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Some Testimonials


Ron Eldred:

Testimonial: We need more Americans to be aware. Reading the book The Book Thief, and watching the movie of the same name MIGHT and I repete MIGHT wake them up to these real dangers from our government.

Ron E.


Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson:

Testimonial: I served with the 524 Eng. Co. Topo, 7th Army stationed in Schwetzingon, W. Germany from May, 1956 to Nov 1958. I swore my oath of allegiance at the U.S. Army Induction Center in NYC on Dec 5, 1955. At that time there was no need for organizations such as The Oath Keepers. Our Government officials were honorable patriots, most of whom had served in combat in our military. Anyone who tried to justify his deception by saying, “it depends on what the meaning of is is”, would have been laughed out of office.

But times have changed and our military and our laws have come under attack by politicians who no longer believe that the oath of office is a sacred trust. Many of them would condemn this organization. To them I say that the principles espoused by The Oath Keepers was validated by the allied governments in 1946 and 1947 in a town in the country that I served in……Nuremberg.


Oath Keeper flag

Gary Malachowski:

Testimonial: We are Honest hard working people, with strong family values, We were Warriors ( and some still are ) when our Country Called. We are Husbands and (Wives) that our families look to for Protection, (besides food, clothes, a roof over their heads and Love and guidance .

We are Men and Women who believe in God, attend our Church of faith and hold Him dear to us, and we pass this on to our Children, by acts, words, and deeds, like Our Fathers and Mothers did for us.

We are Children of Mothers and Fathers who taught us right from wrong, the difference between truth and a lie, and a lie hurts more. That an honest day’s work never hurt anyone, and made oneself feel good about himself, where as stealing is a hollow feeling and got you a trip over your Fathers knee.

And when the time Came, like most Fathers did with their Sons (and now Daughters ) we were taught about Guns, schooled in the Safe handling, How to Shoot, When to Shoot, and What to Shoot, to take responsibly for it, But most of all too Respect it for what it can do!!

But most of all we are Americans. We believe in the U.S. Constitution and for what it stands for.. And will Always Honor and Protect it.

Range Rat




Testimonial: I have seen the way our country is going and I hope that most Americans like me are sick of sitting around waiting for change to happen on it’s own. We have
to be the change we want to see in the world.

I am a civilian but I would swear an oath to the constitution and die by it. I have no fear as long as I know what I’m doing is right.

I would like to get in touch with more Oath Keepers in WI.



Maggie Rose:

Testimonial: I entered the military more than 40 years ago. I took an Oath to the Constitution of the united States of America, to defend her against ALL Enemies-foreign AND Domestic. My spouse did the same. We take that Oath as serious…No, MORE So…today. That is why we are going to become Life Members. We Must do ALL we can, in Any way we can…each to their own ability. My 5X Great Grandfather fought in the Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War. Another Grandfather fought for the Union during the Civil War. Other relations fought for the South. May we never have to turn against our brothers and sisters, again…I come from Two Grandfathers, Two Uncles, and Two Fathers who served from WWI through Korea. When I volunteered to go overseas during the Vietnam was to serve my country as it will be to my dying breathe. I pray my children and grandchildren will have the ability to live in a country where they will still have the Freedom of self determination, and peace, without fear of their government, as so many do now.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. My 6th great grandfather was John Jennings of Capt.John Savory’s “Minute Men”, answering the call on April 19 1775 and marching to Cambridge, MA. In 1777 he enlisted in Capt. Cushing’s 14th Regiment of MA. Militia and fought at Saratoga. He was with Washington at Valley Forge in 1778. I had another 5th great grandfather in the VA Militia by the name of Josua Dean that was also at Valley forge in the infirmary.
    My wish is to follow in their footsteps and hopefully behave as bravely as they did. We need to take a stand against tyranny and take our country back.

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