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Testimonial – Will Richison (USMC)

Will Richison (USMC}

Testimonial: Fellow Oath Keepers,
I posted on this site a few years ago, when I was in high school, and about to join the United States Marine Corps. After actually becoming a United States Marine I see now, more than ever the importance of The Oath Keepers and the things we support.
-Your Brother In Arms


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. I would like to join Oath Keepers; I certainly do believe in it’s objectives. In the past I have not been keeping up with the world around me. My friends often speak of our government and the weird things it has been doing. So, I started looking and paying attention by watching the news, looking at facebook posts and looking at news events posted on and commentary on Rally After looking around me and taking notice, I see more than ever that I would like to join this most excellent and noble organization and assist my brothers out there who share and interest in keeping our country safe from those who wish it harm; either from abroad or within. If you would have me, I would certainly like to be a member. I sent a note awhile ago to the address on the contact page here.

    Tim Miller
    US Army Veteran 1979-1992
    Pottsboro, Texas (North Texas near Oklahoma border- Red River)

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