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Testimonial – Hutch


Testimonial: GUN CONTROL?

Yes, that’s what I heard some soccer mom ranting in line at the store again when someone ahead of her was spouting about a local shooting. As a 48 year old veteran and retired trooper (wish I had never retired) I would have loved to reach out and slap the back of her head so hard her teeth hurt but I learned as a cop, you can’t beat out “stupid.” I learned in the Army, they are a world wide problem.

We have a State Police, not a Highway Patro,l which means, at least for us, we may have 15% or less of our force dedicated to solely to traffic enforcement. The rest of us answered 911 and our own calls just as any other first responding officers only we had to investigate our own crimes. If it was a murder and you were the only officer working, you took the pictures, you did the diagram, you inspected the body, you took the statements, and so forth. Sure your buds will be there as soon as you call them but you get the idea. That could be hours. C.I.S. just wasn’t available. I spent my last 10 years on the bomb squad, 6 of that as the commander. When I retired we were answering about 75 to 100 calls annually. Everything from actual bombs, old mustard gas, hand grenades, old military stuff vets would bring home and the most dangerous, a whole lot of deteriorated commercial explosives. I had almost every member qualified as a diver to recover explosives underwater. It was 10 times less stressful than working the field. We knew what our shift would be like.

I worked several detachments where you were the only trooper working in the county during your shift much of the time. When I was the detachment commander I was in a rural county with three other troopers. One on probation that had to ride with his training officer so you might say two other troopers as far as scheduling goes. A sergeant should, in a perfect world, work day shift supervising, checking paperwork and making sure that small and/or B.S.complaints against troopers never make it to headquarters. There were many of those BS type complaints which told me my guys were doing their jobs. Where I was I had to work three evenings shifts alone, one noon to 8 P.M. and one Saturday day shift with another trooper so I could cram through my office duties. We were the only law enforcement in the county from 5 P.M. until 8 A.M. Due to an overtime issue within the Sheriffs Dept. they went home at five and would not come back out. To make things worse I only had one guy living in the county. We had a bedroom at the office where we would sleep at night and take calls by phone from our HQ and 911.

I’m not telling you this to tell you about me. I’m doing it to tell you about the people living in that county and believe me there are many places like this all over the U.S.

Here’s my problem. It’s midnight, I’m the only cop working and I’m running lights and siren as hard as I can down an icy, mountainous, curving rural two lane road headed on a call from 911. The caller advised that the woman was barricaded in her home with her 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son. Her ex husband is drunk, attempting to break in (in violation of a worthless restraining order) and kill the kids in front of her and then kill her. She is not exaggerating; the 911 operator can hear him screaming in the background. My closest backup is an hour away and I’m a good thirty minute drive away on a good day. What I’m I thinking at the time? What is the best I can hope for if he gets in? I can hope that instead of working the next three days non stop on a triple murder, I can spend the next day or so working a justified shooting because once he broke in he found out she had a gun and I get to the scene to find her and the kids are fine and he’s a “Duster”. I’m praying the whole way that she has a gun and right at this moment I don’t care if she has a felony shoplifting or DUI conviction or that she wrote bad checks to pay for her kid’s clothes. I just want her to have a gun, the knowledge and the will to kill this guy if he gets inside.

I really wish this kind of call only happened to me once but that wouldn’t be the case. It happened frequently and with different and sometimes tragic endings. It happens all the time all over. These people feel helpless and rightfully so. What does a liberal anti gun, urban living, security system protected, bodyguard shadowed, cops to the rescue in minutes politician say to these people who depend on their dad’s or grandfather old .38 pistol or shotgun to protect them when no one else can? I want to hear a politician answer that as they advocate taking their guns away!!!!!!!!!!!! Quit leaving it to me. Why won’t these politicians grant more funds to more rural areas to hire more officers? Could it be that there just isn’t the volume of voters there to matter? In one rural county I worked there were areas where we NEVER got a call and as far as we know there was never trouble. They took care of their own problems and always had because they couldn’t wait for help. If you went to one of those places there was always a “Neighborhood Elder” you spoke to for information. It was like another country.

It’s one thing to be concerned about some guy that has always wanted to be a soldier or cop but for what ever reason never did, and has collected a 100,000 dollars worth of exotic military/law enforcement firearms, I live beside a wanna be. He’s got police two minutes away. I still would never advocate taking his guns EVER as long as he is responsible but there is a vast difference between him and the woman who’s husband works third shift at the mines. Those police officers that the liberal’s parade around who say they are for stiffer gun laws and strict limitations on what people can own are political sell outs in my opinion. Not really cops, just people that have jobs with police departments. Wearing a badge doesn’t make you a cop or give you authority. In the long run it’s the people you serve that do that. There were bars where I could walk into and everyone would be fighting and see me and stop. Not because they couldn’t beat me to death but because of how I always  conducted myself. I had earned their respect. There were other “cops” they either would pay no attention to or hospitalize. I was very proud of that one little thing.

We need to stop donating money to every politician that says they will protect our 2nd Amendment Rights (remember Obama) and start protesting those who won’t. I would rather see everyone save their money and spend it going to D.C. to stand up for our rights ourselves. It’s what it’s coming down to anyway. We might as well get used to it. We are living under a government that tells us that we need to prepare our homes for emergencies from natural disasters to terrorism while they have in place regulations they will use to confiscate your emergency food (calling it hoarding), weapons and gasoline and can move you to a containment area that many older vets would recognize as a organized prison camp. Do any of you have any idea what FEMA’s budget is? I won’t say hoping you’ll look online and read further about this “so called” life saving organization. We have one that takes donations and does one fantastic job and has for years, called the Red Cross. Other than that Americans believe in neighbors taking care of neighbors. If you see FEMA in your area, especially under this administration, you should worry. If you don’t believe me, do a web search on Martial Law. FEMA tells you to be prepared for at least three (preferably seven) days of living off stored items you have packed away at your home, yet under Martial Law they will confiscate these supplies as well as your firearms, spare fuel and any other material they deem “hoarded” under their definition which they will make up as the incident develops. Tell your lawmakers to get off their butts and do the research. They will be surprised to find that guns save lives and that by comparison to other problems; gun control should be the last thing they should be worrying about. Come on people, if not for you do it for your children and grandchildren.



Shorty Dawkins