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Testimonial – Tom

Archery Tom

Testimonial: I think that without organizations such as OK this nation would be in a world of hurt over and above what we are in for now. Being a retired LEO and Navy Vet, I have seen so many instances where young or inexperienced LEOs and Vets will charge off at the orders of their superiors regardless of the legality or just plain old right or wrong. So many American citizens have been harmed and killed by over zealous Officers who respond without regard to the very Oath they should have taken prior to becoming a LEO.

Without sincere and full commitment to the Oath that we took both as a Military enlistee and as a LEO recruit, we will blindly go and do without regard to the rights and safety of American citizens.

Sheeple are not leaders and can not respond with due regard to the rights and sanctity of other citizens. Oath Keepers need to, no must become the Sheep Dogs and lead the charge and defend our people.


Shorty Dawkins