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Operation Jade Helm: Should We Be Worried?

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This article was written by Chuck Baldwin and originally published at Chuck Baldwin Live

For two months this summer, the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) will conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) Operation Jade Helm 15 (JH 15) in seven Southwestern U.S. states: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Military spokesmen say the operation is merely a standard training exercise designed to prepare Special Forces troops for warfare overseas.

According to the London Daily Mail, Army spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria said, “‘This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.’”

Units participating in the operation include Army Green Berets, Navy SEALS, USAF Special Operations Command, USMC Special Operations Command, USMC Expeditionary Units, Army 82nd Airborne Division, and Interagency Partners (whatever and whoever that is). Over 1,200 troops will participate. For purposes of the exercise, the states of Utah and Texas, and parts of southern California, are designated as “hostile.” Local mayors and county commissions have been notified of the operation and have already signed off on it.

To be sure, the U.S. military often conducts off-base exercises; there is nothing new about that. However, this operation might be the largest off-base training exercise on the U.S. mainland. It is certainly one of the most aggressive.

In this exercise, Special Forces troops will practice all sorts of activities including extractions, searches and seizures, urban camouflage, etc. According to the Houston Chronicle, “[A]mong the planned exercises, soldiers will attempt to operate undetected among civilian populations.

“Residents, in turn, will be asked to report suspicious activity in order to gauge the effectiveness of the soldiers.”

See the London Daily Mail report here:

Special Forces Set To Swarm Southwest And Operate Undetected Among Civilians In Massive Military Exercise

According to USSOCOM, the exercises will only be conducted between 11pm and 4am. Pray tell, how difficult will it be for Special Forces troops (the best of the best) to operate undetected and “blend in” during the middle of the night? That part of the military’s description makes no sense to me at all.

We already have millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on mass media advertising that tells people, “If you see something, say something.” Now we are going to “practice” reporting “suspicious activity”? Believe it or not, there was a time in this country when such an idea would have been considered abhorrent by the American people as resembling Nazi Germany or Red Russia too much. Then again, most of our World War II generation has passed, hasn’t it?

The Internet is abuzz with speculation that these exercises are not designed to prepare U.S. troops for overseas operations, but are actually designed to prepare U.S. troops for aggressive operations against the American citizenry.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, ever since 9/11, our federal government has targeted America’s homeland for all sorts of surveillance, spying, snooping, etc. The National Security Agency (NSA) routinely collects virtually all electronic communications, telephonic transmissions, etc., from the entire American citizenry. The U.S. Congress and federal courts have become nothing more than rubber stamps for an executive branch of government determined to know the most intimate details of every person in the nation. The United States now has the dubious distinction of being the most spied-on country in the history of the world.

For the first time in U.S. history, we have U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), a full active military division (3rd Infantry Division) assigned to the Continental United States. We have the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has turned our local and State police agencies into miniature military units, and has armed them with all sorts of military weaponry and equipment–including some of the most sophisticated intelligence-gathering equipment in the world.

The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, etc., authorize the federal government to basically treat the U.S. citizenry as “enemy combatants.” As far as the passage of these laws is concerned, we Americans have already lost our right to trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right to have an attorney, the right to a speedy trial, the right to be secure in our persons, houses, effects, etc. Martial Law may not be the experience of most U.S. citizens YET, but understand that the laws are already in place for such an event.

The whole idea of practicing “extractions” (a nice word for kidnappings) in U.S. cities sends chills up my spine. Using the aforementioned laws, this kind of activity has already been made “legal” in this country. So, first we have laws authorizing such activity, and now our military troops are practicing doing it? Please tell me, again, how we have nothing to worry about.

Folks, please take a look at what is happening in this country: our local and State police are being militarized; we have ubiquitous laws being proposed and passed (by both major parties) denying the Bill of Rights; we have Twentynine Palms Marine Corps surveys asking Marines if they would turn their guns on the U.S. citizenry; we have repeated attempted gun confiscation coming from Washington, D.C.; we have hundreds of military field-grade officers being dismissed because of their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution; we have a federal foreign policy that seems hell-bent on inciting most every country in the world against us, while practically giving a red-carpet invitation for any would-be terrorist to waltz across our southern border; we have a CIA that gives some of the most powerful weapons in the world to just about any third-world resistance group (including elements of Al Qaeda and, believe it or not, ISIS) that comes along (The U.S. government is far and away the largest gun dealer in the world!), while its sister government organizations, such as the ATF, think we Americans can’t be trusted with .223 ammunition;  we have Democrat and Republican presidential administrations alike that use the IRS as a political mafia against people with dissenting opinions; we have a national news media that has become nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the federal government; we have politicians from both parties in Washington, D.C., that can only be described as blood-thirsty war-mongers; we have politicians at the local and State levels who seem determined to turn their communities into a Police State (and some Homeowner Associations are even more Naziesque than the federal government); and, for the most part, we have an apostate, cowardly church pulpit that is doing its dead-level best to turn the Christian people of America into sheepish servants of the state.


