

By now, unfortunately, Jo-kay (real name Neena), who had been absolutely amazing through this was in horrendous pain. A decision had to be made. The bill to perform the surgeries needed and provide the medications would be between $5K-$10K. No one could afford that. This sweet lovely animal had to be euthanized. Brett had the Oath Keepers, vis a vis Bill, to stand by his side, encouraging and praying, even offering a Native American blessing as he did right by her. The vet handed Brian the bill for services and noted it had been paid in full by an anonymous donor.

The Oath Keepers of Josephine County care about the citizens, their lives, their animals. Upon their return, the Oath Keepers passed the hat around the campfire. Five guys raised $178.00 for Brett. We do what we do to protect liberty. We are not, however, blind to benefits that we will experience as we stay our course and engage our neighbors. Thank you Neena, Thank you Brett. Thank you to the men of the Oath Keepers of Josephine County.


Shorty Dawkins