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Jade Helm

The following video comes from Gary Franchi, at the Next News Network. Jade Helm 15 is of great concern to ALL liberty loving Americans. That the military should be training, not on their bases, (where they have simulated towns), but in ten southwestern States, among the civilian population, and, by their own admission, attempting to “infiltrate” the populations, is not only disgraceful, but blatantly obvious as to their real intent. These are not “training exercises” for soldiers to be deployed in the defense of America, as we are told, but a training exercise for the potential of Martial Law. The Defense Department, and Homeland Security, are overstepping their authorizations. All Americans should be very wary of Jade Helm 15. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Shorty Dawkins


  1. I know there has been talk of countering this exercise,, with direct face to face encounters with troops,, it will be a valaint showing for us,, but it be productive for us,, in all warfare we need to zig when they zag,, since they telegraphed their move and put all their eggs in one basket we know where they’ll be operating,, we need to see how fast we can moblize we need to rally around DC. that way if we have a Lexington Greene moment we can have a timely responce ,, they would freak if militas were in and round DC. food for thought

    1. excuse me first time posting here no way to edit ,, it wouldn’t be productive for us to be nose to nose, with troops. thank you

    2. So we shouldn’t carry a huge cardboard arrow around with the words, “here they are” printed on it.
      That would be funny as hell.

    3. I live in New Mexico and I have been trying to find the answer to two simple questions. 1. Has the military been given the right to detain private citizens during these exercises? 2. If so under what conditions? I hike in these “remote areas” often and I carry a weapon. What would happen to me if I stumble on one of their training missions? These questions should be simple to answer but all I get is runaround. The PAO of the army tells me to contact my civic government and my civic government tells me to contact the PAO of the army. Nobody qill answer my questions! What is actually going on?

    4. This message is the exact opposite of what should be done. Why confront the military if no harm is being placed upon any one? That’s exactly what they’re attempting with this operation – a confrontation between patriots and military. 90+% of the military is on our side, they support the Constitution and have sworn their careers on the Constitution. We should remain vigilant during Jade Helm, but irrationally confronting our brothers would be a tragic mistake. Don’t follow oldfat Marine’s message, it’s exactly what Obama and his Communist puppeteers are hoping will happen.

    5. Farmers, veterans, policeman, clerks, cowboys, housewives, men, women, children, young, old, black, white, native Americans, National Guard, Militia, Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff, fireman, doctor, lawyer, teacher, student – now is the time – Texas – you are the key – New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida – the lists goes on. “We the People” need you! Many to your North are organized and organizing… if the Jade Helm 15 and AZTLAN maps are what I think they are… make a stand and stand your ground – get the word out via Ham radio and couriers – many others will respond to assist… just like the Bundy Ranch standoff – we “Patriots” are already targets – now is not the time to hide and wait!!! All of you cowards that are saying run away and fight another day – many of us are disabled veterans and have to make a stand where we are… we are not mobile; however, we are not afraid… we will have to wait until the fight comes to us – I pray our soldiers will not turn on the Constitution; therefore. turning on me… April 19, 1775 – July 15, 2015. Will this be our Lexington and Concord? I pray not. If all of the stories of FEMA camps and hit squads are true, I have but one prayer:
      Lord, make me fast and accurate let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes, and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let NOT my last thought be, if I only had a gun, and Lord if today is truly the day that you call me home, let me die in a pile of empty brass…

      Has there ever been a war that didn’t include rape, pillage and plunder? As a Vietnam Era Veteran, I am totally aware of these atrocities. The New York Jade Helm Troopers (and National Guard) that are sent to California should be concerned about the California troops that are sent to New York. Will those troopers rape, pillage and plunder THEIR wives, families and towns? Soldiers are given broad latitude in this regard by their superiors, and, much of the military consider rape, pillage and plunder their due.
      Also, consider this in light of the use of foreign troops in America. Can we expect they will have little, if any, compulsion to resist these atrocities.
      The military TRAIN soldiers to consider “the enemy” (those that are “hostile”) as targets or non-persons (as in Vietnam, they were just “black pajamas”).
      Please consider addressing this issue with your constituents.
      P.S.: They say they want to “win the hearts and minds of the public”. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. all heard this but you can’t win hearts and minds at the point of a bayonet.

  2. I am not former Military so let me start by Thanking ALL of you for your service.

    With that said, I am the first to say that I don’t know Military tactics and how our troops are trained.

    I did, however, spend a number of years in the business world dealing with politics there and the tactics involved in that arena. Trying to position yourself and your team for success against your opponent.

    While Military and business tactics vary greatly (I assume) there is a common thread.

    I say this to question the following items from the presentation that mr meade presented and hopefully can gain an answer or insight into their meaning.

