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Sons of Liberty 2


Testimonial:  It took me a while to decide what I wanted as a theme for my testimonial, but I finally decided to declare the teaching of youth for the theme.

Yes, I am a veteran. No I haven’t been in combat.
Yes, I took the oath and have always stood up for the constitution.

More importantly; I have drilled it into my grandson’s head. My grandson was the proud owner of a shiny new .22 rifle at the age of 1 day old. It hung over my fireplace until he was old enough to learn to shoot it. and until that time I told him as much as I knew about American history and the constitution. Now he is a junior in college and a pretty good shot with his riffle and knows what socialism is all about.

The point is; I’m almost 70 and he is almost 21 and awakened. He hasn’t taken an oath, as yet, but maybe he will when he finishes college.

We all need to teach the children. That is my theme…. the best RTI I know of. Many people sort of scoffed when I explained the rifle over my fireplace. No it’s, not mine it’s my baby grandson’s.



Edwin : O’Keefe:

Testimonial: To all my brothers,and sisters out there,greetings….I am a 68 year old Nam vet, U.S. Marine till I die.The oath I took is,outside of the day that I accepted Jesus as my saviour,the most important words I have, or will ever utter.

The value of my oath is this, biblical, “no greater love has any man then to lay down his life for another”. In the Marines we have a code, you do not leave it behind when you discharge, and it is no longer just for your brothers in arms, it is now for all Americans,especially those who are unable to defend themselves. “Not on our watch” is complete.

For all you gents, and ladies, still in the service, please remember your oath is to the people,to America,not the president…Stand fast in that, and stand down when you are given an order that you know in your heart is wrong….Happy to be aboard………….Edwin : O’Keefe
Sovereign American citizen



Joseph Massi Jr:

Testimonial: At the time of Pres. Ronald Reagan’s State Funeral, my girlfriend (at the time) asked me while I was watching the ceremonies, why I was so intent on what was happening with funeral and following physically and emotionally that which was going on when I’ve been out of Air Force for 18 years. She could not see the point.

Until this point, I never truly gave thought as to why I did what I still do, it just was second nature. Then it came to me in a flash. I told her that, when I enlisted I took an Oath of Service when I entered the USAF. I was never required to nor did I voluntary take an “Oath of Non or Dis-Service” when I left, nor did I take an over-riding Oath to anything else. As far as I was concerned my Oath is still as strong as the very day willingly took it!

I, to this day, stand at attention during the National Anthem, even if I’m alone in my own living room. I still shed tears for my Brethren in Arms who give the Ultimate Sacrifice for our Nation and Constitution and in turn for our people.

It wrenches my gut when I see those in kind, as well as those in other voluntary offices, take this same Oath I’ve taken and treat it with disdain like some turd in the gutter. Those of us who still hold our Oath dear, need to hold the feet of those who don’t to the blazing fire of Honor!



Matt Underwood:

Testimonial: I took the Oath on 29 December 1987 at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, when I was inducted into the United States Army. I was a member of the 233rd Military Police Company, 33rd Military Police Battalion.



My active service did not last long due to a previously unknown medical issue (spinal arthritis) causing the eventual end of my active service career. I have nonetheless tried to support active duty and veterans with my artistic and writing talents.

I currently serve as the national senior editor of the Voice of the Angels, which is a full-sized newspaper published quarterly from the 11th Airborne Division Association. As an Association officer, I consider them my honorary unit now. The 11th was the only U.S. Airborne division deployed to the Pacific; the only ones to have components combat jump in Korea; and the founders and developers of the Army’s Air Assault doctrines.

My dad is a decorated Korean War medic, and proudly served as USAF ground personnel in combat, in medical evac flights, on TDY to MASH units and Station Hospitals in Korea at the close of open hostilities in 1953, and at the 6407th USAF Hospital in Tachikawa Japan from 1953-1955.

My European forefathers came to Virginia in 1607, and my senior male line ancestor arrived there in the 1630’s. They began to move further South and West and met my Native American forefathers.

I have dozens of patriot ancestors who fought in the American Revolution, a few in the War of 1812, and one that we know of in the Mexican War.

Of my 12 direct ancestors who fought in the Civil War, all 12 were Southerners, but 7 fought to preserve the Union and 5 fought for the Confederacy—though 4 of them were just poor farmers or craftsmen.

My uncles and great-uncles fought in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

My best friends, my cousins and cousins’ children all fought in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

My 1st-cousin’s son SSgt. Ari Cullers, 10th Mountain Div., was killed in October 2011 in Afghanistan by an IED while repairing a bulldozer.

