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Oath Keeper Testimonials



Testimonial: In 1974 enlisted in the army.

I am a veteran and will be until the day I die. I will always honor my oath. I love OUR country and love our veterans and all those that protect us. However, we must never forget this: “according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” Any order, by anyone, that is *not* constitutional or according to regulations, is unlawful and military personnel are not obligated to follow such orders – and, in fact, are obligated to refuse.” That is important for ALL of us to remember.

I thank all veterans, past and present for your service. I also, honor those that
gave their life to protect all of our rights.




Testimonial: I Took my oath on 21 August, 1984 at the age of 17 and have proudly worn the uniform of my country since that day. We live in the greatest country and society in the history of mankind. while many enjoy the benefits and freedoms provided by the united States ,there are only a few who are willing to pay the ultimate price to protect, and defend her. I was proud 30+ years ago, and I continue to be to this day. May God Bless America, and all who serve her both in and out of the service.



Thomas Price:

Testimonial: I have just recently separated from the U.S. Navy and I am proud to say that I will continue to honor my oath that I swore eight years ago to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

I became an Oath Keeper to do just that, during a time that our country is going through a “decline”. There is nothing more honorable for an individual to volunteer and sacrifice his/her youth to serve their country and if need be, make the ultimate sacrifice and we need to not let that sacrifice be made in vain. God bless all.



Testimonial: I was an aircraft mechanic for five years, before I became a US NAVY security patrolman, I did not take my oath serious. Then I realized how important it was. To this day I take very serious.


Oath Keeper flag

Jerry Frith:

Testimonial: When I came of draft age in 1966 the Vietnam War was raging. I was a traveling sax player with a band and did not want to go in the service. I
registered as a conscientious objector. It broke my Dad’s heart who, due to
disabilities, could not fight, but built B-29’s at Bell Bomber plant in Marietta, Ga during WWII.

I was formerly a rough and tumble boy, a Boy Scout and an outdoors kid. However, I feared going to war and having to kill and be killed. I knew it was selfish and wrong to have registered as an objector and it ate at my conscience until, coming home after quitting the band, I went to the draft board. The lady, a family friend, had kept my paperwork in a drawer and did not submit it. She said, “I knew you would change your mind”.

I joined the Army and asked for Radio Code, thinking it might relate to my radio TV course I took from NRI. I was inducted October 16, 1966. I qualified for OCS and was put in an all OCS qualified platoon in basic. Later I was invited to go to Helicopter school at Ft. Hood. And, later in my advanced communications and security school, I was selected along with four other guys to go to West Point! I turned that down, as well. Dumb mistake.

Though I excelled in my training and was a sharp soldier, I still was not gung ho. After getting married in June of 1967 I recdeived orders for Vietnam. Long story short, I wound up in Pleiku with a unit called TMA attached to Advisory Team 21 with MACV II Corps. I was commo chief for a small detachment of specialists who gathered information and monitored and controlled the movement of cargo and people, bodies included.

On October 27, 1967 I received my trial by fire. Our compound took over eighty 122MM rockets and mortars. While running across a road to get to our assigned defensive position I was hit by the blast and the shrapnel of a 6′ Russian rocket.  My buddies were behind me and saw me fly through the air. They retreated to safety back in the compound and left me to lie in the grass for several hours.

I came too, unable to hear anything, retrieved my helmet and M14 and dove into the muddy bunker. Though my “buddies” thought me dead, I was relatively unhurt except for blown out ear drums and a little shrapnel.

That night I grew up and rededicated myself to God and my country. I was now a soldier and a leader.

Over the rest of my tour, I endured mortars, rockets, grenades, sapper attacks and flying lead. We were in the middle of the 1968 Tet Offensive. I survived while several of my friends from home did not. I refused a purple heart for my
insignificant wounds knowing others gave so much.

My last fourteen months in the Army I trained signal officers while our unit stayed on worldwide alert. After the Army, my patriotism grew. I was tempted to re-enlist and take up the Army’s offer for Officer training, but it would have been too much for my young wife.

Today our country is in an awful mess. Our younger generations are ignorant of our history and culture, having been educated by government trained Marxist teachers who hate what America stands for. There is little hope for revival as long as the government has control of the schools and the left-wing media has control of the news.

I truly believe our republic will crumble unless there are enough patriots to stand up and take our blood-bought country back from the Socialists. We must be vigilant and we must be ready.

God bless America and all its patriots.



Testimonial: I have sworn an oath at least a half dozen times in my life and I have always taken my oath seriously.

As a combat veteran, I have always been prepared to give my life in defense of our Country, our Constitution and our way of life.

I have been a proud member of Oath Keepers since 2010 and when the time comes I will fight to the death against any tyrannical government,either foreign or domestic. So help me God!!!!!!!!!



Testimonial: My oath was sworn to serve the American people and to uphold the United States Constitution. I will not turn on our citizens, disarm them, or follow any unconstitutional orders created by anti-American politicians in Washington, D.C.

May God bless America!


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I enlisted in the U.S. Army at 17. I served in Iraq after 9/11 occurred. I absolutely love this great nation we Americans call home. But, I will say I’m running for office in my state. Why? I really have gotten tired of career politicians and partisan nonsense. I’m sick. Literally. Marxist professors teaching young people that success is so terrible, the current imperial presidency and all the other nonsense. The VA sucks takes years for vets to get claims adjudicated and years to see help for injuries that occurred in the service. God Bless all veterans and thanks for reading.

  2. On my Father’s side of the family, we can trace at least one person who has been in the military as far back as the Civil War. There has never been a break. I am the only Woman. If I had not joined the Military the history of my Family’s Service to this Country would have been broken. My Father was in the Vietnam War, I served in The U.S. Navy and my Son is Active Duty Navy now. I as each of you Love this Country of mine. You stomp or desecrate my Flag, shoot my Nationa
    Bird, that Treason against my Country and Her people. Firing squad at dawn. You don’t like the way America does things, go back where ever your Country of origin is. I can not join this Group physically, due to ill health, but please know I support what your doing 100%. I Love this Country as would hate to see Her fall.

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