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The Mandatory Voting Meme

Ballot box

by Shorty Dawkins

President Obama recently endorsed the concept, at least, of mandatory voting. He didn’t say he would push for legislation, but mentioned it would be a means to curb the influence of big money on elections, though how it would accomplish that feat he didn’t say, naturally. This looks to me to be a new meme, along the lines of “inclusiveness” and “openness”, which are hallmarks of the two major political parties, particularly the Democrats. Of course neither Party is really in favor of inclusiveness or openness, the Memes being put out there to deceive the public, as usual. For instance, President Obama made the idea of “openness” an important part of his campaign rhetoric, yet his administration has been the most secretive in history. No surprise there. And by “inclusiveness”, both Parties really mean become like us. By all means, do not hold differing opinions from the Party leadership. Recite the mantra we endorse, they insist, and all will be well. Of course they don’t mention how similar the mantra is for both Parties. They can’t admit that. Good heavens no! And that is the problem. That is perhaps the biggest reason eligible voters choose not to vote.

What difference does it make?

If there are two political Parties, and both are headed in basically the same direction, why vote? The outcome will be basically the same. Of course, that has been the plan. When you get tired of one Party, throw them out, in disgust, but then the same outcome, with minor variations, unwinds, all the while the two Parties bicker and present their Theater of the Absurd, a circus for us to watch, and to join in, taking partisan sides.

If you doubt what I am saying, consider the path we have been on for the last hundred years. Each Congress, each President, in one way or another, has moved us down the path to socialism. Democrats and Republicans alike have pushed the ideas of socialism, all the while proclaiming to be champions of Free Enterprise. Both Parties have been chipping away at the Constitution, all the while proclaiming to be loyal to it.

To put it simply, there is no real choice. The two political parties are almost identical, and both are steadily depriving us of our Rights. They proclaim the beauty of the two-party system, which is really a one-party system in disguise, and both continuously deride the creation of new political parties as being disruptive to the two-party system. Of course they won’t publicly state their fear of losing the power they share between them.

What If …..

Let’s for a minute suppose that mandatory voting is enacted, (though I doubt it will be). If everyone votes, will they publicly announce the number of blank votes? Of course not, though there could very well be millions of them. And what if neither of the two parties receives more than 30% of the total vote? (How embarrassing!) Who wins? Can any government claim a mandate with less than 30% support? Not truthfully. And what of those who left their ballots blank? Where does that take us?

Governments, if they are not outright dictatorships, need to pretend they have the consent of the governed. And that is what the meme of mandatory voting is about: pretending they have consent. They proclaim a lack of public dissent is, in reality, consent, though they do everything in their power to stifle dissent. The meme of the “consent of the governed” is all-important to them. And it is their weakness. If mandatory voting were to be instituted, I would turn in a blank ballot, (if I voted at all, which is not out of the realm of possibility). I would then look to see if the vote totals for the “accepted parties” came anywhere near the number of votes cast. Of course the voting process is rife with corruption, and the totals are rigged, but it would be curious to watch them twist themselves into knots, trying to justify their “mandates”. It could get interesting.

Not Voting Is A Choice

I leave you with one thought. Not voting is a choice, also. If there is no one to represent you, the act of not voting is a viable choice. You are saying your ideas, your choices, are not being represented, so you are opting out of the charade.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. All that I have talked to believe that their vote is NOT counted, that Election Fraud (which should be TREASON because it shuts up the voice of the people) is used at every level.

    That both parties are involved in Election Fraud up past their necks.

    That is why we must dump all machine votes, write in who we want, all counts at all levels done in front of – but safe from – the people within the USA. The elections are OUR voice, but our voice is silenced by the domestic enemies and traitors to the USA at all levels so that states as well as the federal government is controlled by “outside interests” instead of the representatives of the people being installed within our governments, instead of the policies the people want installed, etc.

  2. What does it matter which “Republicrat” one votes for? The right or left wing of a bird headed towards the ground? More laws for the slaves of the government, while the ruling elite follow no laws. The U.S. is becoming the “Northern Province” of Mexico, and the puppet of Israel.
    Why vote? At least if you vote, you have a right to complain. If not, keep quiet.

    1. Knarley Bob,

      You said: “Why vote? At least if you vote, you have a right to complain. If not, keep quiet.”
      I reply: If you vote, you have no right to complain, because you have participated in the process and lost. Those who see the process as being corrupt, and therefore refusing to participate, have every reason to complain, because they see the corruption.