    1) Operating outside the normal support mechanisms
    How is being in a city in YOUR OWN country outside of normal support mechanisms? I would think that your supply line is multi faceted.

    2) Adapting to unfamiliar terrain, social and economic conditions
    How is being in small/big town America “unfamiliar” to anyone in our Military?

    3) To hone advanced skills, the military and Interagency require large
    areas of undeveloped land with low population densities with
    access to towns.
    Such as San Antonio and College Station. Yea, undeveloped and low population.

    4) Some individuals may conduct suspicious activities
    designed to prepare them for complex environments
    Suspicious? Complex environments overseas? What other 1st world countries are there that we are not allies with?

    Can someone state that this civilian is dead wrong in my assumptions? I stand to be corrected.

  3. If I were an evil dictator (dr evil) bent on world domination, I would ask my guys for a plan to subdue the people (the red list), so that the rest of the people won’t really know what’s going on until we’re banging on their door.

    I would ask for a plan that would allow our guys to move and act without raising a lot of suspicion, and more importantly no resistance. I would want them to blend in to the environment, and the towns, and the people’s everyday existence. I would want that people can be taken away without their neighbors freak’n out, because they all think it’s just a drill. I would want that any gun fire be viewed as not real, just blanks. And any appearance of casualties also to appear not to be real, just actors and volunteers. I would want a plan that moves a ton of hardware into all the areas without raising suspicion, it’s all needed for the exercise. I would compartmentalize the whole operation so that no one actually knows how big it is. I would purge leaders who question the plan. And only fill in those with a need to know. I would want a plan that leads up to the big exercise with a lot of little exercises, and rumors of exercises. And, when it’s all over, I would want a plan for the people who are left. I would want them to know that we did it for them. Our final solution was to do away with all the bad elements in our society, and now we finally have peace, and we can all live happily ever after.

    I would want the plan to be — just like Jade Helm 15 — I would want Jade Helm 15. It’s the perfect evil plan for pretending to carry out a plan, while really carrying a plan!

    Now I have not concluded that Jade Helm is anything more than they are saying, but they are in my opinion practicing that very scenario. There are many key tells, but one of the most interesting is the blending in. Blending in requires language skills and similar appearance. Not likely they are planning to blend in in the middle east. Sure hope they aren’t planning anything in eastern Europe, cause it won’t be hard to spot them (speaking English) and that could end very poorly (with lots and lots of dust). Blending in implies a western, English speaking, Anglo country with lots of minorities. Not likely we are invading Europe or Canada. Sounds like the U.S., we are practicing to invade the U.S. It will be interesting to see how that plays out 🙂

    So maybe next year, or the year after that, when they decide to “switch over” and are letting us all know “it’s just an exercise”, maybe then we find out that it isn’t just an exercise.

    [Editor’s Note: DAve, that’s a very good post. Thank you for being here, for reading at our site, and for sharing your observations with readers. I think you’ve put your finger on it straight-up.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. Thank you, Elias Alias. Another observation I make has to do with having lived in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico most of my life, and knowing how the locals feel.

    It’s an interesting place, the southwest, where many believe the land they are on was stolen. They call it Aztlan, and Aztlan maps overlay Jade Helm 15 maps state for state, and boundary for boundary. With the hot spots being the state of Texas, and the San Diego / Tijuana region of the U.S. / Mexican border. It’s no secret that these are the most porous areas (and the most dangerous) of the southern border It’s also very interesting that they take the local politics into account as well. Arizona is a conservative state (except when we put forth the likes of big sis Janet) leaning friendly, and New Mexico is a liberal state leaning hostile. Which nails it on the head.

    New Mexico (and Arizona) is so pro Aztlan, that the one and only major paper has in fact called for the border states to be returned to Mexico (not so much as a new country of their own). In fact there are many groups dedicated to this, including: La Raza (The Race), Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), National Immigration Forum (NIF), Brown Berets, La Voz de Aztlan (has a site dedicated to returning soon), and many many more. They all want the southwest returned to Mexico and to be more specific they want their own country the ‘Hispanic Homeland’, the ‘Nation of Aztlan’, the “Republica Del Norte’.

    Yes, I find it very interesting that Jade Helm 15 and Aztlan maps overlay perfectly! Could it be that Aztlan is part of a deal towards North American integration with Mexico and Canada, also known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) created by the Bush admin, which is the first step towards the North American Union. SPP talks were heavy from 2001 – 2009 (and very secretive), then cancelled (to throw off the critics), and renewed in 2011 (with little visibility).

    Yes, I think this has high probability. Jade Helm 15 is being placed to quell an uprising that will occur when this information comes to light in 2015. The maps overlay for a reason, and Jade Helm 15 is all about Aztlan, the SPP and the forth coming NAU.