I am a blood relative to Generals George S. Patton, George C. Marshall, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, Robert E. Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, and over a dozen U.S. Presidents, including Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Tyler, Harrison, Taylor, Harrison, Roosevelt, Coolidge, Roosevelt, Truman, Bush, and Bush.

The list of ancestors and the shameless name-dropping is for one purpose only: I would break faith with who I am as an American—with everything I am as a citizen—and with who I am in my family if I did not stand with my Oath. I have never forgotten my Oath, and in spite of everything life has thrown me—and the sometimes wrong ways that I have handled things—I could not imagine breaking faith with kinfolk and countrymen in the face of tyranny.

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, and my ultimate citizenship is in Heaven, as is the true treasure of my heart. Fellow believers are found throughout our military and our citizenry. The men who mentored me in the Word and brought me to understand faith in Christ were all veterans to the last one (it just so happened).

As believers, we are to be as gracious as we can, and to suffer for the Gospel’s sake if required. Sharing the love of Christ and the Good News of His salvation is the true goal of our lives, and we are told to be both bold in our faith as well as meek in our attitudes, as was Christ. “Meekness” is power under control; but meekness is NOT “weakness” by a long shot. We as believers are to be humble, meek, loving, caring, patient, generous, gracious, and kindhearted.

But we are also to absolutely protect our families and neighbors like a shepherd against wolves, which is to be diligent and ready for action at all times—spiritually and physically. We are also clearly instructed by the Word of God (such as in Romans 13, etc.) to be good citizens, and try to live peaceably with all. And yet, when tyranny breeds such injustices and immorality and violence and destruction and murder as this world has seen, I think it is a good testimony to our faith in the Gospel and to ultimate truth to stand up for what is right. To protect those who are unjustly oppressed, including from our own out-of-control government personnel if necessary.

Unjust oppression does not only come in the form of the powerful private citizen preying upon the weak or helpless or the poor. Thanks to a Judeo-Christian moral background for America, those kind of real-life problems in the ancient and medieval world have been largely a thing of the past in America. America has made the common mistakes that have marred and scarred other nations over the years, to be sure. But we are almost the only nation in world history to be given the grace of God to actually learn from those mistakes and truly forsake them. Liberals do not give America the credit for that, but it is nevertheless true.

A more real version of unjust oppression in America finds its display in the form of the powerful bureaucrat preying upon citizens of all social strata or “class”. The “American Dream” for the liberal rat fink bureaucrat is to have a huge mansion, fancy chauffered cars, personal staff and security service, to rub elbows with the famous and popular at the best parties and events, and to sit in the seats of power where they can tell everyone else what to do but they themselves are exempt from the stringencies of the common man—-all at the expense of the taxpayer. This is tyranny. This is graft. This is theft. This is immoral. This is evil. This is liberalism in America.

Liberals are plantation owners—literally “slave-drivers”—whose main concern for the poor is that they go out and vote for liberals and their party when the time comes. They want voting mules, and will chain them to the voting booth with the whole litany of empty promises they have given over the past many decades.

People voted for “Hope and Change”, but all they will ever get is “Chump Change” and despair. They are constantly told they are victims—victims of America, victims of the majority, victims of the wealthy, victims of this and that and it’s all everyone else’s fault. These people are badly disrespected in the effort to keep them from trying to move on into a healthy view of their own abilities. They are therefore kept in the chains of lies and deceit by their leaders, who really want them mostly to just keep voting for the leaders, and a
victim’s mindset is what is needed to cause an otherwise intelligent American to keep voting for these liberal liars. This is deception of the most vile sort because it costs people their whole lives, living in bitterness and despair, thinking that there is no way America will ever give them a chance to get up off the ground floor. This deception by liberals is evil. Even in certain unfortunate case studies, used by liberals to bolster their litany of claims at how lousy America is, often these tragic cases are used as truisms, and are not really representative of the overall picture. Therefore there are often truths which are ultimately used to deceive because they’re taken out of context and misapplied, painting a false picture for political gain.

Liberals do not really love others. They love themselves, and desire to lavish themselves with all the good things, and they in turn seek the approval and applause of others. In seeking others’ applause, they approve of every fleshly and worldly indulgence so as to appeal to others’ basest natures. Liberals seek to confirm in others the very things that God says are harmful—the harm that always becomes evident usually after it is already inflicted and is too late to prevent.  Encouraging others to do themselves harm is not loving them, it is loving self so much that the desire for other people’s approval becomes obsessive. Liberals are the enemies of truth and genuine love.

Even in America—the greatest nation God has raised up on earth (outside His
covenant people Israel)—I believe that after decades of brainwashing, the anarchists and marxists have won over some of our population to the garbage they peddle. The stalinists and communists and statists…the socialists utopians and the people who would seek power and control over others are active in our very midst. By beginning the subtle underminimg of our culture and then by increasingly overt means of influence, they are now poised to begin a phase of obnoxious measures of control with little care any more to conceal their real intentions. Their intentions are absolute control over everyone elses lives, making everyone a slave to their desires.

