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School Choir Director And College Professor FREAK OUT And Call The Cops On Man Legally Carrying A Gun

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This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. The paranoia of some people, concerning guns, is incredible. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from the

by Chuck Ross

A Michigan man was not acting erratically or threatening other people at an Ann Arbor high school music recital, but he was openly — and legally — carrying a firearm.

That was enough for a school choir director to call police and for a music professor to publicly shame him at the event.

The incident happened Thursday evening at Pioneer High School when Steven Lorenz, the director of choirs at the school, spotted the man, later identified as Joshua Wade, openly carrying a gun and called police.

[Update: The Daily Caller contacted the open carrier, Joshua Wade, after this article was first published. Wade granted permission to use his name while restricting other personal information given that he has received death threats online.]

As Michigan Live reported, police arrived to investigate and determined that Wade had not broken the law. While it is illegal for citizens with a pistol licenses to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, license holders can open carry, Ann Arbor police Sgt. Shane Dennis told Michigan Live.

But that was not good enough for one event attendee, University of Michigan, Flint music professor Brian DiBlassio.

DiBlassio took unsolicited photos of Wade carrying the holstered gun and uploaded his picture to Facebook along with two breathless posts.

The professor wrote in his first missive:

There’s an idiot with a handgun with two magazines attending the Ann Arbor Pioneer Choral Cavalcade, sitting in the tenth row. Police came in droves, escorted him out to interview him in the hallway and could do nothing based on his permit. He’s now back listening to 8th grade girls singing Hey Jude. My first experience witnessing this ridiculous show of…I don’t know what. Who does this at an event with 100s of children ffs??? Who does this anywhere? ‘Merica!

DiBlassio’s second post included the man’s picture and other identifying information. DiBlassio said that Wade is the grandson of a former superintendent of Ann Arbor public schools.

I decided that the parents of 200+ junior high and high school students might want to know that they had someone with a military weapon, replete with rounds of ammo, watching their kids sing (he was in the front row). After the last song (about global unity and peace, from the olympics. .oy), I got up on my soapbox — literally, it was a theatre box — and announced as much to the entire audience. In the lobby, [redacted], the former Deputy Superintendent for. Business Affairs. for Ann Arbor Public Schools lectured me on how wrong it was for me to disrupt a public event (disrupting people exiting the auditorium?), etc. Soon after I learned who brought the weapon into the concert. [redacted] grandson (phone in the pocket).

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The rabid, foam-at-the-mouth Marxist Socialist Liberal Left can be very violent against people who carry.

    Bought a double rifle hard case at a gun store in a mall in Corpus Christi, TX once, on the way back though the mall on the way to my truck, I stopped off for a coffee at a coffee shop. Before I could order .in walks this pushy broad and seeing me in line to order, she walks around me to place her order ahead of me. Then, and only then does she turn notice me, and then notices I am leaning on my new case.

    Asks me if that’s a gun? I say no, it’s a gun case. She starts to go off on me for carrying a loaded firearm in a mall, and threatens to throw her coffee on me if I do not leave.

    So I pointed out that had she not rudely cut in line I would have had my coffee and been gone already.

    She began to verbally berate me and continued her threats to throw her coffee on me. I said well that’s one way to find out if I have a weapon in this case or not. Got the distinct impression that she was a man-hating public school teacher.

    By this time the Barista was just finishing the rude feminazi’s order, and I asked the Barista if she was honestly going to had that dangerous weapon to this obviously unhinged and hysterical woman who has been verbally abusing me this whole time in this establishment in full view of you the shop employee and you did nothing and said nothing, knowing full well I had been standing here patiently waiting to order before the rude unhinged feminazi goose stepped in to your shop.

    You heard her verbally abuse me, you heard her threaten to attack me with hot cup of coffee when she gets it, and you are going to sell her that weapon and hand it off to her so she can assault me with it?

    Before you hand her that cup, I have to tell you, that once my lawyer wins the assault case against this woman and this franchise, and I end up owning this here coffee shop, I’m going to have to fire you for not having any common sense and not lifting a finger to protect your customers.

    What do you want me to do? The barista asks. Well for starters don’t arm that woman with her weapon of choice, and perhaps you should call security; before you become a witness to an assault and loose your job.

    At that point the Liberal was so hot and turning several shades of crimson, she could have steamed her own milk. She was definitely on her way to going full Chernobyl.

    So the barista pulls back the Liberal’s coffee, and asks me what I’d like. Told her I was in a hurry and said I’d have what the other gal was having. So she sold me the liberal’s Latte and I sat there and drank it in front of her till she stormed out.

    Once I walked out of the shop the crazy Liberal started screaming that I had a gun, inside the mall. So I poked my head back in the shop and asked the barista to call security and had a seat to watch the show.

    Liberal gal, now in full melt down was frothing at the mouth, as if she’s just steamed her own milk. Security guards show up wave to me, and start laying into her for creating a scene in public. Security guard knew me, and had seen me walk into and out of the gun store earlier. Barista comes out and tells security what’s going on

    So he didn’t even pay any further attention to me, which had the oh so smug Liberal gun hater in tears, as she thought she had me when she saw security coming. I left the mall with her latte and my new gun case.

    All of that, was just for open carrying an empty rifle case. I can barely just imagine the snit-fit had she caught sight of my CCW.

    1. Thanks for the laugh, the article you wrote was Hilarious.

      I also came across this story on Yahoo, and commented there.

      this teacher is creating a potentially dangerous situation in which stalker type people can distinguish and harass this law abiding citizen, he should be placed under Psychiatric Evaluation for his psychotic tendency to wish harm on others without real reason or recourse.

  2. Thank you for your quick thing and acting. I have always carried my weapon concealed. I think it’s time I abide by our open carry law. I only wish I was as fast on my thinking as u were. Thank You

  3. Perhaps the choir director and the professor agrees with a title of a recent article titled, ‘The NRA’s Stranglehold Threatens the Whole World’ written by Scott Beauchamp. My own opinion is that the eldest offsprings of the ‘War on/and Terror are triplets, Politics, Propaganda and Paranoia as it, the ‘War’ has been in progress since America’s birth to deny it/we of life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A late term abortion of Liberty and Freedom has since then been in progress.

  4. Sorry, I just do not understand this Open Carrier movement. Is it something like ‘Mine is bigger than yours?’ Really if I can carry a S&W 1006 concealed, it will be much more effective than in the open, if one does not understand this then one need to rethink the whole issue. I have carried for over 52 years and only carried open when in uniform as a LEO. Impress, brag, boast, these things come to my mind long before Detour, Ward Off and Prevent.
    The art of surprise is much more advantageous than advertizing you capability so a defense can be mounted.

    1. I must respectfully disagree with your argument. Let’s assume that we have the luxury of an armed open carry LEO on every corner, and in every public establishment. Would that show of force thwart many violent crimes in public areas? If that is true, then we need more folks exercising our right to open carry.

      Many of us carry. Everyone has their preference. I carry partially concealed, big lump under the jacket on my hip. It has several affects on the public. One major affect is that it is the equalizer. It is the “No one messes with a man driving his pickup truck with his rifles displayed in the back window gun rack” affect.

      The only people that should not carry are “Liberal gal, now in full melt down was frothing at the mouth… ” types. Further more, if anything, it should be a requirement for everyone to carry, unless they can show reasonable objection to protecting themselves from would be thugs. As a vet, with many carrying a sidearm, M16, or similar, I do not recall any violent crime on base. The general public can learn from that. Train and educate.

      So, hurrah for those who open carry!


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