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Testimonial – Jammer


Testimonial: I went to college for criminal justice administration. I planned to be a cop like my dad (which I eventually did for thirteen years). But the Soviet hegemony was a shadow on the world, so I enlisted for MI to fight communist expansion around the globe. The Soviet Union fell, not because we beat them in battle, but because we spent them into collapse (a fate we face now  ourselves).  We got rid of the Soviet Union, only to have it be replaced by something in many ways worse, and largely of our own making.

As usual, when we meddle around the world, we got too clever for our own good, and the Mujaheydeen we created, trained, armed and bankrolled, Islamist fascists we unleashed on the Soviets in Afghanistan (in concert with the notorious Pakistani ISI, the same intel agency that hid Bin Laden from us all these years), became a Frankenstein monster that all too predictably turned its attention to us. You all know the rest. It wasn’t Al Qaeda’s first operation, but the ease with which they accomplished the destruction of the twin towers got the world’s attention and filled the pews with Americans who hadn’t darned a church door in their lives, fearing Armageddon was at hand.

The group of religious fanatics that hijacked four passenger jets on 9/11 only killed about a sixth the number of Americans that die in drunk driving accidents every year. Nobody suggests 18,000 drunk driving deaths warrant a return to prohibition, but the power-hungry among us, knowing how easily people are persuaded to trade liberty for the false promise of safety, saw their opportunity. When a courageous telephone company employee revealed that the government had tapped into the class four telecom switches across America,  surveilling electronic communications of everyone in America without a warrant (prohibited by specific federal law), the president claimed monarchical power to ignore any law of Congress he chose to ignore, asserting he had absolute power as “commander-in-chief” in an undeclared “war on terror” that would never end. And instead of rebuking this usurpation, with the passage of the cynically named P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, Congress nullified the 4th amendment to ratify what the Bush administration was already illegally doing contrary to express federal law.

I was working in the intel community when FISA was implemented. Prior to the passage of FISA, President Nixon had used our intelligence services, civilian and military, to spy on his personal political enemies under the guise of “national security.” Nixon rationalized it thusly in an interview with David Frost: “I’m saying if the President does it, it’s not illegal.” I don’t think Nixon learned that at Duke Law School. The Tower committee drafted legislation to put a stop to using CIA, NSA, DIA, ASA, AFSS, NSG, CI, MI and any other spy agency against the American people, making domestic surveillance a law enforcement activity. I remember the day President Ford’s executive orders implementing the legislation were stapled to the board, promising jail for anyone who violated that law. The changed atmosphere in the intelligence community was palpable as we could no longer be used by some politician to go after someone he didn’t like. I think most of us felt we no longer needed to fear being asked to do the dishonorable. All that was undone with the  PATRIOT Act.

Apparently the power to listen to all our phone calls, read all our mail, know what library books we check out and ransack and bug our homes without a warrant wasn’t enough for Congress, so now with the NDAA, which the White House says Obama will sign, the 5th and 6th amendments of the Bill of Rights are going down in flames, with a defacto declaration of Martial Law and a de facto suspension of Habeas Corpus, allowing the president, answerable to no one, to order the military to take anyone, citizen or not, and without charge, evidence, trial, advocate, witnesses, access to the courts, on suspicion alone, throw them in a hole for “enhanced interrogation” until hell freezes. Who if threatened with such a fate would not choose to die fighting? For me, it put an end to any hopes I’d held that the PATRIOT act would be the limit of what these scoundrels would attempt to do to the Bill of Rights.

I know full well that by joining Oathkeepers I am painting a bullseye on my back, as every one of you has done before me. Once the NDAA is signed into law, which the White House has now declared will happen, this president, any president, can wake up tomorrow, decide we represent a threat to his rule, and order we all be rounded up and taken away, never to be heard from again. This group is almost certainly under surveillance. Make no mistake about it. Some pocket protector-wearing geek is sitting at NSA reading this and trying to backtrack my IP address to put me on a list for Homeland Security (Probably I’ll be “investigated” by the same pissant I watched photographing the vegetarians picketing the Honeybaked Hams last year. You know how dangerous those soy-eating, unbleached cotton-wearing, yoga practitioners can be to national security!). But then, who could possibly threaten a would-be totalitarian government more than proven men who’ve pledged to die in defense of the liberties their forbears bled to achieve and preserve? Who is a greater danger to the would-be barons who seek to rule over an America reduced to feudalism? Believe me comrades, when they come, they will come for us first of all. Who else is going to bar their way if not us?

This threat can’t be neutralized by throwing out the GOP, or throwing out the Democrats. Both had a hand in this legislation all the way. They know Americans have enjoyed good government for so long that many cannot imagine a bad one, and they’ll doubtless label us paranoids and loons. But we got a good taste of what they’ll do in a crisis during Katrina, when the govenrment hired armed mercenaries to illegally kick in doors and confiscate weapons. So it behooves us to prepare for the worst, to resist this downward spiral loudly and continuously, to do everything we can to educate and organize our fellow citizens as best we may to resist the effort to strip away our Constitutional liberties, for failing that, we will be called upon to defend the republic with more than words and votes. Some of us, me included, are getting too damn old for fire and movement, so we’ve gotta saddle up gentlemen, drop the trivial crap we waste our time on, and make this a movement with some teeth, for the sake of our families, for the generations of Americans that come after us, in fidelity to our oath.

It’s my privilege to stand with you all!


Shorty Dawkins