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Testimonial – GoonieMarine


Testimonial: For starters, I’m a proud former United States Marine. I served in the mid-90s and was part of a Marine Security Force Company (duty station and theater of deployment respectively withheld). One day, during some down time, my platoon was directed to a designated training area where we met our Company First Sergeant and suited men we did not recognize. We were all told to sit down and fill out a “questionnaire” for the government. The following, although somewhat clouded by passing years, is what I remember being asked:

If Congress or the President passed a law banning all firearms in U.S. and your unit/military was asked to participate in upholding this law, would comply?

If martial law were declared and troops and law enforcement ordered to go door to door in a gun removal campaign from the American citizens, would you comply with those orders?

If resistance was met and it was necessary to fire upon American citizens in order to remove their “outlawed” guns, would you obey orders to do so?

I’m telling all who read this, certain elements of our government have been waiting for tragedy after tragedy in order to solidify their efforts to disarm the American public. If they can effectively eliminate one, just one, of our Constitutional Rights, then they’ll have the power to strip the others at will.


Shorty Dawkins