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Testimonial – FMFDoc


Testimonial: As a husband, father, physician, and former Fleet Marine Force Medical Officer, it is only through Mr. Rhodes and his organization that I truly have been able to appreciate the importance of the oath I first took in 1988. I believe the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are divinely-inspired documents that force those who swear allegiance to them to revisit the scriptural tenets from which they are derived.

Our nation faces the absolute destruction of its founding principles and the effacement of the sacrifices made by previous generations to preserve liberty. Our leadership has been co-opted by individual self-interest and personal power. They have sold out to perversion and laziness on a massive scale.

I have subsequently read and re-read our Constitution, immersed my family in its wisdom, and pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor to its preservation!


Shorty Dawkins