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Some Testimonials

Sam Williams:

Testimonial: I come from a family long on Patriotism. My 5th great grandfather, John Jennings was attached to Capt.John Savory’s company of “Minute-Men” and answered the alarm of April 19, 1775 marching to Cambridge MA to meet the “Red Coats”.

I was unable to serve. I tried to enlist in the Military in 1967, but was turned down for medical reasons. My brother enlisted in 1968 and became a “Green Beret” serving with the 5th Special Forces group in Da Nang. He volunteered for and was accepted to MACVSOG in late 1969.

I had read about Oath Keepers and was under the impression I had to be of the
military or law enforcement. When I found out different I looked deeper into it and my own personal beliefs. If a disaster hits my area the only close support I have is from my immediate family, and they are my children which are much less prepared than need to be.

By Joining Oath keepers I now have several local “Brothers and sisters” that can band together when “it” hits the fan. So I now can contribute and receive help if and when needed. Most of my local friends are big talkers, but don’t want to get “involved” so the Oath Keepers are now my brothers and sisters.




Testimonial: I am a retired Air Force RF Transmissions Technician (2E173) and served from March 1992 to August 2012. I served in Texas, Mississippi, Germany, Florida, the Netherlands, Maryland, and South Korea. My parents are both former Air Force and I can trace my family’s service back to the time of Napoleon. I am appalled by where I see this country going and both my wife and I pray there are enough Patriots left to stem the tide.




Testimonial: I live in Massachusetts, not far from Lexington Battle Green, where it all started for the Revolutionary War, and not that far from Plymouth, where the original settlement of the “Pilgrims” was established. Both places have always meant a lot to me; places where dreams began and difficult projects, long term, that defined human kind in their own ways.

After much examination (mostly on the Internet), I have just joined Oath Keepers. I have had a few chanches to briefly read testimonials and it has done me a world of good! To hear like-minded people talk about the good things we’ve enjoyed in America, and the reasons we’ve been able to have these gifts, has been a great experience for me, and very timely. I have been deeply troubled for some time before then at watching people seemingly sit back and let our freedoms slip away, a  little at a time, until one wonders how much longer this can go on.

Now I feel as though I’ve found a place I belong; a place where I have company that is worthy of the finest nation in the world. A worthy place to raise our children AND our hopes.

I love the United States of America, and I love all the people who have served so that she can be what she IS. To know that there are so many Oath Keepers who, like myself, want to keep what we have here is a wonderful experience for me.

I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I come from a line of veterans that stretches back behind me into the deepest mist, and includes, I think, every war this nation has participated in (that I know of!).

I want to see people enjoy the freedom that I watched my buddies in the service earn for them; I want to stop those who would subvert it and take it away. I want to be an Oath Keeper for as long as I am fortunate enough to live, which God has given me the privilege to do in the greatest of all places.

I am thankful to all of the veterans who have served before me, and to all of you, who want to preserve and defend what they gave us.




Testimonial: I am retired USN from a long line of military on both sides of the family going back over 200 years traceable. I am very firm and dedicated to our constitution and a proper representative government.



Tyler Dillon:

Testimonial: My name is Tyler Dillon, and I served from 1986-1994 as a Infantryman and a MP, serving in the 35th ID, 101st Abn and 25th ID detached to Ft. Shafter/De Russey while in Hawaii.

The oath is the oath.
You cannot selectively enforce it.
You cannot bend its rules.
You cannot look the other way, and hope that problems will work themselves out.

I just finished writing a book called, “Guns, Firearms and Weapons Guide Book For Americans: Daily Survival Tactics and Strategy: Survive Everything From Urban Predators and Gang Warfare to Nuclear War, SHTF and Zombie Apocalypse Attack [Kindle Edition],” in which the focus is on keeping the good families out there that are being attacked by Urban Predators and Gangs every single day, alive.

It is almost a mix of officer safety tactics for citizens, along with a eye opening education on how the general population is gradually manipulated and led down a trail, a trail away from the Oath that we all swore to uphold.



William Evans:

The oath I made …. In HONOR I serve.


Sons of Liberty 2

Benjamin Guerrtini:

Testimonial: My name is Benjamin F. Guerrini, I served with a National Guard unit from 1981-1987, The unit was the 181st Field Artillery in Chattanooga Tn.

I have always felt that my oath was sacred and when I was discharged no one told me that my duty to country was over, I just wasn’t in uniform any more, I  still believe in the Constitution of the United States and I will defend her with my life if necessary.

My family moved to the United States in the 1600’s and I can trace back my family history to the revolutionary war, several members of my family helped to make this country what it is today and to not defend the Constitution would mean to turn my back on my ancestors and in my mind commit treason against my country. I’m on disability and can’t really help with money, but will help any other way I can.


Shorty Dawkins