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Comments From Mike Vanderboegh At Sipsey Street Irregulars

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

by Mike Vanderboegh

No big surprise to us, but Bill Morlin of SPLC was at the Liberty for All rally. The US Marshal’s Service issues threats by way of SPLC. A reminder that the One Hundred Heads Life and Casualty Company has a group policy on Liberty for All.

Bill Morlin, SPLC toady, former hack "journalist" and intimate friend of the FBI and ATF.
Bill Morlin, SPLC toady, former hack “journalist” and intimate friend of the FBI and ATF.

I knew about this ahead of time (you may recall I mentioned it here:

5. I also know that it is reported by sources that the Southern Poverty Law Center has (again, just like Elohim City in the pre-OKC bombing days) its own snitches in place in Spokane who are seeking to work their way into the ranks of the armed civil disobedience movement. They are also researching a big hit piece on the WA state activists. The timing of that “expose” will tell us much.

We received this confirmation by email after the event:

Facts not mentioned in info about the rally at U.S. Courthouse was the fact that Bill Morlin from the Southern Poverty Law Center was on scene. I know him for when he was a reporter for the Spokesman Review and talked to him on site. He went to work for them a few years ago. Just thought you would like to know.

Here is his “report”: “Armed Protesters March on Federal Courthouse in Washington.”

Morlin’s usual M.O. is to sidle up to participants without identifying himself (or to say he is a “journalist” which of course is a lie now that he’s working for SPLC) and goad them into making incendiary comments. This usually works with neoNazis and other weak-minded fools, but apparently he couldn’t use that to great effect on us. Or perhaps he was just keeping his distance because he expected federal-inspired violence. He sounds positively dispirited with this observation:

It wasn’t immediately known what caused federal authorities to balk and not allow the protest in spite of the issuance of a court order on Monday by Chief U.S. District Court Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson. A public notice released Thursday by U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby and U.S, Marshal Craig Thayer said anyone coming on the plaza or attempting to enter the courthouse with weapons or firearms would be subject to arrest for contempt of court and violating federal law.

Read more here.

A Second Comment From Mike:

Monday, March 9, 2015

U.S. Marshal’s Service: Risking Civil War From A Failure of Institutional Memory. Bundy Ranch — only with bullets this time.

Institutional memory is a collective set of facts, concepts, experiences and know-how held by a group of people. As it transcends the individual, it requires the ongoing transmission of these memories between members of this group. Elements of institutional memory may be found in corporations, professional groups, government bodies, religious groups, academic collaborations, and by extension in entire cultures. Institutional memory may be encouraged to preserve an ideology or way of work in such a group. Conversely, institutional memory may be ingrained to the point that it becomes hard to challenge if something is found to contradict that which was previously thought to have been correct. Institutional memory may have influence on organizational identity, choice of individuals, and actions of the individuals interacting with the institution. — Wikipedia.


I was talking over the current situation in Washington state with a friend yesterday, specifically this gem of a comment found at the SPLC website:

My friend at the USMS tells me that they have clear pictures of every swingin’ Richard that entered the plaza carrying a weapon, and that arrests pursuant to 18 U.S.C ss 900 will be made in the near future on an individual basis to protect the public and the arresting officers. Sounds like a sensible plan to me.

My comment at the time was “Of course, the One Hundred Heads Life and Casualty Company has a group policy on all members of Liberty for All. So I guess anytime the United States Marshal’s Service feels froggy. . .”

The problem, we agreed, is that those of us who were in the liberty movement in the 90s have, collectively, a much longer and thus better institutional memory than the United States Marshal’s Service. As the citation above makes plain, institutional memory can save, or destroy, an organization. The problem is that most USMS (and FBI, and ATF, and, most especially DHS) employees date their own memories (and their agencies’ institutional memories) from 11 September 2001. Subsequent to that, most of them probably got a little experience in Iraq and Afghanistan with the beating up on the Hadjis and then came home to apply the same techniques in the by now long-militarized federal law enforcement. (Note the tricks related by Anthony Bosworth after his “rendition” in this radio interview.)

Oh, the Marshals may vaguely remember their agency’s sanitized version of the death of US Marshal Degan at the beginning of the Weaver Siege, but they have no memory of the rise of the militia movement and the cold war we waged with the their masters the Clintonistas for the rest of the decade. The reinvigoration of that movement, the voluntary arming of a much greater number of citizens responding to Obama administration depredations, the rise of the We Will Not Comply movement and the implications that has — all these things are not viewed in the context that knowledge of the 90s provides, if they are considered at all.

Read more here.


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  1. Hey Mike thanks for the heads up, hope I see this guy and get a chance to follow him home someday, just like they enjoy doing to us. I would love to unravel some of these traitors.

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