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Notice: Our Facebook Page Has Been Hacked!


This is to notify everyone that our Facebook page has been hacked, with the hacker having posted many extreme foul language posts. Oath Keepers, and our members, have no connection to these hacked posts, and we apologize to anyone who was offended by them, as we were. Hackers are vile creatures who love to create havoc wherever they can. Our website administrators will clear up the problem as soon as possible. We ask for your indulgence.


Our Facebook page is indeed being hacked, and we are working on regaining control of it.  Meanwhile, if you see any unusual or offensive posts or content on any of our Facebook pages, you can bet it is not us, but is the hacker.   Please let others know we are being hacked.

We would NEVER post inappropriate, obscene, or unprofessional content.  You can count on that.  We WILL regain control of our Facebook account as soon as is possible, and are working through the Facebook system at this time to get that done.

Clearly, what we are doing is ticking off our enemies.  When you get attacked like this – when you get flack – that is how you know you are over the target.   We won’t let it slow us down.   At the moment, I am at the Sugarpine Mine in Josephine County OR, where the miners have just attained a victory by securing a judge imposed stay, that forbids the BLM from entering the property for purposes of destruction of private property.   A victory.  No wonder we are being hacked.  Clearly the domestic enemies of the Republic are not happy.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes 



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Had to figure out which one. It’s the main OK facebook page out of ft. apache. Thank goodness they’re not nude, but almost, and totally tastless. And what gets me is it says that oathkeepers shared the link. Good luck cleaning it up the hack.
    Rich Grumbine
    SC President

  2. Knew it wasn’t you posting, but did not know how to alert you. I posted to an older Sugarpine Mine post of yours I got from a friend hoping others would do the same. Good Luck getting it up and running again. I have a feeling this is just a new phase…

  3. The ‘enemies’ are not above using child porn for stunts like today to set anyone of us up.

  4. I alerted you yesterday, I was amazed how long the postings continued I suspect a former unhappy ,member or someone from the far left who does agree with your core values!

  5. My personal opinion is not to have a “facebook” of any sort and for any reason. It is well know to lack sufficient security and is owned by a flaming progressive. Folks want to make comments can do so on OK web site articles etc, which can be reasonably scrubbed of such foul and rude commentators, but retain those with respectful opinions that stay on topic.

    Agreed our members of OK are targeted by the anti constitutional hate mongers who have openly declared vets as enemy of the state.


  6. anyone who has followed the oath keepers for any length of time would know this was a hack

  7. Can O.K. put up a reward to any anti-hackers who can I.D. the offenders who are responsible for the hacking?

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