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Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

Ben Swann

In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Ben Swann does an excellent job with this story. I really appreciate his determination to broadcast the fact that the West created ISIS, with U.S. foreign policy owning the lion’s share in that guilt. I am aware of the intelligence which backs up Ben Swann’s premise, and I absolutely, strongly, and in good conscience appreciate his wrap-up at the end of the presentation. As Gore Vidal has noted, America became a “National Security State” in 1947 with passage of the National Security Act of 1947, which created the CIA, the NSC, and the Black Budget while at the same time granting the Federal government complete license to lie to the American people in the name of “National Security”.
    And who decides what is in the nation’s interest, what is or is not “National Security”? Why, the military-industrial complex and its pals on Wall Street and in WDC, that’s who. Are they tied into the modern morph of the Rhodes Round Table groups such as the CFR and Trilateral Commission? You betcha. Do they dominate and direct the mass media? Naturally, but that’s only a coincidence of course.

    We know who they are, we know how they create enemies, and we know why. We do not believe the great lie. ISIS is a false-flag creation of the international community of Intelligence services, who provide “services” for the internationalist bankers who dominate the global trade lanes of world productivity. The bankers set the “policy” using their wealth to operate the tax exempt foundations and arm their legions of lobbies, holding national debts over the heads of each national government listed as a member state at the United Nations.

    Patriots, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, and good old-fashioned Americans of all walks know this. Ben Swann brings it to the screen with emphasis and with directness, so the point is not obfuscated in ways used by the mainstream media.

    I’ll close with this — there is someone else out there telling it like it truly is, and he does not have the stufio capabilities Ben Swann does, but he has resources which rival anyone’s. Having watched a few of his video pod-casts, I’m hooked on the Corbett Report just like I am on Ben Swann’s “Truth In Media” operation. Allow me to link to a video which should be seen as a sister video to Ben Swann’s video above.

    Elias Alias, editor

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