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Testimonial – Jerry Bruckhart


Testimonial: I was never able to serve in our military due to health reasons, my greatest regret in life. But always have been and always will be a Marine at heart.

Have been an active service Volunteer Firefighter for over 25 years, serving the community of Penryn, (2-8) for close to twenty, and Manheim, (2-6) for the other five years. There is no doubt in my mind it is a brotherhood unrivaled, with the exceptions of Military and Peace Officers. My public service has blessed me in many ways, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

I have read many of the incredible testimonials submitted, and want to say thank you to any and all that may read this for your selfless service to our once great nation.

There is NO doubt we have become a nation of sheep, and our day of reckoning is soon coming. We will need to reassert our authority over those that THINK they rule us.

As a young man in school, I vividly remember saying the pledge to the flag EVERY morning. Today, we have allowed the socialist commies to prevent that from taking place in all too many public schools, shame on us!

Somewhere around my junior year in high school, it finally sank into my brain what I was saying and EXACTLY what it meant. I began to say the pledge with deep reverence, instead of the “okay time to do this again attitude”. The reverance I have for that oath, grows stronger with each passing day, as I am sure it will till I take my last earthly breath.

I pledge my life, fortune, and sacred honor in defense of freedom for all!

Freedom will exist only as long as there are those willing to die in it’s defense!

May God bless this once great nation and the task that will too soon confront us!

Jerry Bruckhart


Shorty Dawkins