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Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation – Medical Team


From the Josephine County Oath Keepers website.

28 April 2015
Oath Keepers security operation and the staging area both have medical teams available.

We set those teams up to cover any issue that might arise. We are fortunate to have skilled medical people in our local chapter and other medical volunteers have joined us. They have set up aid stations, collected supplies, stocked portable first aid bags and keep a strict inventory of everything.

We actually have run drills up at the mine with a simulated injury that was handled very professionally. Unfortunately that drill became reality when we had a serious emergency a few days later. We had invited three media people up to the mine and it was on that trip that the Associated Press reporter suffered a stroke.

His symptoms were immediately recognized by those of us standing by. We radioed for the medical team while the rest of us managed to get the gentleman into the back of his truck. Our Coordinator and the medical team nurse were in the back of the truck attending to the man while the reporter from Reuters drew the duty of driving down the mountain. At the same time we radioed to the staging area to have them call an ambulance to meet us. An additional security team responded from the base as well.

We were able to get the man to the hospital within the golden hour of treatment protocol. The reporter was life-flighted to Portland (about 240 miles away) and had brain surgery that night.

The reporter’s car and camera remained with us secured at our base reminding us of what had happened. We are amazed to report that the reporter dropped by a week later to bring home baked pies to thank us. He walked in with no ill effects and is allowed to go back to work. His doctors said it may have been a fatal incident if it weren’t for our quick response and our medical team. The reporter’s main concern was, “Can I still have my trip to the mine?”


Shorty Dawkins



  1. And unfortunately, media will continue to cover OK as a less savory bunch and parallel their views with SPLC and such; I hope AP will cover this as it played out and give credit to this Medical staff. I like God do not play with dice, this happened for a reason. Good job!

    1. Excellent work Med Team!!

      @ Nathan, “And unfortunately, media will continue to…”

      Nah, only the corporate media.

      Remember that those owners, those people who willingly work there are actually committing Treason against the American people, the US Constitution.

      Treason is ALWAYS against the American people, and the US Constitution here in the USA, though it can be “moved” through those that SERVE within our governments.

      It is important to do to them what they do to the more honest and open alternative media – make fun of them, show where they all comment on the same thing the same way, and that all the news is the same on each corporate media site. Use their own tactics against them – and there is MUCH more that can be used against them. Notice that they lost over half of the viewers/listeners over the last 2 years which I think is awesome.

      They may change the way of delivering it, but it is almost, word for word, the exact same information.

  2. Kudos to the Medical Team and to Oath Keepers. I hope that the media will begin to understand that you are not the “enemy” or a bunch of “fanatics” and will report the Sugar Pine Mine story as it should be reported, a government overreach.
    Once again, great job!

  3. God put these Godly, Patriot, Men in the right place at the right time. “We the people” see OK’s as the hero’s they are…May God Bless and protect you, and yes I am a OK member as well and have taken the Oath and will die, if need be, to protect my family, friends, Nation, Faith and follow Oath Keepers!

  4. Great job! Thank you! Lifts my spirit to know we still have Americans willing to help others! Yes, there will be no media coverage, the “lefties” will only cover and embellish the negative!

  5. Our mining claims in California were taken away by regulations dreamed up by environmentalist and the state of Calif. Five years ago we had claims on the Yuba river 17 miles below Downieyville Calif. After we spent money for permitting and taxes and camping fees, money spent in Calif, we were told we could not dredge on our claims and no money would be refunded. We had traveled 172 miles, pulling trailers and hauling camping and dredging gear to our claim site and then shut down. On top of all if this we were notified that our claims on the Yuba were no longer valid because we were to close to an historical hiway. Ken Greenwell

  6. Just a small example of the expert skills we have among all our members. We are truly blessed by the Father. To have such a great opportunity to share with others in need. By our deeds we will be known. May God bless us all.

  7. This just shows the professionalism, talent, and dedication that ALL oath keepers are involved in, whether it is first aid, or protecting people’s rights. I am very impressed, and let’s hope this man writes a stunning review in his article! More people need to see that Oath keepers are the GOOD guys/gals, not the enemy! Good bless Oath keepers!

  8. I talked with my uncle who worked the Big Bear Ranger District just south of this area. He recounts having a lot of people buying old claims just to get tax breaks on essentially a mountain cabin. So they assay about 3 cubic ft of ore the owner supplies, on site, and if there is no viable trace, it changes things up. Just saying…

  9. Excellent job. You may have put this AP reporters career in danger. We used to tell reporters who were starting out, “learning the truth about guns and the second amendment is a career hazard for you.”

    If an AP reporter starts covering the Oathkeepers as positively as the Muslim Brotherhood, will the reporter have their stories published?

  10. Great job, gang. Oath Keepers has become much more than I could have hoped for when I joined almost 6 years ago.

  11. I am proud to be a new member of the Oath Keepers! Great organization to be a part of. I will try to recruit new members in my area of Florida. I have a group I train at the Gun Range called Unit Seven. I train them in the Art of Close Quarters Battle and Close in Combat with a fire arm. Unit Seven is made up of retired, businessmen and women, doctors, vet doctor, and blue collar. Good Law Abiding Citizens that believe in the Constitution of the United Sates of America. God Bless the Oath Keepers…….

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