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Testimonial: I joined Oath Keepers because the Oath means as much to me today as it did in 1972.

I was told it was a well organized group, that included active military and LEO’s, so I figured it would be the right move to make, and make myself available to help Defend this great Country.

I would appreciate the guidance of those in charge, It will take a well organized group to deal with what lies ahead. And I believe in strength in numbers. I did not want to join just any group but one that is well connected and thought of. Having Active members will be a big benefit as they can keep us posted as to what is really happening and are needed desperately to make this work. Thank You


Nathan 1


Testimonial: Why be an ‘Oath Keeper’? That’s the question we all ask ourselves
before dishing out membership dues right?

What do I say to that? What answer did I have for taking that courageous oath, July 10th 2007 – just a year before I found myself smack-dab in the middle of Baghdad and part of President Bush’s troop surge?

Whatever answer you gave yourself standing at MEPPS is a lot different than what you might say today – and it couldn’t be truer for myself.

They correctly say that hindsight is 20-20.

It’s all about the guys to your left and right…

I deployed to Iraq late 2008; I was a combat MP and the gunner. I spent a year standing in the turret of a BAE Caiman manning a 240B. Our patrols were routine and surprisingly mundane, until May 23rd of 2009 when our lead truck got hit by a massive EFP – we took small arms as the ambush opened up, but our only goal was to get our wounded TC to the medivac LZ; we did, and saved his life. Our warrior ethos say a lot, but it all comes down to the guys you serve with…

Five days later, and one soldier short, we headed out again, I was gunning in the lead truck, and we took another EFP, luckily our RHINO triggered the IR sensor early and the penetrator went through our engine block.

Nathan 2

Fast forward five years – with more wisdom and more experience I’ve learned from that tough week in Husenaiyah, that nothing matters more than the your fellow man – our brothers and sisters; missions come and go and I know it might not be fun to hear, but the top of our warrior ethos list is ‘I will always place the mission first’. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple anymore. I’ve learned that all of my strength comes from three places; God, the Constitution, and my family. You cannot have just one, you cannot have just two – it’s all or nothing; and it seems that nearly all of these things are under attack.

I joined Oath Keepers as a personal reality check for myself; to reaffirm my faith in God, love for this country, and support of my family.

To stand up for what is right and what is constitutional is rarely easy and usually comes with a lot of animosity. That’s what is so important about Oath Keepers – the fact that it is composed of like-minded service men and women. Individuals who have trained to shoot – move – and communicate. An organized group of God-fearing Americans who have the know-how and skills to support what we’ve sworn to defend.

Whatever policy or legislation someone might come up with, however good their intentions may be – we cannot sacrifice our freedoms and Constitutional rights at any cost.

Ben Franklin said that people who give up their liberties for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.

I will never give up my liberties nor will I allow anyone to trick the American people out of theirs. I will continue to stay on top of HB and SB legislations lurking around our congress both on State and Federal levels – fight against anything that infringes on the US Constitution. I will continue to teach adult Sunday School class at my church. I will continue to maintain my, my wife’s,  and my children’s physical well-being. I will continue to maintain my readiness by keeping up my marksmanship. I will continue to be vigilant and knowledgeable of current affairs, and to be a role model citizen of this great Republic. I will continue to love humanity, love everyone, and defend all against those who witch to destroy it.

James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Nathan 3



Ricky L. Smith:

Testimonial:  I, Ricky L. Smith, accepted the Oath to the USAF in July of 1972. I served my time proudly and was sworn to defend the US and the Constitution as it was written. I have always been a very proud veteran. It is very sad to see what is happening to this glorious land as some people try to chip away at the Constitution, the parts of it that do not suit them or their agenda.

Our Forefathers spent a great deal of time and effort in writing the Constitution and it has served us faithfully for years. I will continue to support this Great land and the Constitution as long as I live. I will gladly stand with my brothers and sisters in Oath Keepers or by myself if it comes to that. I love my country, my flag, my family, my friends & neighbors and have worked hard for what I have and no one will take it away from me. Molon Labe…..




Testimonial: I joined Oath Keepers because I truly believe in upholding the Constitution at all costs. I am a proud third generation Army combat veteran. My Grandfather was an Infantry officer in World war II, my Dad was a Green Beret in Vietnam and I was an adviser in OEF. I fear the future for our children and hope that in time, people who are ignorant of what is happening to the United States, will wake up. Thank you for accepting me into your ranks. We are definitely holding the line once again.



John Joniec:

Testimonial: Born 1950,  in Detroit. Army 7/69-3/71. I have two daughters. I am worried about the people running this country into wars, looting the treasury and creating a police state. Before I leave this world I would like to see this country get back to a republic and restore the constitutional principles it was founded on.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Joined TN National Guard, Hq and Hq Company 117th Infantry, in 1951 when I lied about my age to get in. Resigned from Guard in Dec 1953 and joined USAF where I was trained in Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures and served 20+ before retiring.
    Was never in a combat zone but was responsible for our aircraft that went there – and came back after providing cover for the guys on the ground.
    Proud of every minute I served and would do it again.

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