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Testimonial – Lamon Logue


Testimonial: I joined the Army and took my oath 2 weeks after I graduated from High school.I served as both a soldier and as a police officer.Together I have held my oath actively for 20 years.I am currently a disabled veteran but I am still loyal to the oath that I took and give speeches and hold meetings explaining what our forefathers did and why it is so vital that we have a clear understanding of what our constitution stands for.Today, more than ever, we need to reach out to our children and teach them about our constitution and the true history of America and our forefathers.They are our future and, sadly,  our schools across America are not teaching them enough.We have a responsibility and a duty as oath keepers to insure that the oath we took is not only enforced but also upheld for generations to come.


Shorty Dawkins