I posted a few preliminary thoughts on my Facebook page regarding this subject before writing this column. Here are a few comments from my Facebook followers:

James: “Jade Helm. Jade is blue. Helm is German for helmet. Blue Helmet. UN blue helmets?”

Jeanie:  “Their supposed reasons for this exercise [don’t] make sense. They won’t be blending in with civilians in third world countries. The only purpose I can see is to use force against us one day.”

Mark: “Pastor, just because we are a bit paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out to get us.”

Lou: “‘Blending in.’ LOL.”

Jason: “The exercise itself is not a direct danger. It is, however, practice to [acclimate] soldiers and citizens to military action in their neighborhoods.”

And, of course, there is this kind of response from Terry: “Worry? No! We should worry about you.” [Meaning, yours truly.]

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I realize it is extremely difficult for Americans to believe that their own government could actually turn against them. And, I’m sure that many people will tell me that to think otherwise is alarmist and extremist. But, isn’t that exactly what the citizens of every country overtaken by its own government said? “That can’t happen here,” have been the last words of millions.

The fact is, the vast majority of us cannot know what the true intention of Operation Jade Helm might really be–and that includes the military personnel who are commanding it and participating in it. I am convinced of this much: the federal government–and its propaganda ministry in the national news media–almost NEVER tells us the truth. Of that much, I am absolutely certain.


Brandon Smith



  1. Worse yet, it bears mentioning that this exercise could quickly turn from realistic to real in a heartbeat. In fact, this maybe be the real motive but in disguise. We have to surprise and catch all those many ‘lone wolves’, you know.

  2. First of all jade is green not blue, secondly its the Chinese who have an infatuation with it. But I digress from the mineral. If anyone can please post the phone numbers of the sherrif departments and the municipal police departments participating, so we may call and demand their noncompliance. If you happen to live in said areas , please demand a town hall meeting for a redress of grievances. I intend on arranging a town hall in my city for their unconstitutional “assault weapons” ban.

  3. What in “We are occupied by a foreign enemy entity” do our people not understand?


    Jade = China, Helm = Rudder of the ship: China takes the rudder. (BRICS, new China led Investment Bank) The Dollar loosing its World Currency Status will result in the total collapse of our US economy which has been gutted out slowly over the past decades. The US will collapse like a house of cards!

    Check here:

    I urge everyone to take the “2015 Economist Magazine” announcements very serious:

    Best Hopes,

    OK Tom

    1. Tom, I think one of the biggest weapons they use against us is fear. I am trying very hard not to swallow that pill anymore. I was not a fan of F.D.R., jeez he was probably one of em. But I do how ever remember his saying,”The only thing we have to fear, is fear its-self.” And though it be difficult I want to finish my days in that way. Let’s face it the only way we get off is by death, if you have Jesus you have the Resurrection and the Life. with out him, like those that wish us dead you have eternal death and damnation. So you see I have read the end of the BOOK. And they lose!!!!! Satan will gladly take them with him to the Lake of Fire.Their god, the god of this world is a loser.

  4. I am a 27yr Vet, I served in the USMC, Army and Air Force, and let me tell you right now if your not puckered I think your dead!!! Never have I heard of such an operation (not Drill) on US soil. If your an actively serving member or Police officer please think about what your about to do!!! Look around, do you really want to watch your family members subject to this kind of world?? If you believe this is just a drill, then ask your self what role does the UN solider have in this??? Why are foreign troops massing in our country??? I think we have come to that point Patrick Henry so famously spoke of!!

  5. What could possibly go wrong? Operating underground — request citizens to report suspicious activities while breaking down doors, searching, maybe even pretending to shoot someone.

  6. Was there any one thing in particular that brought everyone to the Bundy ranch? And if so, what would it take to have the “come to light moment” on national level?

  7. Who cares what the government does. Gun owners in this country talk too much and will never do anything to stop this corrupt government anyway!

    1. I am a former USMC Military Police Officer, Vietnam 1968, Honorably discharged in 1972, joined the individual ready reserve until 1975. Former LEO, currently NRA Certified Instructor, Close Quarters Combat Expert, Certified Self-defense Instructor and I know one thing, I will never surrender to a treasonous bunch of assholes in this administration and the ass kissing Generals that are left to work for Obama. All the good men have been kicked out of the Marine Corps! I would say that 500,000 private militia armed and ready-ready spread out and willing to use extreme force will do something the government and the pussies in the DHS will fear…..

      1. Semper Fi brother!! Your post is the first positive one I’ve read all night!

  8. Can you please make a share link so that I can send to my paranoid friends that don’t do social media.

  9. Full disclosure–If another President wee in office, I would not be as concerned.

  10. I’m a 59yr old country woman. Proud of my family members that have served. For a couple of yrs now I feel god has put heavily on my heart, something bad is coming. My kids think I’ve lost my mind. Lol. To me I don’t see how others can’t see it. 800 fema camps manned by foreigners, why? I live in the family home I grew up in.which is just a couple of miles from camp attiberry. Helicopter traffic has become a daily thing over my home it used to be just every once in a while. . And their now all black, this in just the last few months. Every day I go to work, 60 miles away, I see heavy cargo carriers in the air. They have also changed from army green to all black in the last few months.I know if there’s is a “list”, I’m on it. I’ve had a gun permit my whole life, and own a good variety. I’ve scanned numerous web sites that will flag me.even though I’m just an old woman. I will not be taken to a fema camp, nor give up my guns.something is coming that will make the Nazi’s pale in comparison. Agenda 21,look it up. Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. But I will be one of those that will take up arms. I will die free, I will not suffer a fema camp. God bless all of you.

