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Testimonial – Peter A. McMillan


Testimonial: Oath Keepers,

Let me preface my comments by stating that I am loyal to the Constitution and I am NOT calling for the violent overthrow of the government.

That said….”all war is LOGISTICS”

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve (Military Intelligence) who has served on active duty, the Army Reserve and the National Guard from company level through general staff let me make the following observation and suggestion(s)

The gun grabbers are publishing the names and locations of all lawful gun owners. Use their tactics against them.

The InfoWarriors, Oath Keepers, etc, etc, should publish a MAP of all National Guard Armories and Army weapons depots ,state by state, using Google Earth.

Generally speaking, National Guard and Reserve units operate at individual armories at the company level….approximately 100-150 men/women each. Then within a given physical distance there is a battalion headquarters (since the US army uses the battalion system instead of the regimental). Brigade headquarters are generally few in number and usually located at or near State National Guard Headquarters.

The INFOWAR is at the company and battalion level. Because that is where the rank and file (private joe and sally tentpeg) convene ONE critical weekend a month and that, too, is where weapons are. Each national guard company stores their weapons in an arms room. Again I am not calling for armed resistance. I am calling for InfoWars and Oath Keepers to take Operation Wake the Sleeping Giant to the next level: monthly outreach at the Guard Barracks. It is grassroots and will cause HUGE headaches to the control freaks who will have to respond to each and every info campaign in communities throughout the nation. THIS is the way to take pressure off yourselves and spread the work load to local folks who feel disenfranchised and always call the show asking, “what can I do?” This will spread like WILD FIRE.

CALL it Operation Paul Revere

Use the enemy’s tactics against them. Insert the public into the enemy’s decision making process.

The AMMO is generally stored at each State’s national guard CAMP….Forts belong to the active duty. CAMPS belong to the States. They provide training areas for Annual Training and house AMMO reserves. E.g.: Florida….Camp Blanding is located in North Central Florida.

IF…IF….IF, there is conflict started by criminal elements in the government then a map alerts the public to where the criminal government is storing its weapons and where to place observers to watch logistical movements of personnel and material. NOTE: It is common practice for Federal law enforcement to utilize national guard and reserve facilities when they are staging what are called ROUND UPS. When I served on the DEA Mobile Enforcement Teams we would conduct 4 month investigations in small communities. At the end we would obtain indictments and plan a roundup of suspects generally 25-50 at a time. Generally, we would stage the operations out of national guard armories.

Local community leaders should begin PEACEFUL engagement/outreach to National Guard company and battalion commanders throughout the nation.


Peter A. McMillan
Lieutenant Colonel (LTC), US Army Reserve
On request, I can provide proof of rank/position
I will join Oath Keepers and serve in any capacity.


Shorty Dawkins