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6 March Liberty For All Federal Protest: The Rest Of The Story


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by Kit Lange

Every time we have a rally or action, I sit down later and write an article about what happened. As the intel officer, I am also privy to information that the public does not know. Sometimes the weight of that information weighs heavily on me, and yesterday it seemed almost crushing. The depth and breadth of the efforts being put against us were unlike anything we had seen yet. We were used to dealing with state authorities, used to putting up with the cowards and the naysayers—so used to it, in fact, that the slimy hit pieces and childish Facebook foot-stompings have become nothing more than a running joke among those of us in the Liberty for All core group.


This, however, was a whole new ball game: this time we were going up against the force of the federal government, against agencies whose sole directive is to leverage government control over law-abiding patriots. This time, we were met with tactics we expected, but had not experienced yet. Communications were disrupted or even blocked; those of us in the leadership could call anyone except each other. Emails never reached their destination. In one particularly asinine instance, a rental car company literally claimed that they changed their policy midway through the day in order to prevent us from renting a car for Mike Vanderboegh to get home—after the airline inexplicably barred him from boarding his flight to Washington, effectively leaving him stranded at the Atlanta airport.

Behind the scenes, in the Facebook chats and the various group conversations, another operation was ongoing. Known, confirmed federal informants were working in conjunction with each other to disrupt the rally efforts and discourage people from attending. Citing secret inside sources they had access to, they claimed it was a trap, claimed that anyone involved with it would be filmed and catalogued, or even arrested and detained indefinitely. Their efforts, while concerted and well-executed, underlined both their own cowardice and a basic misunderstanding of who they were dealing with. They apparently don’t understand the level of fortitude that my brothers and sisters possess.

We already knew all of those things were in the works, and the only people these fools deterred were the ones who would not have the courage to stand in the face of them anyway. As a result, these little stoolies had the opposite effect they intended. Their efforts decreased our numbers, yes…but they also managed to purify them. Those who showed up yesterday would have stood the line until their last breath; if it had gone badly, they would have died with a smoking gun in their hand protecting the man next to them. So, as a side note, I’d like to sincerely thank those who spent so much time and effort on their propaganda and disruption campaign, and ask that you do it again next time. You did us a great service.


Those of us in the leadership spent countless hours planning and gaming out the rally, answering a million and one questions with no good answers. What if someone got arrested? What if we met with a huge presence? What if, God forbid, they opened fire? What if? We knew that tensions would be incredibly high, and the information coming across my screen was almost terrifying. Some who were privy to the intel coming in even asked if maybe we should cancel. The entire situation was a pile of tinder on a hot, dry day…just waiting for a spark.

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  1. Tried to get onto Patrick Henry site went through all the hoops, but some how my password would not match up. HUM. Anyways Kit, you are one heck of a gal. I live in Spokane, but I did not here of the rally until it was already on and going. My wife saw some tail end of a snip from the local news and I went down and bought a news paper, where it had (sort of the details) but by the time I read it, it was almost over. If the enemy can block us that well, these events IMHO need to be made aware of well in advance.Anyways, I think you are terrific.and I hope you read this cause I can’t get through on your site.

  2. Charlie,
    Thank you for your kind words. I should point out that I am only one person out of many who are working their tails off up here in WA. I may be writing the articles, but there is a cadre of patriots up here who are staring tyranny in the face every day. I am proud to stand alongside them. There are several in the Spokane area; if you’d like to get in touch with them, send me an email at and I’ll see what I can do about getting you introduced. 🙂

    Thanks again for all your support. We need every last one of you.

  3. So the issue of communications problems, was this directed direct at the group or was it a general interruption of cell and radios comm’s? I took a bit of heat over suggesting that at Bundy Ranch they were being Jammed, where in your case I think (?) they knew in advance all cells in the area and group specific for selective service problems, no longer rocket science. HT’s etc are easy to disrupt now as most use off the shelf gear which is not well suited to a well intentioned user.

    Born and raised in Spokane, could not leave fast enough, now some 40 years ago when the money was farming, lumber and some mining. Was a very backwoods town if I may say at the time.

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