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Military Drill Identifying “Hostile” U.S. States Sparks Alarm


This article was written by Alex Newman and originally published at The New American

A massive U.S. military drill dubbed “Jade Helm 15” lists Texas, Utah, and part of California as “hostile” or “insurgent pocket” territory. The unclassified information about this drill is causing widespread alarm nationwide, with more than a few analysts suggesting it may be some sort of exercise practicing to impose martial law on Americans fed up with an out-of-control federal government. During the exercises, which will take place over the summer, Special Forces from various branches of the military will work with local law-enforcement in scenarios that, to critics at least, sound suspiciously like they are aimed at subduing rebellious American civilians and states amid a civil war or large-scale unrest. The federal government issued a response dismissing the concerns and saying that the training is to help U.S. forces prepare for overseas missions, but not everyone is convinced.

The most alarming components of the drills highlighted by concerned citizens and media commentators surround an unclassified presentation about Jade Helm 15’s “realistic military training” that was apparently leaked. In a graphic showing the territory across which the training will take place — essentially the American Southwest — different states are colored based on the fictional status of their loyalty to Washington. Colorado, Nevada, and most of California, for example, are dark blue, indicating that they are “permissive.” Utah and Texas are both shaded red, indicating that they are “hostile.” Southern California is also red, with a note reading “insurgent pocket.” Arizona is light blue, which in the legend is listed as “uncertain (leaning friendly),” while New Mexico is brown, or “uncertain (leaning hostile).” Two more states, Florida and Louisiana, have reportedly been added to the exercise.

According to the presentation, the eight-week training program involves Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets), Air Force Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations Command, Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division, and unspecified “interagency partners.” Underneath the logo for the Jade Helm drills, a sword with two arrows crossing it, it reads: “Master the Human Domain.” What exactly that means was not clear, but at least some critics of the exercise have suggested it may be a euphemism for subjugating the population of the United States. Indeed, as other analysts have noted, citing available information, the drill almost certainly has nothing to do with defending the Southern border from invasion. The few details that have been provided, though, are causing concern among analysts.

On a slide explaining “what to expect” during the two-month training program for “unconventional warfare,” the document warns of “increased aircraft in the area at night,” possible noise complaints, personnel carrying weapons with blank ammo, and more. Especially alarming to critics of the program is that “some individuals may conduct suspicious activities designed to prepare them for complex environments overseas,” and that “some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles.” Separately, a slide describing what “realistic military training” means has also raised alarm. The document mentions that it will be conducted “outside of federally owned property” and that it is designed to “ensure proper coordination between DOD representatives and local and regional authorities.” News reports citing military officials said the DEA, FBI, and the “Joint Personnel Recovery Agency” (JPRA) would also be participating.

Citing other recently leaked U.S. military documents such as “FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations” about interning American civilians in camps, using “psyops” (psychological operations) on those detainees to affect their views, and more, David Hodges with the Common Sense Show said the drill is “undoubtedly the most frightening thing to occur on American soil since the Civil War.” In a widely re-published article about the training program, he said it could be “conclusively stated” that the drill was really about “preparing for a Red, White and Blue invasion.” “This is a massive rehearsal for martial law implementation as well as implementing the proverbial and much rumored Red and Blue List and the ‘snatch and grab’ extractions of key resistance figures from the Independent Media as well as uncooperative political figures,” Hodges added. “The various provisions of Jade Helm make it clear just how dangerous this drill truly is.”

Responding to widely expressed concerns that the scheme is “preparation for imposing martial law or subduing right-leaning groups and individuals,” as the military publication Stars and Stripes put it, U.S. Army Special Operations Command denied the accusation. “That notion was proposed by a few individuals who are unfamiliar with how and why USASOC conducts training exercises,” USASOC spokesman Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria was quoted as saying. “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.” He re-iterated those comments in other interviews as well. Despite being referred to as “routine,” it was not clear whether any similar drill identifying U.S. states as “hostile” had ever taken place — except perhaps amid the Civil War.