    Those are my two theories (this and my previous comment), and they are mutually aligned. Jade Helm 15, and Aztlan 15. They aren’t relocating heavy equipment for the fun of it. They are putting things into place for a reason!

    1. What you say ties into why our south border is basically wide open. Water down the American heritage, values, creeds, ethics, morals, and destroy the constitution through blind ignorance perpetually through faulty education and main stream media propaganda.

    2. I think Dave has nailed it with both of his comments! Good job! I especially agree with his SECOND comment, here is why: I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request to force the US FDA to cough up a lot of internal documents pertaining to their Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico. It was like pulling teeth to get these documents. Jerome Corsi interviewed me about this in this article in World Net Daily a few years ago: “Food Supplements Targeted By Trilateral Deal” The FDA dragged their feet for 3 years, they did not want to respond to my FOIA request. I FORCED them to by threatening a lawsuit after I had a high level conference call with their top officials in which they were very NERVOUS about my probe. When they did finally cough up documents, it didn’t surprise me that they were heavily redacted, lots was crossed out with black magic marker, however between the lines it was very easy to see that the FDA has already created the FRAMEWORK for one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs between the US, Canada, and Mexico as if the CFR’s long desired North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship were a done deal. (This threatens consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the Therapeutic range, and to the most effective supplements sold in health food stores, it is how the elite intend to impose UN Codex restrictions on access to these products as part of UN Agenda 21, the Blueprint for Population Control. I was the first person in the world to blow the whistle on Codex via an article published in Life Extension Magazine in ’96 and have been walking point on this and related issues ever since. IMHO- Jade Helm is a red list extraction maneuver intended to silence key people on the red list in those very conservative states, especially ex special forces guys and others who have been outspoken against the N.W.O. and their plans. I agree with the Aztlan overlay concerns especially because Aztlan and the National Council of La Raza are closely intertwined. The National Council of La Raza is financially supported by the Ford Foundation and by the Rockefeller controlled “National Council of Churches”. The Rockefellers and the Ford Foundation are big proponents of the CFR’s long planned North American Union To understand who the architects of this NAU scam are, you must read my friend Matthias Rath, MDs book “The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU” which can be downloaded for free here: The same people who are orchestrating Jade Helm orchestrated the creation of the EU. Rath’s book documents that in the waning hours of WW2, the Nazi High Command realized they were about to lose the war, so they devised a long range plan to get the control of Europe that had eluded the militarily, and that was the genesis for what first became the Common Market, and that morphed into today’s EU. In the EU, the unelected European Commission actually makes all the laws, then the so called “European Parliament” rubber stamps whatever the Commission has decided. Via this means, the people of Europe have been totally disenfranchised, enslaved, and now the ruling elite want a carbon copy of the EU between the US, Canada and Mexico. They see the conservative gun owners of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Southern California as their biggest opponents. They look at events such as the Bundy Ranch standoff where we defeated the BLM and the fact that legislation is moving in the Nevada State Legislature that would kick the BLM out of the state, so they regard places like Nevada as enemies of the N.W.O. Texas is the only state that is a Republic, and it can legally subdivide itself into three states if it wants. There is a very long, proud tradition of rugged independence in Texas, so naturally it is being targetted for reasons similar to Nevada. The people orchestrating Jade Helm no doubt want a gigantic surge of Mexicans to flood into the region as part of their plans to destroy America, and we need to awaken the Special Forces troops to what is really going on so they won’t betray America. The problem we face is that these Special Forces people are largely products of our current dumbed down educational system in which Marxism is being drubbed into people to the point where many of them have no concept of honoring their oaths, they’re just cogs in the Machine… and the Machine is run by people like the Rockefellers who gave the land to the UN that their HQ is built on. The Rockefellers created the National Council of Churches, that very liberal group that supports illegal immigration Lets also not lose sight of the FACT that there is an Altar to Satan directly inside UN Headquarters- see I was inside this room while on a High School Field Trip from my high school in New Jersey. Our teacher was a Marxist “social studies” teacher, and the “Meditation Room” was paid for by the “Lucis” Trust which was originally named the “Lucifer Trust”.. Truth is stranger than fiction…. check it out!!! America is ripe for Judgement, how many babies have been murdered via abortions since passage of Roe V Wade? I think we might have success in awakening at least SOME of the Special Forces troops assigned to Jade Helm to how they’re being USED so that THEY will come to our Aid, and so they won’t be traitors! Show them this! Theres a lot of serious food for thought there! I think we will turn at least some of them around!!

