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Oath Keepers Has A New Facebook Page!


We have a new Facebook page. The old one, due to Facebook blocking access to the old page, is still operable, until we go through some administrative hurdles with Facebook to get it closed out.  Our NEW Facebook Page can be found HERE . The Facebook icon on the right hand side bar will also take you to the new page. We are working hard to build the new page and ask for your patience as we do so.




Shorty Dawkins



  1. My guess is that some of Obimbo’s people are responsible for the hack. I know that the Oath Keepers Site Admin crew will hang in there; that’s the kind of character and commitment it takes to be an Oath KEEPER in the first place. God Bless America, and God Bless Our Uniformed Services. As a Vietnam Era Navy Gunner’s Mate, I see Oaths being kept, and I support and appreciate those who do so.

  2. Be aware that there is a growing number of patriots (and others) who have very limited access to all Facebook pages due to refusing to cower before the almighty corporate presence and submitting to the corporate lackeys obeying corporate dictates and demanding that some Facebook users, such as I, submit either one or two accepted government-issued IDs.

    A scanned copy of the ID is to be e-mailed to the Facebook corporate entity and perused by one or more corporate lackey employees and, if acceptable to those overlords, the ban against the one having to prove their worth to the corporation, will be lifted and full access to Facebook page will be allowed.

    I refuse to submit. I refuse to kneel in submission. There is also the danger of revealing too much personal information to strangers who may use that info to steal an identity and create a world of economic hurt for the one literally raped by scoundrels.

    Be aware that Facebook should not be relied upon in totality as a Web presence. There are some organizations (not Oath Keepers) whose only Web presence is Facebook. Pass the word to the patriotic organizations using only Facebook to diversify and have another Web presence to accompany their Facebook entity.

    A Web search will reveal the growing number of folks who are turning their back upon Facebook.

    To assist patriots who may be seeking a militia, a militia-related group, like-minded patriots and patriotic information in general an ongoing effort to ease that search is present in my blog over at WordPress;

    Though NOT a militia it IS a patriotic site so Oath Keepers is prominently mentioned on the main page.

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