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Testimonial – John Hackett


Testimonial: I took the Oath 29July1965 in Manchester N.H. I appreciate the effort that Stewart Rhodes has taken to turn the tide and preserve the Constitution and the manner in which he is doing it. I am Proud to be a part of this effort to preserve our Constitution and our Freedom. Without our Freedom….we are nothing more than subjects and I will never settle for less than complete and total freedom as laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will never understand how any elected official can propose bills that would infringe on our Constitutional Rights, but “We the People” will not settle for less, and we will not quit. Many good and honorable men and women paid a price for our freedom….some gave all they had and gave their life so that we may live in freedom. We can not dishonor their sacrifice or drop the ball. We must continue to guarantee the Freedom of the next generation of Americans as those that came before us have and preserve the Constitution that has served us all so well. It is an honor to join the team and I will do everything I can to push back and preserve our Constitution and Freedom. God Bless all of you Patriots and its my pleasure to join the effort.


Shorty Dawkins