    3. You know, that was going to be a question I was going to ask…..Why are they moving so many tanks and heavy equipment into these area’s…? Aren’t they supposed to do this stuff quietly and we shouldn’t even hardly know they are there….? Then why the tanks and heavy equipment…? I just can’t figure some of these types of things out…I wouldn’t move all that type of equipment anywhere, unless I really thought I would need it….Maybe the military thinks different than I do….Anyone have an answer for this situation?…

  5. Having sworn to myself and family to only call to arms to defend on our own soil, (with all due respect to those who serve now and to the VFWs) lady’s and gentlemen the time is upon us. We must have a show of force, this “exercise” is treason! Arrest and detain on site! Have you guy’s (gals) seen the video where troops “take over” an airport? They run out of the C-130 and immediately set up a 120mm mortar! Who do you boys plan on shelling? A question for Elias Alias. Does the current Hillary Clinton scandal, i. e. The selling of American uranium have anything to do with the Oath Keepers defending the mine? Is the BLM trying to hand the mine over to the Russians?

    [Editor’s Note: a son of liberty,
    Please calm yourself. Yes, I agree that the exercise, because of several of its components, is treasonous in its very nature and should not be allowed to operate in the areas its planners have chosen — the military has its bases and in my opinion personally, the military does not have authority to operate on U.S. soil outside its bases. That has to do with *why* the military sought “permission” from city councils, County Commissions, and State officials. No one should grant the military permission to exercise on private or public property.
    That said, I would like to suggest that you calm yourself and try to understand why we do not wish to entertain hysteria or frenzy here at our website. When you suggest that people “arrest” the military you are encouraging harm to patriots via confrontation, but you are also revealing your fear-based consciousness and also revealing a lack of a more comprehensive understanding of where we’re at as a nation right now. Please try to remain calm and cool-headed. Times are indeed threatening, and our nation is in distress, but our battle is mental, not physical. Jade Helm 15 is a “psy-op”. It is a mental conditioning exercise on several counts. Your comment plays right into the hands of those who would subvert this nation from inside government offices. Please relax, please calm yourself, and please try not to spread unwarranted fear. Thank you.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  6. I’m sorry for an apparent misunderstanding, and I come here and post with all due respect. But many of us have gone through the motions of redress of grievances i.e. petitions, Town halls etc. I’m not trying to incite a frenzy as it were. I understand that there are peaceful ways to resolve issues such as the following that I mentioned, however, it would seem that our grievances are falling on deaf ears. When our local Sheriffs choose not to speak up for his or her community, does it not become our civic duty to defend the rule of law? Again my apologies for any misunderstanding and I hope I’ve clarified my point.

    [Editor’s Note: a son of liberty;
    I’ll match your apology with one of my own. I was perhaps a bit brusk in my reply to you. I will explain why: The SPLC loves to take screen shots of material on our site here, in hopes of using them against us in their propaganda programs. If they or anyone else like them get an opportunity by any impassioned comment left here at our site, they seize upon it as if it were official Oath Keepers policy. Always remember, “perception is everything”. This site is read by a lot of people every day, some being not very friendly to the Constitution.

    That said, allow me to agree with some perceptions you’ve brought forward. It is blatantly obvious that our voices across America are not being heard, just as our nation’s Founders reported in the Declaration of Independence. And I agree with you that most Sheriffs, like most people in general, still do not get the picture of what is seriously attempting to destroy our way of life as Americans while taking down our national sovereignty. >> You can read enough to understand what I just said by reading this article:

    And you are absolutely correct that it is We The People who must stand in defense of our country. The absolute guarantee of that right is in the founding documents which created the Federal government. A really great read which reveals our right and duty to correct problems within our government is a 208-page little book by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., entitled “Three Rights”, and you can get your copy of that book at Amazon dot com:

    The three rights Dr. Vieira reveals are: The Right of Resistance; the Right of Restoration; and the Right of Renewal. I hope you enjoy that book. Those who read that book will then know what We The People are to do.

    I’ll wrap up by noting for you that we’re in a Mental war for the soul of America, and Oath Keepers is a Psy-Op working for the liberty movement. We walk a very fine line. Thank you for reading and commenting here.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  7. This is NOT just an exercise to acclimate and gather intel on communities, but is also an exercise to determine the WILL of the soldier himself to follow un-constitutional orders. This is ALSO an opportunity for every GOOD American soldier to show complete defiance for his country, which of course will get you an immediate discharge. Because THEY do not want it to be public, in the event thereof, the discharge could be a general discharge and not a dis-honorable. If the latter….the entire exercise will be viewed as a failure. And it appears to be the case anyway, but nervous coke snorters in Washington could make the exercise go LIVE. This Jade Helm 15 will be a turning point for everyone in this country and freedom will prevail NO MATTER WHAT !

