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Updated: Washington State Patriots Preparing To Be Arrested, Will Not Back Down!

Kit Lange WA State Feb 07 2015

[Editor’s Note: Please read this update added by Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers,  to all Oath Keepers members. The original article follows this update.]


NOTE FROM STEWART: Members of Oath Keepers, I fully support this rally and planned peaceful civil disobedience and I encourage you to attend if you can. However, I want to make it clear that each of you have multiple options here:

1. You can go and simply participate in the rally (and you can choose to do so armed or unarmed – personally, I would be armed, since it is an open carry rally, but that is an individual choice).

2. You can go and outreach to the police and encourage them to respect and protect the rights of the protesters. That is a vital task that we Oath Keepers are pretty good at, and we should be doing that.

3. And/or you can also go into the Gallery of the legislature with the others who intend on using civil disobedience against the new rule put in place by the Speaker of the Legislature, that bans the open carry of firearms in the Gallery for the first time in WA state history (and make sure they know this is only a rule by the speaker, not even a law). If you do choose to take part in the peaceful civil disobedience, go there willing to follow the instructions of the organizers of the event, and the leaders there, such as Rep. Matt Shea, Anthony Bosworth, and MIke Vanderboegh, and go there willing to be arrested, in case that is the outcome (that is what peaceful civil disobedience is all about, after all – it is defying some edict, while knowing you may be arrested for doing so, and being willing to go through that experience).

You can do any one of the above, or all of the above. Personally, if I was able to be there (I am handling a family emergency at the moment that keeps me from attending), I would do all three. I would participate in the open carry rally, I would outreach to the police there, and I would participate in the civil disobedience. Such civil disobedience is necessary in the fight to restore our Republic, and in our mission to defend the Constitution. But each person needs to make a decision for themselves about what they are willing to do at any such event. Not all are at the point of being ready to risk arrest while undertaking peaceful civil disobedience. And that is fine. I do encourage you to begin to exercise those civil disobedience “muscles” but that is an individual choice. I will point out, however, that civil disobedience is a much honored American tradition, starting with the Founding Generation which intentionally refused to comply with multiple edicts, statutes, and rules set by Parliament and King. They refused to comply and used peaceful civil disobedience for many years leading up to the outset of fighting. They held town hall meeting right under the nose of General Gage, in direct violation of an edict of Parliament that banned town hall meetings. They smuggled around egregious restrictions on where they could send their ships and cargo. They refused to pay unjust taxes, and they circumvented or openly defied multiple other statutes passed by Parliament, and multiple acts by the Royal Governors. Civil disobedience, nullification, and defiance were the life-blood of the cause of the Colonists in the years leading up to the outbreak of the actual American Revolution. Learn from their example, and get yourself ready to use the same tactics, which will nor only further the cause of liberty, but will help you to become stronger in your hearts and minds.

I have attended multiple open carry rallies, and I have participated in several acts of civil disobedience, and I can tell you from personal experience, that it is good for the soul. I encourage you to go if you can.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes




Washington State Patriots Preparing To Be Arrested, Will Not Back Down!

I got a letter from Mike Vanderboegh, Founder of the national III% movement, alerting me to this event which is upcoming on February 07, 2015, in Olympia, Washington.  Unfortunately, Stewart Rhodes, President of Oath Keepers, is already booked in Pennsylvania for the week of February 07 through February 15, so he cannot attend this rally in Washington State. I am hoping that many in our Oregon, Idaho, and Washington chapters will be able to attend this event on short notice, because it’s got great potential to focus public attention on serious gun rights issues.

Mike Vanderboegh introduced me to one Kit Lange of the Patrick Henry Society, who is an activist of the gun rights movement in Washington State, and Kit sent me an outline of their current project with a number of links to follow. The Washington patriots’ fight for gun rights needs to be publicized nationally, as they’re deeply mired in anti-gun treachery, just as our friends are in New York State and Connecticut (and elsewhere). I truly hope that many of you in the NorthWest part of America will be able to make it to this important rally to support these patriots.

I apologize for the short notice on this, but urge all members who can to attend. Bring your guns. Here is some info which Kit sent. Catch the spirit of freedom as you learn about what will happen in Olympia, Washington, on Saturday, February 07, 2015.

