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Testimonial – Raul Aguilar Jr.


Testimonial: I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, I see how much we spend, its insane. Only a small fraction is paid by taxes. The majority the FED loans at Interest=Debt. No FED, No Wars. The government could never afford these wars on just taxes, there isn’t enough money. However that includes welfare, Social security, unemployment, medicaid, etc. Nothing the government spends is paid for. They print more money, which inflates our existing money. They’re stealing the value of our money. Back Door tax and they have the Key.

With every war there is a boom and bust in the economy ever since 1918, the Feds birthday. The military gives the US Dollar its value, because it guarantees its existence. The FED and Military–Industrial-Congressional Complex feed each other. We have our Empire, we are Rome. We can’t be the same America we are today with out the Fed. We choose to be Top Dog in the world, rather than Free Men. Our countrymen think we are both, we’re not. Sad thing is, I believe in giving the option. Right now most of the country would choose to be Top Dog out of fear of the unknown.

We like being #1 more than Freedom and liberty itself.

End The Fed.

Raul Aguilar Jr
Kabul, Afghanistan


Shorty Dawkins