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Oath Keeper Testimonials

helmineron twelve


Testimonial:  When I took my Oath “as a new enlistee to the USN” to defend the US Constitution I had never even read the Constitution, I have since read it more times than I can remember and I keep several pocket size Constitutions around my person to reference and share with others.

The Constitution to me is very important and it saddens me to see it shredded daily by our elected officials. It seems no matter how many letters I write to my Congressman and Senators nothing seems to stop the lawlessness.

I am truly prepared to defend the US Constitution against all and any enemies I feel joining the Oath Keepers is a great way to continue and brotherhood with like minded Constitutional Americans.





Jim Williams:

Testimonial: I served my country in the US Navy in the early 60’s (1961-1965) when our flag still stood for pride and honor. I took an oath to defend my country and that oath never expired. I am proud to be a vet and and will fight until death to keep this country free and defend all that honor her.

It saddens me to see this great country in the shape it is in and also know that if we don’t ban together our country will be destroyed. WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND SOON!!!!!!


S FlowersS. Flowers:

Testimonial: My Testimonial is to express my Gratitude for “A Personal Thanksgiving” Letter From Your Editor November 27, 2014.

To Mr. Stewart Rhodes,

Africa nights along Red Sea, Mount Sinai tells of when I reached. Mediterranean, Loves Irish scene. Across Atlantic water to East Coast beach, received by Native Family Tree. This blended match created me.

Earth is my body, Heaven my mind, My heart be guarded by Celestial Ties…….
The big money makers taught many Oath Breakers, the artful craft of their seize. To rip this child from innocent sleep. My youth now gone, erased by their needs. Now this Grandmother worries its not just about me. I see them coming, this time back for We. All I have left is my GodSpeed Plea!

My words of hope they resonate into the ethereal sky, the realm above where Angels fly. The Angels carried my heart plea, to High Court Throne where GOD Decrees. The answer to my humble please reached right on time, when Stewart Rhodes Established OathKeepers 2009.

To Mr. Elias Alias,

Narcissus ward off and roses procreate as testimony of God, creator of all small and great.

Flowers thank strong as dandelion roots run deep to purify the heart, for our soul to sojourn, to the place we all danced before birth closed our door. Flowers thank brave as purple comfrey works to mend broken bones, needed are they for mobility tones.

Flowers thank as calm white thyme enabling our lungs to breathe whats been blown into us of our spiritual life.

Flowers thank new, as dark night provides veil, to cover the show of blissful lovers glow. Then the night veil bids peace unto dawn, and swiftly moves on. Lending us over to a flowerful day that may gently greet us, while pushing away all of histories harm.

Flowers grow with little exertion, being coaxed by joy, love, tickles and warm golden kisses. Flowers appear before eyes that once teared. encouraging us to see dates and wonder of their sweetness. Touch the maile vines long and fragrant, as they lei us with adornment so gracious. As the life sun rises and heat is higher, flowers guide to take shelter under the umbrella of the hapu fern garden. under there our worries are laid to rest and our hopes given play, while the smell of sweet ginger drifts the winds of new day.

When we give thanks as flowers do, we forget the pain of before and receive invitation to walk through the door of new bloom. Where the green coconut has a manner complete , by offering us cup full of plenty to drink. Where the black seed submits to universal decree and keeps the promise to cure all that needs heal.

When we thank as the flowers do we inherit the honor of watching our fear disappear because it no longer can take shelter here. In our well moonlit and much sunkissed floral field of mixed foliage.





Testimonial: Been with Oath Keepers for 2yrs now, and very proud of all my fellow Oath Keepers, for all the good their doing across the good ole US of A. Proud to have served 4yrs in U.S. Army. My family has been in the miltary
since the Revolutionary War. God bless all oath keepers and their families. Keep up the good work.
God bless



Testimonial:  Service to my country has been a privilege. I have served this great nation for almost 20 years and over those years I have seen the changes…changes that are not following the principles I swore to defend.


I am currently deployed overseas as a contractor, but already there are people here who have already stated if trouble comes at home we will be on the plane ready to assist our fellow PATRIOTS to defend our RIGHTS as AMERICANS.  But we hope and pray we can reason this out and have constructive dialog in fixing this problem without infringing on our rights.  But if that day comes (heaven forbid), that HELL RAISING PATRIOT needs to be summoned, we will be on the side of the people, prepared and ready.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams


Fire Station Crew

Jeff Cloud:

Testimonial:  I am a firefighter with many law enforcement friends and acquaintances, and it is such a pleasure to see such patriotic testimony and oaths taken seriously as they should be.

When I was a young man in high school I took a leadership seminar by a Retired Marine Corps Officer Major H.G. Duncan. He was a veteran that had seen much combat and has written many books such as Green Side Out, Brown Side Out and more. The outline of his leadership conference was that there are 3 types of People: 1.) Sheep 2.) Wolves 3.) Lions. The main thought process of the seminar was that as leaders, we should all be Lions, because it is our sacred duty to watch out for the sheep and keep away the wolves who would manipulate, or otherwise harm the sheep.

We are truly in a situation where this is so applicable to the current events. We, as Lions should be awakening the sheep, or “sheople” so that they might understand what is being done to them. So many slumber as they watch their “American Idol”, and they wonder what the “Kardashians” are going to do next. Many haven’t a clue and it is alarming. Most couldn’t tell you a thing about history, and as we all know! , history forgotten, often repeats itself.

Keep up the good work, and fight the good fight! I will be shouting this Oath Keepers site from the rooftops in hopes that when the time comes, the thought  processes will be there rather than have illegal orders be blindly followed.

Thank you so much for your service.


Shorty Dawkins