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Testimonial – Lance Charlson

lance charlson

Testimonial: I have been a police officer for 42 years and an administrator for 34 of those years . I was Chief of my agency for12 total years . My working goal was simple. I chose to defend and protect the rights of those who could not defend or protect their own .

When I took my first oath of office 42 years ago it was done with my hand on the bible and an affirmation to uphold,defend,and protect the constitution of this land with my very life! I have never forgotten that oath and promise and never will.. .! It has been re enforced with additional oaths over the years and I have committed myself to the deeper meaning behind the intent and meaning of the words chosen in the oath.

As long as there is blood in my veins and breath in my lungs, I will defend the purpose behind out constitution… . I will destroy those who would attempt to alter or change our great constitution without exercising due process of law .

I will defend with all my effort and energy the constitution of the United States of America. I swore an oath to defend this document and it has not changed with time.


Shorty Dawkins