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Testimonial – RC


Testimonial: I am a Veteran who proudly served during Desert Shield/Storm and would gladly do it again to defend our freedoms and liberties under our Constitution.

I have become very concerned at where our Country is currently headed under the Obama Administration, and want to nullify any laws or by-laws he imposes upon the American people that destroy liberties and freedoms, by joining forces with people who care and are willing to plead our case to whoever in Washington is strong enough to stand up to the tyranny we have endured over the last six years.

I am new to the group and would like to know what we are doing collectively to resolve the lawless passing of Executive Orders that infringe on our personal rights as Americans and stand to challenge our Constitution and Civil Liberties, which were fought for by our Forefathers to protect and defend for our kids and grandkids? Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share and become a part of this dynamic group of Real Americans who care!


Shorty Dawkins