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Trojan Securities International Weapons Course

Trojan Securities International Weapons CourseTrojan Securities International


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Tactical Weapons & Foreign/ Domestic Firearms Familiarization course at the Trojan Securities International ( ) facility near Fayetteville, AR. The course is a two day training which is designed to familiarize the student with virtually any firearm they might encounter anywhere in the world. The objective is for the student to have enough familiarity to be able to get a weapon up and running quickly, confidently break the weapon down, and effectively clean and service that weapon in the field.


The course is taught by professionals with many, many, years of service and training experience. From their website: “Trojan Securities was established by former British elite military personnel with United States military special operations and law enforcement counterparts, providing a wide range of very specialized global services. Trojan Securities is an international security corporation providing a wide range of very specialized security solutions and risk management services, designed for hostile environments.” These folks know their business. A look at some of their clientele will give you further insight into the level of professionalism and experience within this organization. Again, from their website:

Government, Military & Defence Forces (Clients)

  • Canadian SF (CSOR)
  • United States SFG (A) (CIF) Fort Bragg
  • Department Of Defense (DOD)
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • 91st CA Battalion (Airborne) Fort Bragg
  • US Diplomatic Security Service (DSS)
  • Polish Air Force (Security Forces)
  • Polish Special Operations (BOA)
  • Army 2/ 222 FA BN (PSD) DET
  • Army 2/ 338th TS BN (PSD) DET
  • United States Military Intelligence
  • US Army Special Operations Command
  • USMC Force Reconnaissance
  • United States Marine Expeditionary Forces
  • 1st Battalion 4th Marines PSD
  • 3rd Battalion 9th Marines PSD
  • United States Army Special Forces
  • United States Army SFG (A) Germany
  • United States Army National Guard
  • United States 4th Infantry Division PSD
  • United States Air force Security Forces
  • United States Navy
  • British Royal Navy
  • British Royal Marine Commandos
  • British Army Infantry Regiments
  • British Special Operations/ Forces
  • French Military Forces
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Belgium Commandos
  • Finland Armed Forces
  • Norwegian Army
  • Swedish Military Forces
  • Italian Military Special Forces
  • Australian Infantry & Special Forces
  • Mexico Military Personnel & Forces
  • South/ Central American Military Forces
  • Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force (Special Forces)
  • Spanish Special Forces

Police & Law Enforcement (Clients)

  • U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Milwaukee Police Task Force
  • British Police Services
  • Australian Police Services
  • Malta Police Services
  • Mexico Police Officers/ Personnel
  • Trinidad & Tobago Police Service
  • Police & Law Enforcement Agencies (United States)
  • United States Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Units/ Personnel
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force Personnel

Commercial Agencies/ Individuals

  • Commercial Intelligence Agencies
  • Coca Cola, Executive Protection Team, Ecuador
  • Wal-Mart, Executive Protection Team Personnel, United States
  • Publix, Investigations Division
  • Non Profit Organizations, Security Teams
  • Oil Companies, Security Personnel, South America
  • Shipping & Container Companies, Maritime Security, Africa
  • International Banks, Ecuador & Colombia
  • International Banking & Corporate Clients, Bangladesh
  • Close / Executive Protection Teams, Mexico

You simply do not develop that sort of clientele without knowing your business. This professionalism is manifested in the manner of presentation (calm, relaxed and unhurried) and in the extent of knowledge conveyed to the student (clear, in depth and comprehensive).


A typical day begins with a cup of coffee and a few minutes to get to know your fellow students. (If you’ll pardon an aside here I’ll say that I’ve met some very good, interesting and professional people in the years I’ve been visiting Trojan and I still stay in touch with several of them. I consider it a nice fringe benefit of training at Trojan.) Then the first round of weapons systems are brought in and class begins. Usually, a group of various weapons with common purpose will be taught in a block of training. For example, you may go over five or six different makes of semi-auto handguns in one block of training and then go over eight or ten sub-guns in the next block. The instructor will go over the features and controls of the weapons, cover strengths and common weaknesses of the system and begin to break the weapons down one-at-a-time into component parts as an explanation is given of how the process is accomplished and give you a heads-up on mistakes commonly made in dis-assembly. When the weapon is fully disassembled the process is reversed and the re-assembly is explained and demonstrated. Afterward, everyone is allowed to handle, inspect, disassemble and re-assemble each weapon system. Then the fun begins. Everyone moves to the range and rotates through each weapon firing from different distances and various starting positions under the close supervision of the range masters. When everyone has fired all weapons you return to the classroom and break down and clean all weapons. In this way you’ve received an explanation, demonstration and practical application on each system.


There is usually a short coffee break as one group of weapons is put away and a new group brought out and then the whole process repeats. In this manner the student will cover handguns, sub guns, carbines and rifles by various manufacturers, in various configurations and with all types of sighting systems. You will likely have the opportunity to fire suppressed weapons, short-barreled rifles and systems you may have never heard of in your life. Trust me, this is a great two day course and it is absolutely frikken FUN! I can’t recommend their training highly enough. They are superb at what they do.


Go to the Trojan website and take a peek at some of the training and services they offer and then schedule a class (or two) with them. You might see me out there.







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