  11. Country girl, I’m in the same position as you. I had plans to leave which my son had initially agreed to (he is quite awake and didn’t want to discuss the details as it’s frightening to him). He retracted that agreement angrily the other day when I said I thought it was time to consider leaving (if we wait we may only be able to go with the clothes on our backs and maybe leaving our animals behind as opposed to actually being able to sell my house now and buy in a country he sees as a very favorable place to live, especially for him, and live in comfort). He was so bent out of shape I was shocked and there was no way to hold a conversation with him. I even presented it as we can come back and forth as we wish and return when things are improved. His father is deceased. My mother is ready to have me committed, so I avoid discussing it with her except when it came time to deciding I wished to leave. I brought it up to her the other day and she insisted I go to a psychiatrist with her to discuss it. I’m physically disabled (not in a wheelchair – just a worn out old nurse) and partially dependent on her and therefore under her thumb, but explained that wanting to move to a better peaceful place isn’t a psychiatric issue. She’s very controlling of me. I can do it, but I won’t leave without my son (20) so I’ve just about resigned to trying to stick it out here which I don’t really feel i have the strength to do. My mother is an intelligent woman, my grandfather of Jewish decent and the family managed to be here before ww2- I cannot for the life of me comprehend how she cannot see or feel the unease and choose to look the other way and call me a nut even though I’ve given her indisputable proof of the lies and treachery afoot and documents which she refuses to actually read. I’m at my wits end, feel defeated and don’t know what to do. I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried about my sons future and the future of his friends and generations. Any insight would be deeply appreciated.

  12. I think you raise some valid concerns in this article. A major problem is that besides moderate, law abiding citizens, and the government, there is also a sector of dangerous, right wing gun nuts who eat up this information and fly off in a totally irrational direction with it, believing that they ANY government authority should be violently overthrown. A second point, which your article doesn’t even touch upon is motive. IF the government is practicing for purposes such as encounters with U.S. civilian populations in future, what could possibly be the motive? I mean, while there are certainly a disturbing number of extremist, irrational sounding congressmen in Washington, those in charge of the machinery of the military, and in charge of the machinery of govt., i.e. Obama, are far from Nazi-like figures and by and large are fairly reasonable, moderate people, no? Seems unlikely they would want to go on a killing spree among voters. So in terms of motive for practicing that type of exercise, it makes more sense to consider scenarios of civil disorder that the government and military may be anticipating as a potential possibility. Specifically, climate change effects. Obama is doing a pretty good job of trying to alert the American people to this REAL, and very serious threat to our way of life. HOWEVER, the majority really do not want to believe it, nor are they mentally prepared for some of the coming realities. ESPECIALLY given the denial propaganda churned out by the far Right – which is not only stupid but dangerously irresponsible. Here is a link to a NY Times article about what the Pentagon is preparing to have to deal with, in terms of climate-change-related security issues. To me it does not indicate a desire for aggression on their part against the American people; but what it does indicate is a pragmatic acceptance of the chaotic effects of climate change that can reasonably be expected, and a sense of being responsible at doing their job in preparing for that. Consider it this way: suppose climate change greatly increases natural disasters, causes millions of people in American to become internally displaced climate refugees (i.e. as with Katrina), and government humanitarian assistance becomes stretched to the breaking point. Who would you rather have maintaining control – the military and U.S. government, or armed neo-Nazi libertarian militias who try to step in and take advantage of gaps. There’s a lot to think about.

  13. I have been saying for two years that the unrest in this country is a preplanned event for an excuse to declare Marshall law.

    Obama wants the NATO Small Arms Treaty signed so he can declare Marshall law and ask for NATO support against the American people. He won’t rely on US troops to fire on Americans.

    As Obama’s term draws to a close, we will see more and more preplanned unrest in his effort to declare Marshall law and suspend elections.

    The news media (propaganda) department of the government will say whatever it takes to calm down and hoodwinked the American public.

    That is why you keep reading about all these stories: …about to be impeached; …about to be investigated for ???; …congress investigating ???; on and on. This is just an effort to calm down Americans to think their government reps. are about to stand up for them.

    The government wants veterans, especially those on SS declared mentally incompetent because we are the Baby Boomers, the last generation drafted into the military, the last generation taught how to fight.

    Along with all the sportsmen and women and a loyal military, we can take our country back and reestablish constitution law. Our armed citizenry makes the largest standing army in the world look small.

    That’s what our corrupt government is afraid of.

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