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Testimonial – Richard


Testimonial:  I joined up as soon as I graduated from High school. Since I was just turning seventeen my senior year, I had to get my mother’s permission to join. She, understandably, was worried, as the world was heating up militarily. However, she knew since I had spoken of serving since I was very young that I would have done anything to join.

I studied hard in school because I wanted to graduate as soon as possible, so I could get on with the job at hand, and that was serving my Constitution. So, at seventeen I was off the Boot camp, scared but excited the dream was materializing. I was determined to fulfill the duty of all Americans, to serve!!! Even though I was passionate about joining up, and I was young, I knew what it was to keep your word, and a handshake was binding. What I wanted was to take my Oath to Protect MY Constitution. To show all those my age and younger that serving was a duty not a way to get through school.

Twenty-three years later, I long for the days of brotherhood in the service. I, to this day, follow with passion, until I shall pass from this earth to protect and preserve My Constitution.

I serve in the Medical field everyday with the training I learned as a Corpsman in the Navy, from the reality of the world I saw in Iraq (Operation Desert Shield/ Storm). I will always, even if it should cost me my life, Protect the dreams and ideas of OUR forefathers.


Shorty Dawkins