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US Government Is Sending Cops To Kiev As Part Of CIA Program


Just what, I ask, doesn’t the CIA have its grubby fingers involved in? Why would the US government pay to send police to a foreign country? They have police. Why ours? Think about it. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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by Niall Bradley

I was recently contemplating the fact that cops in the US are showing no signs of letting up their murder and mayhem when this obscure local news article from Reno, Nevada came my way:

Reno police head to Ukraine for 2-month training mission

Reno Gazette-Journal, 4 February 2015

Five Reno police officers have been sent to the Ukraine to help train the force in Kiev in community policing techniques through a Department of Justice program aimed at assisting police forces in emerging democracies.

The Reno Police Department is the first police department in the United States to be selected for such a mission, Chief Steve Pitts wrote in a memo to the City Council.

While the assignment is prestigious, some council members were concerned that they weren’t kept in the loop on such a big mission.The first Reno Councilman David Bobzien learned of the mission was in a memo that landed in his inbox while the officers were already en route to Kiev.

What happens when you add out-of-control US cops into a climate where fascism is openly encouraged? ‘Reinforcements’ who will riddle ‘agitators’ and ‘terrorists’ with bullets, then ask questions later? I shudder to imagine.

Note the genuflection to such a ‘prestigious assignment’. This doesn’t stem from recognition that the ‘mission’ to ‘save Ukraine’ is important so much as it speaks volumes to the unquestioning submission of public officials in the US to ‘the higher authorities’. And, as we’ll see below, these cops were tapped from ‘higher up’. The report points out Reno Council concerns about how they are already strapped for resources and couldn’t spare the police officers. Not even the city’s Mayor knew about the operation until it was a done deal.

Apparently the only person in Reno City Council who had been briefed was Chief of Police Steve Pitts, who reassured the City Council that “the officers that were selected volunteered to participate.” No doubt it’s easy these days to find cops who are all too willing to go on safari to a place where the rule of law is severely compromised, if not non-existent. Chief Pitts was ecstatic about the mission, telling the Council “We are nationally and internationally recognized and that’s why we were asked to participate.” When quizzed as to how they were going to fund this altruistic mission, Pitts reassured them that the US Department of Justice is footing the entire bill.

The first question that comes to mind is: What in the hell are US local police officers doing in Ukraine? But perhaps we should first ask: Why cops from Reno, Nevada?

The Reno Gazette-Journal informs us that:

The police department was identified as a potential participant because of Pitts’ relationship with former Reno Assistant Chief Ron Glensor, who is an adviser to the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program Regional Project Office in Kiev.

Apparently there’s more to this than meets the eye. The extent of US infiltration and occupation of Ukraine is deep and wide. The US Department of Justice (DoJ), through this ‘International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program Regional Project Office (ICITAP)’, appears – judging from the latest post on their website dating from 6th November 2013 – to have been actively ‘rewiring’ Ukraine’s Justice and Policing systems since before the Euromaidan color revolution was formally launched in late November 2013.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I wonder how many of these “ABC” offices are planted around this little planet? Authorization? Funding? Too many questions, too little time. Thanks Shorty.

  2. I’m surprised it wasn’t TN police officers as TN is first state to rename its Dept of Safety the TN Dept of Safety and Homeland Security.

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