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Testimonial – Paul Rollins


Testimonial: I am an American male that believes that the Constitution is the supreme LAW OF THE LAND. I have a multi-handicapped daughter that has caused myself and my wife a lifetime of grief trying to swim thru RED TAPE because of our federal government. Our government has grown into a monster that the Constitution cannot control without the help of the people that took the OATH to defend it.

My daughter is the reason I had to resign my commission. She and my family needed me more than the nation at that time..Thank God I served under a president that had some common sense. Mr Reagan kept his people out of harms way. The future of this country looks very dim if our current soldiers do not understand the Constitution and do not really mean it when they take their oath..It’s plain to see our current government DID NOT TAKE THE OATH as serious as I did. It is a priviledge to be an OATHKEEPER.


Shorty Dawkins