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Testimonial – GreywolfUSMCDAV


Testimonial: As a kid you would never dream that TV would be come reality. As an adult, we see our worst fears realized with the elections of the last President and the blind sheep that follow him. We are seeing treason enacted at the highest levels of our elected Government, however no state has sent an officer to arrest the elected officials that have committed treason against their own statesman. We citizens have that right written in our own constitutions. Why then does it continue?

I am proud of my service, though an injury ended my career prior to deployment into a possible combat area in 89. I carried that regret for years until my nephew returned from boot camp and thanked me for being his inspiration ( I had not seen him since he was a child). My Oath is the basis of every thing I teach my children. It is my bond to protect them and any individual weaker than myself. It is my tie to my heritage, who I am and where I came from. It is my dues to my entire family’s history in this country. It is the essence of my family, my neighbors and even those who protest and speak against us, for without even them there would be no one to remember we who honored our oaths and stood for them not because we had to but because it was right to.



Shorty Dawkins