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Testimonial – Kim Hunter


An Open Letter in Defense of my Constitutional Rights:

Each and every day I feel like I’m being pushed and forced into having to defend our Constitution actively. I’ve written and called my Reps in Washington, calling twice daily, to express my concerns, that our Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights are being taken away through legislation and regulation.

The phone calls… some aide or someone in Washington just listens to what I have to say, then simply state, “Thank you for calling.” I wonder just how much good that’s really doing.

The only response, so far, has been an automated response from Doug Lamborn (CO) thanking me for contacting him via an email he’ll probably  never read.

I’m not sure this constant barrage of calls and emails and petitions will help sway any politicians opinions, but I will continue to do it.

And I fear that there will be some “behind closed doors” and underhandedness at play, as well, to further regulate the Constitution out of existence. I don’t trust my government anymore. We all expect them to lie and sell us out. We should have honest people in Washington, and expect nothing less! But no… we elect self-serving swine and expect them to behave like pigs. This is truly sad.

The very best this Nation has to offer will not enter politics, as it’s a dirty game, and it’s beneath their moral values to do what it takes to make it in politics.

Yes, there are some “Young Lions” that do choose a life in politics, and they firmly believe, and with great conviction, that they will truly make a difference. It seems their ideals die a quick and mysterious death, as to stay in office, they have to conform to the status-quo, and their honesty and values become quietly buried, without a funeral or fanfare. They then become the pigs of our Nation. Or so it seems.

I am not military, nor LEO. But I feel it’s now the time to defend my Constitution. I feel compelled to make a stand, because it’s the right thing to do. Would I take a bullet to defend and hopefully save America? Honestly, I’m beginning to think so. I never considered this until about a week ago.

Being female, I am not prepared to go to battle with anyone, as I’ve had no training, but for the time spent at the range (time well spent!).  I’m in good physical condition, well munitioned and outfitted, and my Patriotic heart and soul are crying out for liberation from what the liberal agenda has been shoving down my throat. It’s not only highly un-palatable—it’s choking the life out of me. I cannot breathe! I feel like I’m being raped, and that  government is only saying, “Give us a kiss, sweetheart. Take it like a woman.”

How many women (besides me) have a kevlar helmet on your shopping list? I’ve already a nice tactical vest and woodland camo head-to-toe.

I am beginning to feel like a soldier, steadfast in my convictions to preserve and defend my Constitution from the A-Holes that are blatantly stealing my Rights from me.

Would I fight, (literally), to take America back from the brink of socialism/communism? I’m beginning to believe I would. No matter what the
clear-headed citizens and Patriots of our Nation have done over the last decade or two, we’re losing this battle, because we still have honor and moral/ethical values of merit. We have not stooped to the lying, cheating, and stealing that is beyond rampant in our Nation. We have stood on principle, and that no longer has meaning in “main-stream” America.

Where do you stand? I’m standing in defense of our Constitution.

I’ve watched my retirement plans shrink, have lost an unbelievable amount of value in my home, all due to the economy and direction of our nation. My “personal wealth” is being stolen from me, simply to give it to people who have not earned it. Who do I blame for this? Guess who, huh? Who’s in charge of this demise of America? POTUS!

I’m watching my hard-earned tax dollars be squandered on stupid things, and being spent on the ideals of socialists, with full government support! Spending MY money to usher-in, at best, a nanny-state. I’m growing tired of this, and none of our elected officials seem to care how I feel. No matter who we elect, I can’t seem to trust them anymore. They don’t have my well-being at heart…it’s all about supporting the agenda to destroy my “personal wealth”, and to squander it on people that prefer a hand-out to a hand-up. I’ve gone from truly believing in America to questioning just how the Hell can we get it back.

And I’m watching much of America blindly go along with it. People don’t read anymore, and get their “news” from liberal media outlets. The “arguments” and conversations I have with people in my life are most always met with the  liberal propaganda non-factual asinine garbage and drivel they are brainwashed with from these liberal media outlets. They see it on “the news”, and therefore it’s “factual.” My logic and reason falls on deaf ears with almost everyone I have contact with on a daily basis.

I watched an anti-gun woman on the news two nights ago, explain that two-thirds of NRA members favor strict gun-control laws. WTF??

I cannot convince these people in my life that they are dead-wrong. They believe that Obama, in his 2nd term, will usher in a utopia where no one will have any worries. We’ll be safe, protected, provided for, and life will be soooooo nice. I try to point out some of the lessons of history… what happened in other countries just before their falls… and all I get is a blank stare and I can almost hear those “devoid of meaningful thought” crickets of true and certain cranial emptiness… then they respond with, “Well, this is America. It can’t happen here. We’ll have a beautiful society where nobody has to worry about anything!” They spew forth meaningless BS at me, and I know there’s no use in ever bringing up such topics to them in the future. Much of America has already been brainwashed.

How many of these people are in your lives?

It’s time, I fear, to take America back. So far, there’s been no stopping this push to take away our rights. I’m getting fed-up with this “hope and change” thing. It’s not my hope, and it’s not the change that is going to save America. Every bit of this “hopey-changy” thing is harming our Constitution. It is the change that will effectively end a free America.

Am I ready to stand up and be counted?

You betcha!
God gave us Free Will.

Choose to be the good guy/gal.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Well done Kim….that was an excellent testimonial!
    I totally and completely agree with you 100% and as I was reading I could actually feel your frustration and anger because I feel exactly the same way. I will be 80 y/o this year and I never in a million years thought America would come to this. I keep asking myself why?
    I read today yet another stinking bit of news that really ticks me off. Apparently Congress passed a resolution and declared vaccines are safe and effective….or words to that effect. This came from both sides of the aisle btw., so it proves how the whole lot of them have been bought by the corporate drug cartels. Anyway, the word is in the natural health circles (I’m a natural health nut) that the next item on the agenda is for them to mandate forced vaccinations on everyone. Whether anyone wants to admit to the depopulation agenda or not…’s very real and Bill Gates even stated that vaccines could be used to reduce the population.
    So it looks like we’ll be fighting for our very lives whether we want to or not.

  2. GREAT testimonial Kim. You put into words what many of us carry in our hearts . I thank you for your patriotic courage to say what you did. Many of us have called our representatives in congress , our senators and local politicians only to have our frustrations grow because of their betrayal of their “oath of office” It’s obvious that our words are not being listened to and are treated as a frivolous commodity that has no merit. Well in 68 I also took that oath along with thousands of others.The question is, how do we protect our Country when words no longer work and the wheels of destruction keep on turning?

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