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Testimonial – Martin Holka


Testimonial: My name is Martin Holka and I am what I like to refer to as a Constitutional Purist. I served in in the Air Force and then the Michigan National Guard. I am a husband, father, brother, Christian, and an American Patriot.

While I have seen my fair share, both in and out of uniform, I know that I have seen far less than some of my fellow Patriots.

I have always felt that my Oath to Defend this Country from enemy’s both foreign and domestic was a life-long pursuit for which I gladly served and continue to support and believe in to this day.

I also feel that this country has been reduced to something less Great than what our ancestors left to our care. We have not taken up the Flag and Constitution and upheld our founding fathers dreams and aspirations for this country. We have allowed compromise and political elitists to marginalize this country and erode our freedom’s and the core of our beliefs.

My father always said that we should always be ready because the Government was becoming an entity that saw itself above the citizens of this country. And once that happens it,  stops being “Of the People and For the People!” When that happens, you can do 1 of 2 things. Give up and become a slave to the masters, or we can give ourselves completely to fixing it!

Know that I am a father, provider and protector of my family, I can say I have never been more scared for the future we will eventually turn over to the care of our children.

What have we let happen and what are we leaving as our legacy?

How will we possibly be able to explain to them what once was and what we let slip away?

My Oath has become much bigger and more important than just what I leave for my children. But what I leave for our Country! My hope is it is not too late.

I will stand for our Constitution, our Country, our Children and our Legacy! I pray God guides us and leads us!

May God Help us because I feel like something bad and evil is bearing down on us!

I will Stand by my Oath and my Countryman and Countrywoman! God Bless America!

Oath Keepers gives me Hope and a renewed faith in my fellow Like-Minded American’s for our future!




Shorty Dawkins