Start here to learn about why citizens of Washington are going to knowingly get themselves arrested at the State Capitol:

From that article:

As you read this, there is a group of patriots in Washington who are standing up. On February 7th, they will stand for a third time in as many months against unjust laws meant to strip them of their right to defense. In fact, on the 7th they will stand against a state legislature that has said the people are not allowed to openly carry a firearm while viewing the proceedings of their own government. Think about that. The very people we elected, do not want their armed constituents to watch them at work, to see the things they do and say. The real question is what are they doing that they have to be afraid of the people?

These patriots will be arrested on the 7th, because some of them will choose while there to defy the unjust and tyrannical laws being forced on them. What awful thing will they be doing? Walking into a public gallery with a rifle slung over their shoulder. They are not monsters, or crazy gun nuts. They are Americans like you, who love their families and go to work and pay bills. They are Americans who value liberty more than anything else.

They are choosing liberty over peaceful slavery, and they are doing it because someone has to. But they are not standing for just Washington, they stand for all of you. Whether you live in Iowa or California, Maine or Wyoming, it is YOUR right to self-defense that patriots will defend on February 7th. They are being arrested to show that the right of you and your family to refuse to be a slave, is more important than their own comfort.

This event will start at 10:00 a.m., Pacific time, at the State Capitol in Olympia, Washington. The facebook page with details is here:

If you can’t make it to the rally, but want to donate to the bail and defense fund for those standing on February 7 you can still do so. Highly recommended! Link:

Mike Vanderboegh confirmed this morning, February 05, 2015, that he is flying out of Alabama today to attend this important event. His coverage of Kit Lange’s write-up is here.  Please read it for complete knowledge about this event.

Watch here at Oath Keepers for more in-depth coverage of this event. Do what you can to support this gallant stand. Take good hope that some Americans still will stand for America, and for the Constitution, as written.

Mike Vanderboegh
Mike Vanderboegh

Mike Vanderboegh will join three Washington State Legislators to bring the number of speeches to four. I would encourage all who can to attend and enjoy Mike Vanderboegh’s thunder.

Additional Reading:

The Day Patriots Took The WA State Capitol by Kit Lange
Why the WA State Gun Fight Is Your Fight by Kit Lange and Anthony Bosworth
The Myth of Washington Gun Rights Groups:

And you might want to spread the word about this…



Elias Alias, editor


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Link for the open letter to the Washington State Patrol Detachment at Olympia, Washington:

    From that link:

    An Open Letter to the Washington State Patrol

    by Kit Lange | Jan 22, 2015

    To the Washington State Patrol Detachment at the Washington State Capitol:

    We as patriots have worked with you several times now. We came on the 13th of December, and we coordinated with you. We came on the 15th of January, and in both cases you showed us respect and recognized that we are citizens with unalienable rights. In return we offered you our respect as well, and while the 15th had its issues, we appreciated the way you chose to handle it, and publicly saluted you for your class and your upholding of the Constitution of our state and our nation.

    Now there are “rules” barring us from exercising our right in the galleries of our own legislature. We have talked to you, and we know you understand that we have the right to be there. People that We elected to represent us and uphold our rights have decided that We, the People of the state of Washington, are no longer allowed to exercise our rights in a building that We own, while viewing the proceedings of the people We elected. We are told that we will be arrested if we carry an open firearm into the galleries to view the proceedings of a government that only has power by the people’s consent. This is not right. It is not in line with the Constitution of the State of Washington, and it is not in line with the Constitution of the United States of America. In your hearts, you know this to be wrong.

    We know that many of you are prior military. You took an oath to defend the Constitution against all threats, both foreign and domestic. We know that you are now in a position that no American should ever have to be in—having to choose between enforcing the “rules” of an out of control government that you work for, or upholding the rights of the citizens you serve. We do not envy your position, but we ask that you do the right and Constitutional thing.

    On February 7th, we are coming to the Capitol. We have no other choice but to do so, because We the People cannot allow this blatant assault on our rights. We do not want a confrontation. We have no ill will toward you, and we have no fight with you. We come in peace, with resolve. There is not a one of us who wants trouble of any kind. But we will stand. We will not allow our elected representatives—who only derive their power from the consent of the governed—to dictate to the people they serve how and when they will exercise their rights.

    You were born with the same birthright as we were; liberty was purchased for you with the same blood. Some of you may have even bled for that liberty, or lost friends and family in its defense. Are you now willing to arrest your own countrymen to enforce a rule that even you know is wrong? Are you willing to stand against your brothers and sisters, cousins, friends? Have we fallen that far?