      Shorty Dawkins

  3. Good Answer Shorty.

    “Why vote? At least if you vote, you have a right to complain. If not, keep quiet.”

    If you do vote and your wo-man wins, then they are your accountability and responsibility.

      1. Your logic is flawed good sir, If your guy wins an starts messing things up, not only can you not complain but, your to blame. When someone refuses to vote they are no giving their consent to be governed. By voting you are putting your faith an trust in a total stranger, in the hope that he or she will represent your best interest. Don’t know about you but I am the one who takes care of my own affairs. Besides voting for the same left, right paradigm an expecting a different result is silly. As a matter of fact that is the definition of insanity. I’ve never voted an never will, an that my friend is why I have every right to complain. I NEVER GIVE MY CONSENT TO HAVING MY RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY. Still thinking about voting.

        1. I can see your point, if you don’t participate, you ain’t to blame.
          Do you know why people don’t HAVE to wear helmets in Minnesota? Because a lot of people, like me stood up and said NO.
          If no one stands up, they have a free pass to do what ever.
          “If God hadn’t made them sheep, they wouldn’t be sheared”
          The government that doesn’t fear the people is a government running wild.
          The people who fear their government, have let things go way too far.
          By sitting back, saying nothing gives them all the permission they need.

          If whom ever I vote for, starts screwing up, it’s up to ME to call them on it and say something about it. One doesn’t start the car, point in in a general direction and let it go……………

  4. Hey look Barack, it was fun while it lasted, but you and your po’lick’ical buddies has become bullies,lairs,thieves, etc. we do not wish to play, listen, hang out or be your buddies. Are we going to have to get a restraining order against you, so you will leave us alone? Quit harassing us!

  5. Mandatory Voting. Big Government wants your support as well as it being a possible prelude to conscription. Purging the rank and file (in or out of the Services), of what they consider as ‘dissidents, in favor of submission before enlisting or re-enlisting.They want Oaths directed in favor of Government not Constitution.

  6. Until the influence of “dark money” in politics is ended (an effort that will make “belling the cat” seem easy), there is no possibility whatsoever of ANY kind of election being democratic or meaningful. Furthermore there are several states where it is very hard for third parties to get their candidates on the ballot. The two major parties have colluded to make this so. Unless third parties can have ballot access, again there will be no possibility of democracy, with or without mandatory voting.
    There is no need for mandatory voting if people thought it was meaningful and fair. If people perceived that elections resulted in positive changes in their personal lives, the precincts would be SWAMPED on election day.

  7. @ Shorty Dawkins, “Those who see the process as being corrupt, and therefore refusing to participate, have every reason to complain, because they see the corruption….”

    Is “refusing to participate” better then taking responsibility for “our voice” and working to get rid of Election Fraud? Or does that actually condone Election Fraud by no action being taken to correct it?

    I believe when we allow Election Fraud to continue, when we shut up talking about corruption of those who serve within our government, when we “just roll over” and allow these things to continue we are, by our own inaction, condoning them.

    1. Cal,
      By voicing our complaints, and refusing to participate in the sham elections, we (those who choose this path) are, in effect, demanding honest elections. Participation in a sham doesn’t make the sham go away, or become honest. Knowingly participating in a fraud is being a part of that fraud. I refuse to do so.

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. That makes sense.

        But isn’t it time we went beyond just voicing our complaints? Each state’s Constitution basically says that ” All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require”,- something along that line, even California.

        Since it is very important for our “protection, security, and benefit” that OUR voice be heard, recognized, and implemented within the state we are in. And since every state’s Constitution is not only the highest LAW within that state (except where it conflicts with the Supreme law), but it is also the written contract that all who serve within our governments are under – backed up by a sworn Oath – correct? If the people do not feel that their voice is heard, and most seem to feel that way, then it is OUR prerogative to change what is going on with our voice, how we vote.

        If we feel that our vote is not counted for whatever reason then WE must change the way our voting and the count is done in each state.

      2. Doesn’t participating and calling them on their sham do more than grumbling in the back ground, where no one hears you?
        I’ve heard the squeaky wheel gets greased…………………..
        Not that I want you to get greased, but, people should start squeaking!!!!!

  8. What ever happened to the idea of “None of the Above” being available on the ballot?

  9. Three things need to be done:
    1) get rid of the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions;
    2) enact mandatory voting, nationwide. Everyone automatically registered to vote on their 18th birthday;
    3) gerrymandering made illegal, nationwide.

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