  8. Practicing “blending in” and buying potatoes at wal-mart so they can do it overseas? Well sign me up! I’ve never had any training whatsoever, but if that’s all you need to do to blend in overseas, then EVERY American is an expert.

    I’m not going to speculate on what will happen, what it is, etc. etc. What I cannot understand, is how these people say this stuff with a straight face. We are going to help your community by buying potatoes. I would be embarrassed to talk like that. I see the denial of reality is systemic through all walks of life, everywhere. THAT is the enemy of freedom and humankind. THAT is what we need to STAND against. No fighting, no violence, all we must do to win is merely STAND. It is our minds they seek to control, it is our minds we must command and use to their fullest potential. These people, who expect us to believe such nonsense have shown themselves as weak individuals. Let that be what drives you, gives you hope and the determination to win this thing. We will win by attrition, by surviving. “It’s not a matter of skills, it’s a battle of wills.”

    1. You are correct, it is a battle of wills. Our will is partly to educate the general public and educate our youthful troops not to obey unlawful, unconstitutional orders. As a pilot, I would suggest some members who have access to light aircraft drop leaflets in and around the communities where psyops are active. It is direct, practical, and effective.

      Most of those areas are uncontrolled airspace above 1200 ft AGL. Fly low, fly slow, with no electronics on. All legal.

      1. Nice idea actually. Was used quite a bit by our own government, not sure if it still is.

        Though it may still be legal here, one must be aware that being legal does not mean that one would not be either arrested, beat up, or killed “going for a weapon” such as your requested ID, etc.

        The lawfulness has no precedence over the desires to destroy America from within USING LE’s and what is left of the US (over the UN) military.

      2. Would someone post some “content” that I could copy. Got 5 friends with planes near one major Jade Helm area? I’ll make sure some get out. Thanks.

    2. If you have no training whatsoever, may I ask why you are commenting on an Oath keepers site? You state,” it’s not a matter of Skills, it is a matter of Wills” Sorry I beg to differ my training in the military and in law enforcement will make the difference in my survival. Let me remind you what happened to every stupid Jihadi hopped up on meth who tried to take on even a squad sized element over in the suck, they died

      Win by attrition? Do you know what that means? I am intensely proud of my veteran status as well as being an Oath Keeper because I thought I was amongst my fellow veterans. I am deeply concerned of the posts I am reading by folks with no military experience yet talk about winning by attrition

  9. I’m impressed by the courage of Kimberly York. This should be happening in many Jade Helm areas, where people confront their elected officials, and recall elections come about for officials willing to sell out the people. There is a website which shows the type of political activity that gets results. Also, why are they not asking Sheriffs if they can come into a county, rather than just city councils and county commissioners? See this website:

    1. Thanks for that link.

      Some items from it that all here might be interested in…

      Ted Turner on how good it is for US soldiers to suicide;
      NN founder Ted Turner, in arguing for a greater role for the United Nations as the world’s policeman and condemning U.S. military spending, said recently that rise in military suicides in relation to combat deaths is a “good” development.

      (This one I have posted here a few times)
      Henry Kissinger said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

      It is important to note that both Henry Kissinger and Ted Turner have made it clear they are eugenicists, who want a huge portion of the human population on earth eliminated. They are major players in the New World Order.

      But even worse than all that: Homeland Security Department intelligence assessment unfairly characterizes military veterans as right-wing extremists. “Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.”

      (They removed the document from the web, but I should have the pdf. somewhere in my copious notes. )

      Bruce Kettler comment: “History shows that tyrants do not favor those who serve them. They do not favor their offspring either. So if you value your own life, and those of generations to come, you will not serve tyrants, and that does not mean you must resign, only that you will serve the people, and keep your oath of office while in service.”


      “Those of you who swore the oath: Military, Police, CIA, FBI, Politicians, let’s look at the UCMJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as it appears today. 892. ART. 92. FAILURE TO OBEY ORDER OR REGULATION Any person subject to this chapter who (1) violates or fails to obey any lawful general order or regulation; (2) having knowledge of any other lawful order issued by any member of the armed forces, which it is his duty to obey, fails to obey the order; or (3) is derelict in the performance of his duties; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

      Okay, let’s imagine a person in a higher position says, GO KILL YOUR MOTHER! GO KILL YOUR WIFE!
      What do you do? It is not lawful to commit murder. So, the order is unlawful. You do not obey it. You are responsible to know that law. You don’t need anyone to advise you about what to obey, or not to.
      Here is the oath for those in the military. There is similar wording for others. [You will] …support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic… What is the Constitution? It is THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. It is supreme, and no other law, or order, supercedes (can go above it)…

      But, first, and foremost, you will obey the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Why does this oath exist? It is there because the meaning of the word “constitution” is what it consists of. The U.S. Constitution is what the United States consists of. If you betray the constitution, you are treasonous to your country.” – scroll down and see the picture of the Oathkeepers billboard /big grin!!
      (End Quote – Just What OathKeepers has been saying all along!!)

