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Testimonial – Ed Hostetter


Testimonial: I do not view Oath Keepers as “just another group” for me to join. I have joined several of that type over the years. I’ve also been a member of a smaller number which stand for core values and principles with which I was instilled from childhood: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for myself, others, and my country and community. I am a retired 33-year law enforcement officer, and the son of an army veteran and 26-year police officer. We both retired with the rank of Lieutenant.

During my career, I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Ohio on four separate occasions, and I have done so each time with the belief that my positions were trusts bestowed upon me by the citizens of my community, to be held only so long as I remained faithful to that trust. I believe I have done so. That’s why, when I learned about Oath Keepers, I had no reservations about joining the group. I feel that my oaths to those Constitutions are every bit as valid and binding upon me today, as simply an American Citizen, as they were during the thirty-three years of my professional career. Along with my fellow Oath Keepers, I intend to leave a legacy of devotion to America’s founding principles in all aspects and periods of my life.


Shorty Dawkins