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Five Testimonials


Marcos Villasenor:

Testimonial: I am a son of two historic families, among my ancestors and relatives are soldiers, enlisted and officers, who fought (and some died) in the Indian wars,  in the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Mexican-American war, WWI and WWII.

I served in the US Army, honorably and proudly, directly under patriot CSM Joe T. Hill (later he would be CSM 3rd AD during Desert Storm). He taught me the value of my word as a military man.

I have now watched the erosion of the Constitution in the hands of elected politicians whose word is worthless and for who the highest law of the land is meaningless. These politicians have mocked their oath by betraying American principles and values, including a demonstrated disregard for human life and dignity, all for the sake of profits and power, in doing so they have insulted our service, oath and sacrifice.

I declare that I stand with the Oath Keepers in their patriotic mission and will abide by the letter of the Constitution in asserting my rights as an American and my dignity as a human being.


Steve C Bennet:

Testimonial: I pledged to defend the Constitution, not a tyrannical government/banking cabal. Raising taxes and taking our guns was tried in 1775. What happened then will happen now.

Bart Fletcher

Bart Fletcher:

Testimonial: I did not serve in the military ( my father and grand father did ) I wish that I had. I love this country and I will fight to save her from the enemy far and near. I have my AR and am stocking ammo. Stored food water etc. The time is near I believe and I want to help protect my country/family. I am an associate member and very proud to have been given the chance to be apart of something great. This country is great because of Patriots not politicians. As long as I have a breath I will support ” NOT ON OUR WATCH!!!



Testimonial:  I am not a member of Law Enforcement, nor am I a member of the Armed Forces, but to those of you who are, you’re America’s true Heroes. May God bless you and keep you safe.

I am simply a concerned Citizen. Where I come from, the pride of being an American and for the principles our Country was founded upon comes naturally.

My family and friends love their Country and support those who have fought and died in Her defense. I may not have taken an oath, and I have no formal training, but I will stand and fight by those who have, for as long as I can be service to my Country.

In my eyes, we’re one big American family, but true unity can only be achieved when that idea reaches every corner of our land, at that moment we can stand together as a Nation.

The world used to see America as so many good things. The new world, land of the Free, the crazy people who stood against the entire British army and WON. It’s time to take America back, back to times of Peace and prosperity.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.



W. Peterson:

Testimonial:  I have always had a hard time putting into words what that oath means to me. I truthfully don’t think the enormity of it hit me until I saw my first comrade die. He (they) opitimized every honorable idea that the oath they took meant. When I took my second oath, I think I truly understood what it meant. It has been in my heart since then, and even though I am an old man now, it’s as real as it ever was. It’s an honor.


Shorty Dawkins