    2. I’m glad to see this. Kim is a dear friend and I’ll tell you, you would be *amazed* at the results she’s gotten in Howard County as just one individual. Man up Oath Keepers, we can all put crooked local govt in check if we simply try.

  10. When he starts to say “distressed…” then changes the wording to “concerned citizens”, I think he is outright lying.

    I am sorry, but I do not believe that they will be using “blanks”. I also think the shoulder “identifier” that is also going to be placed upon the victims …sorry, citizens .. is a great way that other citizens can be being called upon for help, and that will see that and wonder if it is acting or not – that could be life or death for the citizen being kidnapped- if that is real instead of a drill.

    The comment made that they will be in touch with the local police does NOT make many feel any safer, but actually more threatened since the LE’s around the nation have shown there willingness to threaten, injure,and even kill unarmed and innocent citizens.

    Personally, I believe that this is happening at this time because of that last point More people will be less likely to go with them or to believe they have blanks loaded and that can cost people their lives. Remember this is personal belief, not based on anything other then that Jade Helm itself is treason against the American people and the US Constitution.

    There is no reason to even believe for a second that “training on US soil among US citizens” will get the troops ready for action in foreign lands. Actually the opposite is true. They will not be ordering “50 pounds of potatoes” in a foreign land, nor with the people there just ignore what they see. Plus what is the likelihood that they will mostly be speaking English, and ignore armed strangers?

    I believe that they are hoping that an issue will come up that they can blame on the Constitutionalists, patriot citizens, Christians who take this as a threat to their families – I mean, who is going to let anyone fire at their child, supposed “blank rounds” or not?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t.

    So Jade Helm must not happen, and that requires those that are actually “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS” and “JUST DOING THEIR JOBS” to JUST SAY “NO”. Don’t be a Nazi, or any other military group that just followed orders on their homeland. Say “NO”!

    Because even if a citizen fires and kills one of the “participants” in the BELIEF that they are defending their family, themselves, their neighbor, their city, etc IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT because this should NEVER happen here in America. It will be YOU (NON GENERIC) UN (used to be US until Obama, Panetta, and Dempsey gave US troops to the UN for their wars) soldiers, you committing TREASON against the American people and bringing war to the US soil.


    That is the reality of what Jade Helm is, and most likely will turn into.

    1. Cal;

      100% correct. Look what FOOL Commander would allow his troops to move about under this plan with “Blanks”? Well if there is such a Commander then he belongs on the O Team for sure.

      So what happens when someone fire a live round at then, they hunker down and call the LEO’s, not going to happen. So is the truth the carry live ammo? If they don’t then they all belong in D.C.

      We are about to see if the people really care or are all so brain washed with Technology and Handouts that they will accept whatever the giver degrees.

      When you read these posts you get a good idea of how it will go and my feeling is;

      “Bring forth upon me the wrath of my enemy if it shall be, yet understand that my will shall prevail to my last breath”.

    2. Cal, I will not be loaded with blanks, and if a gun is being raised at me I will shoot as fast as I can.

      1. Check it out Charlie Brown, you raise a rifle towards a special operations unit or Special Forces ODA, YOU and everyone around you will be dead.
        I am really frustrated here because I joined the Oath Keepers to be amongst fellow veterans and fellow law enforcement retirees, NOT a bunch of conspiracy theorists with some grand notion of going toe to toe with the US military. Here’s the facts any leader of an OK unit who plans to go toe to toe against any military unit will get one to the head because that will ONLY ensure the demise of anyone under that yahoo.

        Ron, the comment above, when I was overseas as well as stateside, on training missions yes we were ONLY armed with blanks. Of course not when in or anywhere near a combat theater of operations. For you to state something so ridiculous bothers me because that means that you have NO military experience whatsoever, along with many posters here.
        My question to those folks is, why are you here on an Oath Keeper site? OK By Laws clearly indicate you cannot be a member of the Oath keepers. You can be an Associate, but you will not be able to carry a firearm. I don’t want to train with someone with no military or law enforcement experience, especially with live ammunition.

        Anyone with military experience knows we train how we fight and that going into actual combat is the culmination of copious amounts of training. How do you train in COIN operations within the CONUS without training for such within the CONUS.
        It is no secret that DAESH could gain a foothold in multiple pockets within CONUS. Who would go in to root them out? USASOC, JSOC, SOCOM, that’s who. So, let me ask anyone, when that day comes when DAESH begins conducting operations within CONUS, who do you expect to go after them? NO! Law enforcement? NO, not directly. It will be our special operations forces and special forces.

