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Testimonial – Rob Rettig


Testimonial: Good day fellow patriots! I owe each of you a tremendous apology, because, at this present stage in time and events I’ve been rather cautious and reluctant to contribute much of anything personal and relevent to “our” situation.  That time has ceased!!! I’ve “known” for a couple of decades precisely what lies before each of us. And, with the barrage of events that occur daily the puzzle has become more and more complete… to the point where concise plans of action have blossomed (but only within my scope of survival) to the point where I’m acutely aware of the essential cooperative efforts of like-minded-hearted patriots to edify each other to produce not only a network of existence, but, more importantly, a cohesive band of brothers who’ve committed their lives to the defense and protection of our GREAT Nation as a whole, and, imminently more important, the unyielding dedication to our brothers in arms! I survived my hitch… let us all honour those who have given ALL and fallen before us, an amidst us!!! GOD BLESS YOU, brothers!!! Semper Fi… not only to my Marine Brothers, but to all who’ve served in every capacity that the kinship of this site encompasses!


Shorty Dawkins