In comments quoted by the Houston Chronicle, which made its bias obvious in the first sentence by claiming that the drills had “stirred some ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State,” local law enforcement officials also shed some light on what to expect. “They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” Chief Deputy Roy Boyd with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying by the paper. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.” A former Army Intelligence officer was also quoted downplaying fears about the drill and suggesting that it was largely routine training.

Separately, the Chronicle attempted to belittle concerns expressed by critics about the program. National radio host Alex Jones, for example — whose audience dwarfs the readership and listenership of many “mainstream” outlets, including the Chronicle — was introduced as part of the “far-right fringe” movement. Jones’ radio show and online portal Infowars played a key role in raising awareness about the drills under the headline “Feds Preparing to Invade Texas, List State as Hostile.” The supposed “journalist” at the Chronicle, apparently unable to contain himself or conceal his extreme bias, went on to describe the website Freedom Outpost, which also raised concerns about the drill and suggested it was practice for domestic martial law, as “ultra-libertarian.”





Brandon Smith



  1. Been all over the Internet on this subject and as to why.. All I can think of, is the possibility of prepping for a Constitutional Convention, and its various possible outcomes. A close family member told me about military equipment and hardware has been and is being hauled in up on the North Slope. Mainly, missile launchers and etc. that him and/or his friends notice while they’re up there. Our courthouse here in St. Maries, Idaho is now home to a little DHS office as noted when I got my vehicle tags the other day. Their tentacles are spreading everywhere as well as their communication links and equipment.

  2. We must NOT have a Constitutional Convention until we have honest and moral representatives within our governments – state and federal. These will do away with the US Constitution.

    Think not? Follow the money to see who has been backing the fight to have a con con – Soros and progressives for one.

    “There is another uncomfortable aspect of the Article V movement that is not being discussed, however, but needs to be, particularly in light of the good people who have associated themselves with it.

    Within the ranks of those clamoring for an Article V convention are found numerous extremely radical, progressive, and socialist organizations that otherwise would have little in common with the conservatives fighting on the same side.

    Wolf-Pac is one of the groups that this reporter suspects many Levin listeners would be surprised to know is their compatriot in a call for a con-con.

    On its website, Wolf-Pac pushes for an Article V “convention of the states” as the best way to accomplish its “ultimate goal:”

    To restore true democracy in the United States by pressuring our State Representatives to pass a much needed 28th Amendment to our Constitution which would end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country.

    In order to persuade Americans to join its cause, Wolf-Pac will:

    inform the public by running television commercials, radio ads, social media, internet ads, and using the media platform of the largest online news show in the world, The Young Turks.

    The Young Turks? Most constitutionalists (and I imagine most fans of Mark Levin) don’t spend much time during the day watching the Young Turks, the YouTube-based news and entertainment channel that dubs itself the “world’s largest online news network.”

    As unfamiliar as they may be with the Young Turks, it seems certain conservatives pushing for a con-con are even more unfamiliar with who pays the bills at this online purveyor of progressive ideology: George Soros (shown). Dan Gainor reports:

    In fact, Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the United States. Forty-five of those are financed through his support of the Media Consortium. That organization ‘is a network of the country’s leading, progressive, independent media outlets.’ The list is predictable — everything from Alternet to the Young Turks.

    That’s right. George Soros — the financier of global fascism — is pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign that is being promoted by Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other popular conservative spokesmen.

    What will those in Wolf-Pac do if they are able to get “their amendment” proposed and accepted by an Article V convention?

    “Celebrate the fact that we had the courage and persistance [sic] to accomplish something truly amazing and historic together.”

    Anything a group with this anti-constitutional agenda would do to our Constitution would certainly be historic — in the worst way.

    It will likely surprise these devoted, but deluded, Article V advocates that Wolf-Pac is just the tip of the iceberg. These good people would be wise to take a look at this heavily abbreviated roster of their radical fellow travelers in the con-con movement, each of which is a registered “founding member” of the “Move to Amend” coalition.

