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Everyday People And The American Revolution


Here is a little history of the American Revolution, that shows how average folks made their stand for Liberty. It is not necessarily big events that further a course, but often, many simple ones, strung together, that create the momentum needed to further Liberty. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from the Tenth Amendment Center

by John Whitehead

We elevate the events of the American Revolution to near-mythical status all too often and forget that the real revolutionaries were people just like you and me. Caught up in the drama of Red Coats marching, muskets exploding and flags waving in the night, we lose sight of the enduring significance of the Revolution and what makes it relevant to our world today.

Those revolutionaries, by and large, were neither agitators nor hotheads. They were not looking for trouble or trying to start a fight. Like many today, they were simply trying to make it from one day to another, a task that was increasingly difficult as Britain’s rule became more and more oppressive.

The American Revolution did not so much start with a bang as with a whimper—a literal cry for relief from people groaning under the weight of Britain’s demands. The seeds of discontent had been sown early on. By the time the Stamp Act went into effect on November 1, 1765, the rumbling had become a roar.

The Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament with no representation from the colonies (thus raising the battle cry of “no taxation without representation”), required that revenue stamps be affixed to all printed materials. It was an onerous tax that affected every colonist who engaged in any type of business. Outraged at the imposition, the colonists responded with a flood of pamphlets, speeches and resolutions. They staged a boycott of British goods and organized public protests, mass meetings, parades, bonfires and other demonstrations.

Mercy Otis Warren was an active propagandist against the British and a prime example of the critical, and often overlooked, role that women played in the Revolution. Historian Nina Baym writes, “With the exception of Abigail Adams, no woman in New England was more embroiled in revolutionary political talk than Mercy Otis Warren.” Warren penned several plays as a form of protest, including The Group in 1775. As Baym writes: “The Group is a brilliant defense of the revolutionary cause, a political play without a patriot in it. In letting the opposition drop their masks of decency, Warren exposes them as creatures of expediency and selfishness, men who are domestic as well as political tyrants.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The American people during the times of the revolutionary war and the times leading up to it, faced incredible odds which were against them. The patriots by the grace of God prevailed through much difficulty, uncertainty, confusion, sickness, and everything else that came up against them. Their efforts are largely responsible for the beginning of the United States of America.

    Today we also face incredible odds which are against us. The majority of Americans are so conditioned and passified today, that they will turn in any patriot who means business about resisting tyranny. They will turn such a patriot in and think they are doing the right thing.

    We have a surveillance grid in America that is beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. This surveillance grid is used by the tyrants in DC to try and keep tabs on every American citizen at all times. Along with that we have infiltrators, and snitches in innumerable numbers whose whole purpose is to spy on and disrupt any serious movement by patriots who attempt to resist tyranny.

    I believe however that God will make a way for those who are serious about it, to be able to conduct effective resistance operations against the tyrant enemy in America. I also believe it will be a very rough ride because at the same time America is being judged by God, but in God’s judgment I don’t believe he will make a full end of America; but the America we were used to knowing will change greatly.

    The true captain of the battlefield and of our faith is the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to be in alignment with his will, his way. God bless you all.

    I believe the beginning effective resistance movements will be organized and executed with extreme stealth and quietness. Quiet warriors.

  2. AMEN

    “WE, THE PEOPLE” have already won, if, we have repented, and, been born again / saved. Revelation in the HOLY BIBLE says the LORD and HIS Saints have already won.

    The LORD GOD is ALWAYS on the side of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!!!

    There will be another revolution.

    Just as the colonists were out numbered, and, out gunned, it is because of the LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, and, the cause of Freedom and Liberty, the Americans won.

    It will be the same this time, only, many more people involved, and, advanced weaponry and machinery.

    The second revolution will make the first revolution look like a water gun fight.

    Patriotism ALWAYS spreads like wildfire.

    There may be an isolated incident, like what happened at the Bundy Ranch, many thought this would spark the second revolution, however, the feds stood down, and, rightly so.

    There may be another Ferguson, Missouri incident at some other place, or, the Ferguson incident may just erupt.

    Or, a so called drill / training exercise like or similar to “Operation Jade Helm 15.” Many of us DO NOT think or believe that this is only a drill, but, something very sadistic behind it, which, if there is, we will act, react, and respond accordingly.

    Whatever the case, be it an isolated incident, or, National, we will rise up to the occasion, and put this tyrannical government away, throwing it off, COMPLETELY, and institute NEW government, which the Declaration of Independence tell us, is our right, is our duty to do.

    We will overcome and be victorious over these tyrants, dictators, oppressors, terrorizers, harassers, traitors and globalists.

    MOLON LABE, traitors and globalists!!!

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