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Testimonial – Donna


Testimonial: I am proud to be an American, and Thank each and everyone of you that still honors your Sworn Word, when you took your Oath to ‘Defend from All Enemies, Domestic and Foreign’, and/ or ‘To Protect and to Serve”.  These are indeed crazy times we live in, and I fear for all that have Posted here
your identities, or not, as the surveillance being used on all of us can track from IP addresses, and so many other ways, there is no doubt anyone accessing this site may place those on this site to become the target of those unscrupulous individuals behind the current events we are discussing here.
I have been researching the topics addressed on this site, far longer then I knew of this group, concerned for what I believed to be events unfolding in our Government that betray our very Foundation and existence.

I tried to be impartial, refrain from becoming an alarmist. I still intend to do
this. The information uncovered in fact, at first, somewhat alarmed me. Now I am more scared than previously. Many of the facts I have learned I was happily surprised to read those facts addressed in the threads and testimonials on this site! It confirmed my facts and reassured me I have not become an unbalanced nut case. The Psych ward is not necessary, the evidence is there, not manufactured by a derangement. I thank you for this as well.

One interesting common thread of this research, is when I find an interesting lead and link to that site, within 48 hours of accessing those links, the link becomes ‘dead’, ‘Page not Found’. Those are sites which contain historical Documents which have obtuse connections, yet connections none the less, which connect even more evidence to the picture unveiled as the actual history leading to the present day events.

If there were no such thing as ‘coincidence’, there would not be the word to define it. Once or twice, perhaps coincidence, but dozens after dozens of the same occurrence, it has to be considered as much more then coincidence. This is why I am suspect as to what is being monitored, and by whom.
The only success and hope we have to stop these plans put into place DECADES AGO, is with each and every individual TRAINED TO FIGHT ready to do exactly that. With out you, we can not prevail. We will be lost.

I thank God for your awareness, acceptance, and commitment to Pay the Ultimate Price, as my Father did, all of our Forefathers, and every Individual who has ever experienced and fought Tyranny, to stop those who would seek to oppress others. Those with Strategic knowledge and use of force are our ONLY both Nationally and Globally, hope of winning the battle we face. It is not by fault of our own we are here now. We were thrown into it, whether we care to see the truth of these words, or not, IT HAS BEGUN.

Almost all of the facts I have turned up in my research HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED ON THIS SITE THROUGH TESTIMONIALS POSTED, but not all.
This is what causes me concern for each of you and your safety. The enemy we face has multiple masks, some of which present themselves as Ally, but are in truth the most evil of those we oppose. I am not being an alarmist, nor do I over state or exaggerate the situation. I am being both realistic and prudent. I beg you to be vigilant regarding your own safety.

Every thing you have learned, every skill you have developed to ‘know’ when
something ‘seems off’, LISTEN TO YOUR FEELINGS and allow the Intuitive Sense to put yourself on guard. The odds are better than even there is cause for caution.  I have unveiled facts that show me, without hesitation or doubt, these current Economic, Political, and even Natural Resource declines and negative impact events in all of these areas have been coordinated and executed with more years of planning, it is mind boggling.  I have followed both the Money trail and the paper trail, there is little doubt my conclusions are correct based on the ties and names, dates, places that I learned, with irrefutable factual connections place those I am convinced as the true minds
behind the scenes, the ‘Puppeteers’ who have orchestrated today’s plan in action to suppress and control every one living.

As with ‘coincidence’, ‘Conspiracy’ would also not have been coined with definition of use unless it too, existed. I will post those facts with supporting proof over the next weeks as they are far too overwhelming to list at one sitting. I do not want to be taken by my word of this alone, I feel it critical any one interested study what they can learn and assess the facts as they see them, as that is the only way to understand and share information effectively.  Conclusions others make may negate my own, correct the path
and/ or even reveal factors over-looked which may paint an entirely different
picture, or finish the one began.

Who am I? I am not Military, Police, or have any government ties, other then the fact my father paid the Ultimate price, as he was shot and killed in the Line of Duty when I was 2 years old. He was on a Traffic stop, approaching a stolen vehicle, and gunned down by the suspect before he had even reached the car. He was a Proven Marksman, fired enough shots before he died to cripple the suspect who was then caught and executed AFTER DUE PROCESS of being convicted by a Jury of his peers. I witnessed the event as I was exiting the store with my grandmother into the Parking lot where this was in progress. This was over 50 years ago. Prior to becoming a Cop, he served in the USAF. He has been and always will be my “Daddy”, and my Hero. I take it very personally that Everyone sworn ‘To Protect and Serve’ and/ or ‘to
defend the Constitution from all Enemies’, Honor their Sworn Word, and act according and abide by those rules of Giving one’s Word. Those who betray their SWORN OATH, betray those who have gone before them in honor, those who paid the Ultimate Price with their life, the families they left behind, and those fighting to honor their own oath working along side them. If ‘A man is only as good as his WORD’, then what are those that do not stand behind their word? Less than a Man? A’ bad’ man’? A Man with out Honor? That is who is running our government now, so I believe we should chose the Definition of those who betray their office and mutually agree to label those by Title. ‘Sir” does not seem appropriate, after they compromise their own word, they are no longer entitled to that honor of address.

My family: My sister has also served both as law Enforcement and in the US Army. Her son is now a decorated Commander in Special Forces. They are my Heroes. As are Every Sworn Individual, the true Oath Keepers of our Country, you are also my heroes, whether we ever meet face to face, you having my heartfelt and core appreciation, gratitude, and Thanks.

I have always been offended,seeing or learning of those who forsake their Sworn Word, by abuses of that Oath, and harming those they have sworn to protect by that Oath. I experienced very young the Price of your Word, and have always Honored those that Honor themselves by their word. My personal commitment to this honor, is by performing those supportive roles my mind, body and means I have been gifted with, to aid all of like mind and goals. I can not fix what I have not broken, however I can help reconstruct and rebuild that which has been broken. I will never be broken, myself. I can be harmed, maimed, killed, what have you, but my Internal Flame is part of the much Greater Eternal Flame, that connects every living thing on this Planet. Including the Plants that feed us and provide shelter, food and oxygen, to the beneficial nematodes that break down the nutrients to be absorbed and recycled recycled to continue to feed the future living. That is the History and Connection that ties us all together, creating the true “Community’ of living together on this Planet, which we need to re- establish ourselves as again, that we may not be ‘Divided and Conquered” as we have become targeted. This can not be destroyed.

I learned by mother, who is also my hero, to be strong. She was widowed at 27 years old with four children, 9, 6, 4, and 2. She handled the challenge of little money, her own health challenges, at times critical, to raise her children as independent, self-sufficient, capable individuals that understand the greater picture, not just the world according to ‘me’. I can build anything, cook anything, repair most anything, and am apt at figuring out how things work. She has claimed repeatedly, that I personally ‘was born with a natural outrage of injustice’. This has never changed. This is who I am.

I am with and just like you, without the skills you have, that offer my own in
support of each and all of you. What ever that form may be,  I, Donna Lyle Swear this Oath, as God is my witness, and for and to those who read this also as Witness. I Swear to Provide Anything within my means and within my
Power to provide to you, Each and Every Type of Support, Whatever Form that Support may take, Without hesitation, reservation, or with conditions, the Tools and resources that you may require to aid you to continue to “protect and To serve”, and “defend against all enemies” those you have sworn to Serve and Defend, respectively, as you have given your oath to Do. As your sister in Life I can do no less, I will always try to do more, on your behalf. On this you have my Word, So help me God.

I look forward to further working with all of you, and hope what I have to offer may indeed be of aid to you.



Shorty Dawkins