    – Alliance for Democracy
    – Center for Media and Democracy
    – Code Pink
    – Independent Progressive Politics Network
    – Progressive Democrats of America
    – Sierra Club
    – Vermont for Single Payer

    Mind you, hundreds more groups “committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy” are gathered under this umbrella.
    And that’s the problem. Regardless of the soothing words of Levin or others in the con-con camp, they cannot guarantee the outcome of such a convention. In fact, in light of the lists of leftist groups provided above, the results of the convention could be an outright scrapping of the Constitution written by the Founders in favor of one more in line with the progressive ideologies of Wolf-Pac, the Sierra Club, Code Pink, and others.

    Remember, according to the history of Article V-style conventions, regardless of any state or congressional legislation requiring them to consider only one amendment (a balanced budget amendment, for example), the delegates elected to the convention would possess unlimited, though not unprecedented, power to propose revisions to the existing Constitution, based on the inherent right of the People in convention to alter or revise their government.

    The Talking Heads Connection to the Con Con
    Americans for Prosperity / Mark Levin
    Americans for Property started sponsoring Mark Levin’s show in April of 2010 and although the exact amount was not disclosed it could have been (and be) in the millions.i Of course Americans for Prosperity is also supporting an Article V convention.ii
    One of Americans for Property’s contributors is Kenneth C. Griffin. Mr. Griffin was a fund raiser for Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and a big contributor to Rahm “don’t let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel’s 2011 Chicago Mayoral race. iii His wife, Anne Dias Griffin, is an analyst for [George] Soros Fund Management.iv

    Exposing the Convention of the States (COS) as an Article V Constitutional Convention

    Posted On: December 9, 2013

    The Convention of the States (COS) is an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) supported and funded by the elitists.

    The Constitutional Convention, or Con-Con, that’s being sold to the legislators is a lie and has to be stopped. At least three White House advisers and officials, including President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, have ties to an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new “progressive” U.S. Constitution by the year 2020. Don’t fall for the lies of the elitists. Say NO to a Con-Con or whatever label they call it.

    U.S. Constitution Article V

    Under Article V (five) of the Constitution, our founding fathers established two methods for future generations to add amendments to the Constitution.

    Method 1: Two-thirds of both houses of Congress can propose an amendment, and then three-fourths of the states ratify it… or not. (This is the only safe method.)

    Method 2: Two-thirds (34) of the states call for a federal constitutional convention, and then three-fourths of the states ratify whatever amendments are proposed by the convention. (This method must be avoided at all costs. This method could lead to a runaway convention in which our original Constitution would be scrapped and a new Constitution would be substituted consequently stripping us from our bill of rights.) There is a proposed Constitution already waiting for the New States of America.

    We Have Been Infiltrated

    Many grassroots, Tea Party, and Christian groups are being infiltrated with progressive ideas by people presenting themselves as Conservatives, Christians, or Patriots. We must all be truth seekers. Don’t accept any information without checking out both the message AND the person. That includes everything. Just because someone claims to be something, that doesn’t mean they are. Everyone and everything needs to be vetted. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, but it is the truth.

    The Con-Con is being introduced in various forms, and they are as follows:

    1) National Debt
    2) Constitutional Convention (Old and Outdated)
    3) Balanced Budget
    4) Article V Amendment Convention
    5) Compact for America
    6) National Debt Reduction Act (NDRA)
    7) Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments (Article V Amendment Convention)
    8) Convention of States (COS)

    The groups pushing for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) are as follows:

    1) American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
    2) 10 Amendments for Freedom, Inc, chaired by William Fruth, President of POLICOM Corporation
    3) Americans for Prosperity
    4) Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
    5) Goldwater Institute
    6) Trilateral Commission (TC)
    7) Tea Party Patriots (TTP), funded by Freedom Partners and Center to Protect Patient Rights
    8) Career elitist politicians from both the Republican and Democratic parties
    9) Mark Levin – Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity
    10) Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG)- Michael P. Farris, Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies, Head of Convention of the States (COS) Project (connected to Grover G.Norquist, a CFR member. This is the latest organization that came on line to destroy our U.S. Constitution via a Con-Con.
    11) American Constitution Society (ACS). ACS is the main organization behind the Con-Con movement to ensure a more “progressive” constitution, having received more than $2,201,500 from Soros’ Open Society since 2002. The funders for ACS are the Barbra Steisand Foundation, the Sandler Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

