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Testimonial – Robert Myles


Testimonial: On April 29th 1970 I swore an Oath to protect and defend this great nation from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic. I served in Viet-Nam from Nov.1970 to Nov.1971 With the 174th AVN Assault Helicopter Company. At the Time we were with the Americal Division in the central highlands I Corp. WE flew supplies, insertion and extraction operations and had our own gunship’s we were known as Shark’s and Dolphin’s. We went on an operation into Laos in January 1971 thru April 1971 with an insertion of ARVN Military. The least I can say about it is the NVA
were very well armed and supplied and waiting for us with quad 51 cal 20 mm and even Russian Tanks and Missles. A lot of Helicopter’s and crews went down during this, to me, failed operation. We were based in Quang Tri the old 3rd marine’s hospital flying from there out the Aushu valley to Kia San and lz Vanderbilt before heading into Laotian air space.

My oath to protect and serve caused me to volunteer for flight status and go on a couple weeks not really sure how much time now as it was just a blur. I will do the same today if called upon to protect our Republic from those that wish to destroy it. Join us my present and former Men and Women of our armed forces for you are the last line of defense of our Constitutional way of life. America depends and is counting on US to keep it the shining city on the hill, the beacon of freedom for all others in this world to see and aspire to.


Shorty Dawkins