    We are coming on the 7th, and we ask you to stand with us. We ask you to remember your heritage, the legacy of freedom that so many have died to give you. We ask that you look at our faces and see that we mean no harm, no malice. We implore you, in that last moment, when you have the choice to arrest us or stand with us, that you reach into your heart of hearts and remember that we are all Americans, with a debt of blood-bought liberty that we can never fully repay. As a veteran, I ask you to remember your oath to the Constitution, and your loyalty to freedom. As a mother, I ask you to stand with us now so that my son and yours do not have to bleed for their liberty because we gave it away.

    You do not have to do this. You can still do the right thing, and uphold the Constitution and the principles of our liberty. We understand your difficult position…but we ask you to understand ours as well. We MUST stand; we have no other choice. We want no fight, but we will not comply. We will stand.

    Stand with us.

  2. I commend these patriots willing to take a stand against tyranny. I also ask of the peace officers that will be there to stand with these fine people, as we will stand with you when that moment arrives.
    Semper Fi

  3. As the sister and daughter of WW II, Viet Nam, etc. veterans, I know the price of freedom and liberty first hand. We need to stand together now, so that our sacrifices will never be for nothing. I would hope that all elected officials and those paid for their service to the state of Washington would be there beside us always, as we defend the Constitution of Washington and the United States. One Nation Under God….Indivisible….

  4. [also posted at Sipsey Street Irregulars blog in comments to this]

    God bless you and your fellow demonstrators, Mike. I was wanting to comment with the following, waiting for and appropriate topic over the last few days, but find this one best, as it will best be seen on other sites as well as yours. It’s a small thing, but may help a few people when/if they get arrested, to avoid assisting the tyrants in their purpose of repression by adding to their already burgeoning database on us, specifically the biometrics (fingerprints and photographs).

    Consider this: our facial features and fingerprints are our most personal, most private ‘property’. They are unique to each one of us. The famous amongst society (stars, models) use contracts with their employers to limit who can use their features for gain in private settings. Obviously when out in public it’s difficult, if not impossible, to limit photographers, but images of fingerprints are not ‘taken’ from them – at least not openly or without their permission. And that is the point here, that any ‘taking’ of images of our face and fingerprints is just that – a ‘TAKING’ of our property. For any other kind of property, we resist that unlawful taking, requiring the individual or government to submit to a lawful (or legal) PROCESS. But when we’re being ‘booked’ what do we do? We usually cave in to our jailor’s demands, thinking that it’s something required of us.

    It’s not.

    That part of the incarceration process is policy or procedure – but applies to the employees of the corporate governments – NOT US. We do not sign any contract with these corporations unless and until we work for them. We owe them NO DUTY to abide by their corporate policies and procedures, especially in the case of those who do not live in those states or counties or cities, because we do not receive any benefit from them, but primarily because we are not their slaves and they are not our masters.

    A taking by any government, corporatized or not, in every sense, demands a lawful process. That’s why it was written into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. So why do we cave in to this taking of our most private of property? Because we’re in jail and think we have to obey ‘masters’? The pure and simple answer is that we do NOT have to obey them, except as far as we are brainwashed to think we do.

    I have done what I write about next, and found it to be useful in rubbing the jail guards’ noses in their own rules, regulations, policies and procedures. We have already refused to comply – in my case testing the limits of their enforcement of ‘compulsion to contract’ upon everybody.

    When/if they demand that you stand in front of a camera and smile in various poses, or ink your fingertips for submission to their state (and eventually federal) database – REFUSE TO COMPLY. Tell them that’s a ‘taking’ and subject to a lawful process and can only be ordered by a judge – for LAWFUL purposes. Make them do it the lawful way, if they’re going to do it. Make them go before a judge and explain why there’s some particular state interest in having your private property on file for them to use against you in any further proceedings or investigations. Make them jump through their own hoops. Make them SHOW YOU THE LAW that placed this burden upon you. Where did you sign a contract that said you would freely give up your right to privacy and property upon demand? If they whip out a policy manual, point out that it’s for THEM, not you. Their corporate rules, policies and procedures apply to THEIR behavior, not you. You don’t get a paycheck from their corporation, therefor you’re not under any obligation to follow their ‘rules’.