        Let’s be clear there is no law that says federal troops cannot be deployed within the CONUS. The Posse Comitatus Law states that federal troops shall not be in the direct operation of policing indigenous personnel. That would be the task of National Guard units still under command of a specific state’s governor or that state’s Defense Force (what would be the organized militia)
        To the poster below me who speaks of overwhelming forces show up at your doorstep and people just handed their firearms over. Well, I was there during Katrina and the fact is, anyone who didn’t hand them over and wanted a fight would have been killed on the spot. They beat the crap out of an elderly woman who merely walked into her kitchen to hand them her firearm and they attacked her and body slammed her and jacked her up but good. I wasn’t there in a military capacity, I was there working for FEMA’s NFIP
        If you are home when “THEY” come, if you don’t comply, you and everyone in your home are dead. Smart folks would be able to read the writing on the wall by then and be far from home long before they come for your weapons.

        You speak of bravery and not afraid of Martial Law, wow!! I am terrified of Martial Law

  11. We have 19 months left of the imposter in the White House. 19 months is a very long time and as we have seen, we are becoming more unstable everyday. If the reports are accurate, Swat Teams have been used to overwhelm residences where the suspected illicit activity was credit card fraud. Errors have been made in residences that have been the subject of such overwhelming force also, if the reports are true.
    The continuing displays of force, either LE or Military have an effect of quieting the population on the one hand because they become more familiarized with the operations being carried out more and more frequently, esentially disarming them of their resident ability to recognize danger when it confronts them.
    I stil believe an attempt is going to be made to fabricate conditions of social unrest of various types which ultimately be used to justify “martial law” being imposed.
    Katrina should be not a warning, but The Warning.” When they came for the guns, the individual citizens who were subjected to the abuses of government just handed them over. That was a natural disaster and not an artificially contrived one which is a very real possibility. The truth is, when the “overwhelming force” shows up on either my doorstep or yours, the neighbors are just going to stand idly by with cell phones and video cameras in hand, thinking, “how exciting is this?”
    Regardless, when martial law is imposed, elections may be suspended, habeus corpus shall be suspended, and the ordinary protections that we believe we possess shall no longer exist.
    Am I afraid this shall happen? No, though I am convinced it shall happen.
    It shall be our future.
    We have become slovenly in our spiritual and moral condition as free men and women, and as such shall be subject to tyranny even as Benjamin Franklin anticipated must occur.

    1. Swat Teams were breaking down doors over petty small stuff under Republican Presidents too. Also militarization of police started under George W Bush as do most of the laws like the Patriot Act that has taken your civil liberties away.

      Get educated

  12. While all this conspiracy talk is certainly entertaining, There are a couple of items that are not being taken into account. First of all, all military members take an oath to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States of America. They take this oath very seriously and are willing to put their lives on the line to defend it. Secondly, they are also Americans with American families including, wives, husbands, children, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. When you sign on the dotted line, these are the very people you are signing up to defend and protect. Being involved in the establishment of martial law to the detriment of these family members would be the last thing these service members would want for their families. Thirdly, in general, military service members are among the most conservative people in the United States of America. These are not the people who would be involved in the establishment of martial law. These are not mindless robots. They are Soldiers and they are citizens of the United States of America. And finally, do you have any idea what kind of manpower it would take to enforce the martial law scenario you are afraid of for any length of time? Even if we had all of our special operations force here Inside the United States and not off in Afghanistan or some other corner of the world, And even if they were all willing to participate in such a scenario (which they would not be), there would not be enough boots on the ground to occupy even a quarter of the area we’re talking about with just the special operations forces. Even augmenting these forces with law enforcement would not be nearly enough. When you consider that the entire United States military makes up only 0.45% of the United States population and the Special Operations Command is a very small percentage of the United States military, and that the citizenry of the United States population is armed, it should become blatantly obvious that the scenario could never work. Again I repeat United States Soldiers are not brainwashed robots! They are ordinary citizens of the United States with maybe a little more discipline and a lot of the people who post on this site should know this as well as anyone because you used to be one. Would you, when you were serving in the US military, have participated in such an atrocity? My guess is that every last one of you would respond with a resounding NO!! The newer generation of Soldiers wouldn’t either. Have a little faith in your fellow Americans and let’s focus our attention where it needs to be: damage mitigation under our current regime, and making sure that people who take over in 2016 have a bit more between the ears.

    1. Rob, you have some really good points, I agree that military people will not likely participate in this scenario if they are educated people who understand the freedom that the Constitution gives.