    The Convention of States (COS) Project, along with many other Con-Con groups, has connections to various elitist organizations. Some of the connections are shown below. Click on all the hot links below to see the connections.
    The officers of the Convention of States (COS) are as follows:

    Michael P. Farris is Head of Convention of the States Project
    Mark Meckler is the President of Citizens for Self Governance and was the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots but has since left that group.
    Mark Wohlschlegel II is the Convention of the States Project Executive Director
    Laura Fennig is the Convention of the States Project – Coalitions Director
    Jordan Sillars is the Convention of the States Project – Communications Director
    Michael P. Farris Connection
    Michael P. Farris is Head of Convention of the States Project or better known as a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) and President of in which Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) member Grover G. Norquist is the Director. Mr. Farris is also the advisory board member of Christian Freedom International. George Soros is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations with Grover P. Norquist.

    Grover P. Norquist Connection

    Just really research it, read the US Constitution and remember that our founding fathers do NOT exist today.

    God Bless America!


    1. This is an extremely well done report. Thank you. I have been concerned since I first heard Mark Levin talk about a con-con. You are opening a “Pandora’s Box” and what you pull out may be nothing like what you wanted. So far the Constitution and Bill of Rights have worked better than what might have been reasonably expected by the writers. As long as we can keep a good Supreme Court we should be all right. However, the latest decisions don’t lend a lot of confidence.

    1. My daughter lives in Ocala Florida, she told us recently that our Grandsons school had been turned in to a military staging area. Jade Helm is not just in Texas, Utah and California.

  3. I am an active CA soldier and have been apart of several smaller missions such as this if you notice the areas marked as hostile have very similar terrain to northern Iraq and Iran. During these training ops in order to train the headquarters section and soldiers throughout the entire operation the map and overlays must be representative, as close as possible, to a real life deployed operation. As such we label areas on the map as green zones or hostile territory. where would you rather the green berets TRAIN? Iran or f****** Texas get over yourselves

    [Editor’s Note: I think we would prefer that our damned military train on its damn military bases, 10-4? The military has NO business trucking around on U.S.soil. But, “train” for what? Who is the Enemy? Who is it? The public now sees through the so-called war on terror, and we know that it is a hoax. Wake up please. The JADE HELM 2015 training exercise is wildly outside lawful bounds. Get back onto the military bases where you’re supposed to be, and get off of Americans’ lands, communities, towns, and out of our lives. And you can tell your damn GB Bros that an honorably discharged US Marine and Vietnam Veteran told you this.
    Thanks for reading,
    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. There is no way the military is training for Iran, Iraq or any other foreign land. That’s exactly why the military has it’s own bases, has it’s own towns, patches of ocean, etc to train in/on. The entire military even has it’s own OPFOR, (Opposing Force) to play the bad guys complete with foreign equipment and tactics. Why train on American soil while using civilians if they aren’t the actual intended “enemy”. This exercise makes no sense whatsoever.

    ““They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” Chief Deputy Roy Boyd with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying by the paper. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.” A former Army Intelligence officer was also quoted downplaying fears about the drill and suggesting that it was largely routine training.”

    Supposedly sneaking around California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado,Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida is not going to prepare any Special Forces for any foreign countries. Don’t forget that DHS bought over 1.6 Billion rounds.The Govt. is arming itself to the teeth, while systematically stripping away every Americans 2nd Amendment rights.I can smell a big fat lie like a fart in a car, and this stinks to high heaven…….

  5. if they are stealing people off public streets than its allready time for a overthrow of this system [some phrases deleted by Elias Alias, editor] as well as congress if any corrupted leo or obama loyal military try to stop us and refuse to join us than they have to be regarded as traitors and [five words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] tried for crimes against the constitution when the revolution ends and then new amendments to the constitution need to be added so this never happens again with the people in this country.

    [Editor’s Note: I’m sure you can understand the sensitive position Oath Keepers is in under today’s political climate. We cannot allow some things to be posted on our website. This is not a reflection on you or your assessment of the problem — it’s just to keep our organization’s website up online on the “free” Internet. Be well, Bro.
    Elias Alias]

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