    They’ll bluff and say you’re not leaving jail until they get them. Call them on their bluff. After the judge orders you released on bail, or after dismissal of charges, they’ll bluff some more – but ask them at that point if THEY are going to defy a judge’s ORDER for your release?

    If a judge DOES summarily order, as a condition of release, that you give up your PRIVATE PROPERTY, you have another case against the city/county/state – an unlawful taking, and damages for unlawful imprisonment without specific charges. What would they charge you with – ‘refusal to cooperate with an unlawful demand’? You will probably already have attorneys working on your case(s), so include that in the list of charges to file against the tyrant state/corporation: taking without due process or just compensation. Put a pretty high price of a $million or so on your images and make that your damages, since it’s not an ongoing thing you regularly contract for, like with a movie star or model. Generate substantial ‘damages’ to go along with the unlawful imprisonment that can be backed up by US Supreme Court cases. By what (presumed) right do they TAKE your private property?

    Be a fly in their soup. Have a little fun with these minions of the state tyrants.

    You might also remember that appearing at arraignment in their ‘jail clothes’ is an assumption of guilt and should demand your own clothing to appear before a court. Refuse to be dragged into court until you’ve been given your street clothes. If you want case law to back all this up, there’s plenty available online, starting on George Gordon’s website but everybody will need to learn all this eventually for the future, so this may as well be a beginning point in your own education. 90% of the time I’ve found that police, prosecutors and judges don’t know the law they’re purporting to apply to us. Well, time to learn it and apply it right back – at least while their ‘war’ against us is still with words and not with bullets.



  5. The foreign and domestic enemies of our Country, Constitution and way of life are here on our soil. I hope we can all find the courage to protect the liberty that we have left and take back what we have already lost. We CAN do it!

  6. Thank you, Oath Keepers, for all of your hard, brave work.If I could be with you today, I would be right there supporting our Country of Citizens. WE ALL HAVE TO STAND UP TOGETHER NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE. LET US ALL STAND UP TOGETHER FOR OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!

  7. Never thought that the government would be an enemy to fight against. Stand up my brothers and sisters.

  8. WOW!!! they locked you guys out I see, just wow. So not even a voice now we look like loons and laughing stock, at least that’s the comments on the Seattle times page. Only my opinion but maybe force the issue next time or next time don’t announce it except amongst yourselves and show up that way they can’t lock you out!
    When they make peacefull protest ineffectual they make armed protest inevitbale JFK!

  9. blank text boxes aren’t lables as they shoudl be. and doesn’t seem as my comments are coming through.

  10. feel free…..

    February 7th 2015 Olympia WA
    By: John Hynds

    After the Washington State (Democrat) leadership declared their own “rule”, to supersede the States Supreme LAW, the Washington State Constitution, the Legislative leaders had the WSP (WA. State Patrol) lock public offices to stop protestors from challenging their highly illegal & tyrannical “rule”.

    As stated publicly before, the WSP were to tell people to leave the public area, and if they did not comply, and without breaking any laws, they would arrest them, for not obeying an illegal order.

    Maybe the WSP rebuked such a directive from the “rule” makers. One would hope so.

    When on February 7th 2015 the citizens of the State of Washington demonstrated their 1st amendment right to Speech, Assemble and Redress of Grievances, as well as the Washington State Constitutionally protected to right to “Open Carry” a firearm, the Government instructed the WSP to lock all doors to prevent the citizens from entering the Legislature’s viewing gallery, all of which is public property.
    The Citizens were thus barred from entering public property to demonstrate their Constitutional rights, for absolutely no legal reason.

    There is much more to write about what is at stake here, but for now, let it be know the Citizens of Washington are using peaceful & lawful means to address the tyranny of their Washington State government. A government that assumes their own “rules” supersed the Constitution they swore to uphold!

  11. Though this is now ‘past history’ …I appreciate the wealth of information provided within. After a 21yr life in the US Navy (from ’73 – ’94) …all I ever knew about was USMJ ‘stuff’ (which I doubt is substantially different from civilian law …to the very best of my knowledge). It is refreshing to read that “a great many” stood ‘at the ready’ to face the tyrannical cronies and ALL the LEOs ready to impose ill-will upon those who dare to stand for what is truly “the law” (of The People) ….oh yeah, I just love it, so thanks and another salute to everyone for their ‘gonads’ to go and do “the right thing(s).”

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