      I just got out about 10 years ago and I can tell you that the people are brainwashed in the service and they are also lied to. So if they believe that they are “doing good” They will attack the “lawbreakers.” Anyone that disobeys the feds even when the feds are breaking the law are being labeled as “lawbreakers”

      I have seen first hand the federal government has thrown people in jail just recently for obeying the Constitution. The federal agents and the judge said and I quote ” We must punish these law breakers with a harsher penalty to teach them a lesson and to make an example out of them so that the rest of the people don’t think you can disobey the federal government.”

      I saw it with my own eyes.

      The FBI, IRS, ATF, Military are now daily disobeying the Constitution, throwing people in jail, confiscating personal property. Right now people are very afraid of the government.

      Your right it would be difficult to maintain marital law for a long period of time. But remember they only have to have a show of force in small pockets to get the people to respond out of fear. Right now the citizens are very afraid and it won’t take much more than a few skirmishes to get the citizens to cooperate with them.

      Remember they are conditioning people more and more each day. This is something that has been going on for a long time.

      This is happening and it’s happening quickly.

  13. Under martial law you have no constitutional rights. Which means the feds can and will do what they want. Oh and here’s something to think about, if a president does this all, elections are put off till its over, and the sitting president cannot be removed from office during this time.

    1. Our rights are God given not Constitutional given. The 9th and 10th Amendment says that. We are fighting for our God given rights that we had BEFORE the Constitution. We established that point with the Declaration of Independence. The US Constitution is the cage for the beast (the government) Put that beast back in it’s cage.

  14. I took the Oath, and I stand by that Oath that I took. It make me so upset to think, that people would think, that the US Special Forces teams would be there to take over their own country. Do you really think these guys would turn their backs on everything that they believe in? You cannot say that ” well its the administration that is ordering it” an over whelming majority or the armed forces is right wing. and if you have the full scope of USASOC conducting a “takeover” trust me they wouldn’t publish it, these guys topple governments and the key to their success, is secrecy. No you cant argue that they are being secret about there plans, they have given you the towns they will be in, they have even said that the role players in the events will be wearing yellow arm bands. I wonder what these theorist would say, if they knew that through out the year, the army reserves gather 5000-6000 personnel and conduct a warX consisting of infantry, artillery, military police, psy ops, engineers; practicing everything from invasion, setting up fobs, conducting policing operation and crowd control/ with correction and detainee operations. And that happens 4 times a year through out the different reserve commands. You can question your government, you should; but the military… were on your side.

  15. Jade Helm may be legit, however our troops being in the U.S. seems like a good idea. The state of the world means we’re going to need them here and not overseas. So all and all be diligent and aware for we all don’t have much longer before our country is attacked by a military other than our own friendlies. Remember people faith in yourself and our lord and savior Jesus Christ is the only thing going to get us where we are supposed to be going. So may God Bless and Protect us all.

  16. Some of the aspects of Jade Helm seem contradictory to me. For example, the military wants their participants to blend in, yet those same participants will be wearing arm bands, How will they blend in wearing arm bands? Also, they want to have clandestine meetings and if we notice them, then, as the spokespersons states, they are doing something wrong. Again, they will supposedly be wearing arm bands. How will we not notice them?


  18. I figured it out. Today I was outside my store and I seen this black man about 30/35 years old and he had on a like vest that looked like it could hold bullets. and he stopped at the corner and got down on the ground and did like 20 push ups and than stood up and just kept on walking. I THINK they are wanting you to report suspicious things you see. I would of called the police and reported it BUT……….I see weird people like this daily expecially in what I do and were I work……..hmmmm

  19. I read an article whereby they may ban ham radios also. They will do whatever they can to make sure we cannot communicate with each other. We must fight. Perhaps America will fall, and maybe it should. Do we really want all the old politicians back in office after learning they have been cohorting with the Illuminati and the devil? I say clean house. It will happen. I believe the bible and I believe what it says. No one will trust the feds any more after this. There are more of us and God is on our side. Maybe they will kill us all, but God will still come. For people/aliens who think they are so smart, they are very stupid. The bible says they will get back 7 times what they have dished out. I respect Putin for standing up to the NWO. I figured that is what he would do in the end. China too. They play along with the UN, Illuminati, etc. but have no intention of relinquishing power. God will use them to punish America for her war mongering, lies, Satanism, human sacrifice, stealing from the American people, treason, etc.

    1. Not at all, LP; We are always wanting beneficial wise counsel from those who know more. But I must say – the above article was posted from another site, and is not at all what Oath Keepers had to say about JADE HELM 15. To see what I, as a “certifiably insane” person had to say, there is a full length series of articles here at our website which may assist you in forming a better opinion of me as editor of this site. Please enjoy –

      PART TWO:


      PART FOUR:

      Elias Alias, editor

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