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Rally To Support The Miners!


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I am a 100% sc wounded veteran and former R.N , I live in Alabama which is listed as the 6th most corrupt state in the country. I am also an Oath keeper with skills. I am sorry I can not help you in Oregon, it is just too far. I am very proud of you and the militia, All of you are heros. Keep me in mine when something happens closer to me. I also have a horrendous story of legal and medical corruption that robbed me of the rest of my future, I was stripped of all my rights especially my 5th amendment. I have been trying to get help since 1989. Not one of these liberal politically correct media outlets will let me blow the whistle. see I will get help if someone will let me blow the whistle. I will take a polygraph as needed. I have not received any help to this date. Because of the PTSD and the constant legal and medical assault it has left me in a 24/7 survival mode.

  2. I just made it home after five heart-warming days with my constitutional brothers and sisters (Oathkeeprs) at the mine near Grants Pass Oregon. I helped as much as I physically could, and the legal process between the mine owners and the BLM “seems” to have been advanced to the next level; evidently yielding to the mine owners their constitutional rights.

    I served with fellow patriots from the local area as well as patriots from Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Idaho (The III % ers), Nevada, and Washington State. When I left last night, the weekend ranks of patriots were swelling well into the hundreds (a couple times over).

    I spent most of my time filling-in for the systemic gaps at the front gate (bull-dozer) of the mine. My former life, my ham radios, and my night vision equipment really seemed to make a difference. There is something to do for anyone who wants to defend Liberty.

    My experience there was very-much like what I believe life and death could have been like for our fore-bearers who served in the Continental Army during our Revolutionary War; good-hearted men and women acting on limited information, setting aside (risking) their private lives, and accomplishing the tasks at hand for the sublime cause of Liberty.

    The only casualty was a stroke purportedly-suffered by a Reuters reporter; we stabilized him and had him extracted toward the ambulance within 9 or 10 minutes.

    The Josephine County Oathkeeprs and the Idaho III%ers are quite professional; I am appreciative for being allowed to participate in this cause.

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