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Testimonial – George Mc Grath

Sons of Liberty 2
Testimonial: I was proud to serve my country to the best of my ability at the age of seventeen just as my brothers did before me. I still remember repeating the pledge to protect my country at all costs from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and the honor I felt while doing so.

I gave this little thought after leaving the military, getting married, raising children and being civilian. Decades passed before I realized our governments political agenda was going south, taking truth, honesty, trust and Democracy to the door of hell. This is when I decided to fight back as best I could even though I was now an old man. So here I am, doing my part to protect the innocent and trustful people of America and keep them from harms way.

I will never knowingly harm an innocent person, but if and when necessary, I will bear arms to defend our country against all enemies of the state and all who follow their path. I will never surrender to tyranny. This is my pledge.

George Mc Grath
aka/ dustime8


Shorty Dawkins