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Testimonial – Nam Marine


I have taken the Oath twice in my lifetime. The first time I was a 17 year old man and I wanted to go to War to defend my Country. In 1967, one day after graduation from High School, I signed up with the Marine Corps. I come from a Military Family. Every male in our Family back to the Spanish American War has served this Country. My Great Grandfather was a Cavalry Officer in that War.

After my tour in Vietnam (1968-69 Tet Offensive) I returned to this great Nation to ridicule and hatred towards the members of our own Military, by the same people that are now in charge of this Nation!

I still wanted to serve, which caused my second taking of the Oath when I joined the Fire Department in my local County in Florida.

I will always serve the Constitution of this Great Republic until I am posted at my last duty station, as a Guard of the Golden Streets of Heaven. God Bless All My Brothers and Sisters in this great cause!

Respectfully Submitted,
Cpl. Chip Morgan, 3rd Marine Division, Northern I Corps,RVN


Shorty Dawkins