Leftist Liberals and others of like mind and intent are following after leaders who are truly megalomaniacs. Many of our fellow citizens caught up in this mindset may not even realize that they are becoming enemies to the ideals and laws and protections and rights embodied in the United States Constitution—although clearly our rights as free people come from God above, and they are for all people equally, whether that truth is recognized or not.

I personally believe that Left-wing leadership in America is to the point of being possessed by evil and sinister intentions and designs, and regarding the Constitution of the United States, they are making themselves domestic enemies of that Constitution and of the populace that elected them. Furthermore, many of these left-wing elected leaders have armies of slavish sycophantic suck-ups surrounding them who have enormous legal powers and are not in any way elected or accountable…or even sometimes “discoverable” (i.e. We don’t even know who they are or what their jobs or their legal powers really amount to.)

This all taken together constitutes a real threat to liberty and the United States
Constitution and the citizenry. I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution—the very one my relative James Madison helped write—the Constitution which fleshes out the principles of freedom and liberty voiced in the Declaration of Independence which my other relative Thomas Jefferson helped write.

Therefore, I too, will consider any such order as the “10 Orders” on this website to be unlawful, and will not only refuse to carry those orders out in any way, but will do all within my power to legally block the execution of such unlawful orders and to protect my self, my wife, my family, my neighbors, and my fellow citizens from anyone who would try to carry out such unlawful orders.

The Apostle Peter and the other Apostles said, “We ought to obey God rather than man.” I would be cautious so as to not misapply this, but I believe that our national freedoms and the rights that we enjoy in America really do come from God.  I will defend those rights against anyone and all mankind who might attempt to abolish, injure, repeal, adjudicate, or legislate those rights away.

Domestic enemies of the Constitution invite foreign enemies to move in. I will oppose both at every turn and for as long as I live in this life. As God helps me….


Shorty Dawkins



  1. We the older generation get it. The youth are to interested in their smart phones and social media. God bless them as they have never understood freedom like I had as a child. No fences, farm ponds to fish in, fields to hunt in and the freedom to carry you gun over your shoulder to go hunting at a great places on your bicycle and no one cared or stopped you. Wow do miss that freedom!

  2. “The youth are to interested in their smart phones and social media.”

    Subliminals have been proven to be used in both TV’s and smart phones. Some people actually are so addicted (and yes, that is the correct term because subliminals hitting the “pleasure” button created addicts) to their phones that they cannot even take a shower without it in there with them, go through emotional distress if left, stolen, lost.

    “My current working model includes three tactics: Employ subliminal messaging, Use unpredictable rewards and Use the sentinel effect. Today’s post focuses on the first of those three, subliminal messaging.

    Making health addictive is really about harnessing the power of our fascination with mobile devices, particularly smartphones. We check these devices up to 150 times per day. What if we put a personalized, relevant, motivational and unobtrusive message in front of you some of those times? Could we induce permanent behavior change? I am searching for examples of these customized mobile, personalized messages and any resulting behavior change, so if you know of any, please let me know.

    The term ‘subliminal messaging’ has its roots in the advertising industry. When I was a teenager, I remember stories about psychological experiments where advertisers would splice still frames of product images or messages into unrelated film clips. Watching the film, the story went, you’d never actually see those images or messages, but they would subliminally imprint on your mind and influence your behavior. ” (End quote) “Advanced interactive visualization such as in virtual environments and ubiquitous interaction paradigms pose new challenges and opportunities in considering real-time responses to subliminal cues. In this paper, we propose a synthetic reality platform that, combined with psychophysiological recordings, enables us to study in realtime the effects of various subliminal cues. We endeavor to integrate various aspects known to be relevant to implicit perception” “… As smartphones with onboard cameras become pervasive in society…”
    Fujitsu demos ad transmission technology, sends info from TV to handset via smartphone camera (video) “In Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission of New York in 1979, the Supreme Court ruled that in order for marketing speech to be protected by the First Amendment, it must not be misleading. Subliminal advertising, by its very nature, does not fall under this protection. In the 1989 case Vance v. Judas Priest, a Nevada judge ruled that subliminal messages aren’t protected by the First Amendment and do constitute an invasion of privacy.” “Title:
    Subliminal Marketing – Infiltrating the Mobile Device through Multiple Exposures
    “Studies throughout the last decade have proved that subliminal priming can actually produce effects provided that particular conditions are met”

  3. Shakes head All I want for the federal government to maintain its nose from my company as well as is
    usually to not be unable to smoke within my

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