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Testimonial – Doc Cook


Testimonial: I was born a “bicentennial baby” +/- a day or two, but who knows for sure with what all that was going on 235 years ago. I can trace my family back to Washington’s Army. I am an Eagle Scout, College Graduate, Army Ranger + 3.5 years as a security contractor overseas, – A Patriot through and through.

I have taken many an oath/creed and all have centered around the traditions of our founding fathers and the principles of this great republic. Certain policies, although seemingly necessary at the time throughout American history, have threatened our core American principles and most certainly needed to expire as quickly as they had been instituted. Basic elementary history can educate you on past policy, but the most disturbing is the NDAA of 2012. This legislation/policy/executive order was “snuck” in on Thanksgiving 2011 and signed into law on New years 2012 when everyone was rightfully focused on family and celebration. BUT SHAME ON US!!!! – Do I need say more?

I affirm my past oaths and creeds….Now and beyond the day I die, both openly and if necessary, covertly – as those that have before me in my family. May God give us all the strength and will power to defeat our enemies, both foreign and domestic….ESPECIALLY DOMESTIC. Sic Semper Tyrannis, Sua Sponte –

God bless America….

-Doc Cook


Shorty Dawkins